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Null Poison Ch320

Dinner Party

Near the adventurer guild, it looked like any normal small house from the outside.

Bors-san brought us here on the first day, and I had been wanting to come here again ever since but…… the end, it wasn’t until now that I got the chance to come here again.

To save on costs, Esta tends to make our dinners and I didn’t want to discredit her hard work which was part of the reason I never came here by myself.


Well, the food Esta makes is great as well, but I am glad I got one last chance to come and eat here again before leaving.


………..well, when I put it like that, I feel bad not getting enough reservations to bring Ralf, Esta and Snow as well.

Like Bors-san said, I really should have made sure to bring everyone but, I can always bring them again on the last day before leaving as well I suppose. Making a note in my head to do that, I stood in front of the store’s entrance

“I’m getting excited just standing near the entrance makes me excited! I skipped on lunch as well so I’m extra hungry tonight!”

“This smell, is just incredible. Your mouth can’t help but start watering just from getting a whiff of it.”

“I haven’t eaten anything since my breakfast! You said this was your final thanks for us right? I’ll be sure to eat aplenty then!”

“Yeah, sure, go ahead. I’ve been helped a lot by all of you so don’t hold back and eat to your heart’s content.”

The scent of the meat coming from beyond the door alone was enough to get everyone fired up and start talking, as I finally pushed open the door and entered the place.

As always, the insides were narrow, and this time we hadn’t come when then place was closed so it was filled with other customers, although there exactly four seats still empty.


“Welco………oh, it’s you Bors.”

“Hey, what’s with the disappointed look! Aren’t I an esteemed regular here!!”

“Oh shush. There are other customers as well so keep it down………..there, you can go and sit over there.”

Urged by the owner, we sat down on the four seats near the counter.

The iron plate used to fry the meat was right in front of us as always, and I was reminded of just how good the meat that was served straight from that plate was.

Smelling the delicious scent of the meat coming from the other customers’ plates, like Rupert, my stomach began to make a noise as well.

“So, what will you guys take today?”

“Wyvern stake for everyone. As for the portions……….you can ask each of them separately.”

“I’ll take a full 500gm serving! I’m starving!”

“I’ll take a 300gm one then.”

“I’ll take 300gm as well. Rupert, what about you?”

“I’ll……..make it 250gm for me!”


“Got it. Total 1350gm. Give me a moment to cut and weigh it, then I’ll begin cooking.”

With our order given, the owner went back inside to get the meat.


Last time we didn’t have such an exchange but apparently each customer can pick their own size of serving here.

After a while, the owner returned with 4 plates of meat cut in different sizes.

300gm seemed like a big serving already, but 500gm basically looked like a big lump of meat.

“Alright then, I’ll begin frying it. Be sure to eat it while its hot.”

Saying that, he began frying the meat on the iron plate in front of everyone.

Just like last time, the smell and sound of the meat frying and the juices bursting out of it assaulted my sense of hunger.

I gulped down on my spit, and my eyes were fixated at the meat when………

It was done cooking, and the owner swiftly moved and served it on to my plate to enjoy.

“It’s done. Dig in.”

“Then Chris! I’mma chow down on this!”

“Yeah. Enjoy it to your heart’s content.”


“Thanks for the meal.”

“Thanks for the meal!”

Giving our customary pre dinner greeting, we all stuffed our cheeks with the wyvern meat.


…………..this is genuinely amazing. Too good!

If I had really died back in that cavern, I never would have been able to enjoy this taste again.

I’m glad I was still alive——-it tasted so good it unironically made me feel this way.

Bors-san, Rupert, and even the usually docile Rufus, were all gorging down on their portions of the meat.

The serving quantity was bigger than what we got last time, and even normally, eating a whole stake took some time yet, because we were wolfing it down silently, before we knew it, all of us had finished our portions already.

“Man, that was incredible……..!”

“I can’t believe I finished it so quickly. My mouth and tongue feel so happy.”

“What a blessed day! Chirs-kun, thank you so much!”

“no no, If anything, I apologize for only able to treat you with good food as thanks for everything you’ve done for me. And once again, thank you guys for all your help since we came to Edestor. I mean it.”

Getting a word of thanks from them, I too gave them my gratitude.

Bors-san, especially, had been a tremendous help to me, and even went out of his way to befriend someone as asocial as myself.


He even treated me to this very stake before as well, so simply treating him back doesn’t feel like I’ve done enough but……….

I’m glad I was at least able to do something to show my appreciation.

“That goes both way. It was quite the experience meeting and coming to know you, you know? I’m humbled that you go out of your way to honour a mere platinum rank like myself as your teacher!”

“Well, I did most definitely mock you enough at the start when we met though.”

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“Well, that’s part of what that made me interested in you in the first place! Good luck at capital as well! Well, I’ll come see you once again on the day of your departure though!”

“Yeah, thanks. You guys as well, keep working hard to promote from Platinum rank as well.”

“And he’s back to being a cheeky little shit again!”

“Well, I doubt Chris-kun ever learnt how to properly show respect to his elders huh!”

“Also, I don’t like why and how Bors is the only one that gets the ‘-san’ suffix.”

While chatting of such things, we finished our top class dinner at the [PekoPeko].

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