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Null Poison Ch319

Plans from here on after

About 3 weeks had passed since the day I had the first hero’s armaments appraised.

During this time, we continued completing requests without rest and——finally, my left arm had fully healed as well.

According to the healer who was in charge of me, normally a full recovery would take almost 3 months or so but, perhaps because I was constantly using [Self Regen], I had full healed my injury in just 3 weeks instead.


In the meantime, we had saved enough money as well, and although it’d be a lie to say that we had nothing left to do in Edestor,………regardless, we began our preparations to depart the city.


“The plaster’s finally off eh! I got so used to seeing you with it that now it looks weird without it instead!”

“Surely you’re joking. I only had it on for like 3 weeks.”

“Nah dude 3 weeks is more than enough to get used to something! Right, Esta?”

“Don’t bring me into this. But, I’m happy you have fully healed!………so, it’s finally time for us to get ready to leave Edestor huh?”

“Yeah. We’ve saved up quite a lot, and there’s nothing left to achieve here for now. What about you two?”

During this period, they were mostly acting according to my personal needs so I wanted to know if they had anything they wanted to do while we were still in this city as well.

I’m sure Ralf probably has stuff to do in the Dungeon, and Esta at [Magic Cave].

“I don’t really have anything like that to be honest. I would like to learn more under Phillip-san’s tutelage but, that’s not something that can be ‘finished’ in a couple of weeks anyway.”

“I’m in the same spot as Esta! Yeah, I’d like to go dungeon diving again and there’s still a lot I’d like to learn from everyone in the [Moonlight Fangs] but, that’s not’s something that can be done at a short notice anyway so………..yeah, I don’t have much left to do here either!”


“I see. In that case………..let us start preparing for our journey to the capital. I know its sudden but, there’s no point wasting any more time either so I’m thinking we depart in three days. Any problems?”

“No, I’m okay with that.”

“That is sudden but, yeah, no problems here either!”


With both agreeing to it, we had settled on our official date of departure.

Realzard, Oxter, and now Edestor. We travelled around a lot but finally we’re heading to our final destination, the Royal Capital.

To settle things, once and for all with the man that tried to take my life multiple times——with Klaus.

Because he was given the job of [Sword God] I had no choice but to be extra careful and cautious about everything but, it’s high time I ended this twisted sibling rivalry with my own hands.

“……….Chris, what happened? You’re making an awfully scary face.”

“Sorry, I was just lost in thoughts for a bit.”

Whenever I think of Klaus, my mood instantly darkens.

I try not to show my dark thoughts in front of these two but, with the decisive battle fast approaching, I couldn’t help it.

Until I can directly exorcise these demons within me, I need to keep them sealed inside, and return the topic of our chat back to the preparations of our departure.



Afterwards, we decided on what all things we needed to buy for our journey and then talked about our route to the capital.

In the end, we decided to first return to Realzard once and as for our shopping, we made lists for each of us on what to buy and we’ll go about it separately.


As for the monsters on the way, there wasn’t much that could endanger us anymore so we simply chose the shortest, quickest route back.

The shopping will be done tomorrow, so I split up from Ralf and Esta for now and headed towards the commercial district on my own.

I had a rare dinner invitation that I had planned in advance, and of course, I had made reservations already as well.

Heading towards my destination, I had arrived a bit early than the planned time but, my three guests seemed to be already here.

“Oh, Chris! Here, over here!”

“I was sure I came early but I guess I kept you waiting huh?”

“Don’t worry about it! We just came unnecessarily early as well that’s all!”

“Yes. Bors was unusually excited for tonight as it was rare invitation from his ‘disciple’.”

“Oi, Rufus! Why you got to tell him all that man!!”

Indeed, the people I had planned a dinner with tonight were none other than Bors and his party members.

I had decided to invite them out right after coming back from the cave of Bahamut’s exploration but due to my arm’s injury, it got delayed until now.


Well, to be honest, the bigger reason was that I didn’t have the money to properly treat them back then as well though………

But that problem was resolved with our last 3 weeks of work, and I was finally bale to invite them out.

“But there’s no need to hide that is there? It’d make me happy too after all.”

“Cuz it’s bloody embarrassing that’s why!!……….that aside, Ralf and Esta not with you today?”

“This was from me personally so I didn’t bring them with me. Ralf did try to force himself in though.”

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“Should’ve just brought them then! They haven’t even met Rupert and she really wanted to meet your party members, right?”

“It’s true. I owe them for helping Bors as well so I wanted to at least thank them at least!”

“See? Why not go back and call them now?”

“But I only have reservations for 4 people, so it’d be difficult now. You can meet them some time later so for tonight, us four are enough.”

Bors-san didn’t stop complaining as he seemed to  really want to have dinner with those two again it seems.

But I didn’t want to cause trouble for the owner of [PekoPeko] so I ignored his complains and led those three inside the Steak specialist shop, the [PekoPeko].

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