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Null Poison Ch321

Secret Store

“Haah………that was the best! Wyvern stake is always delicious but, getting treated to it by Chris made it taste even more delicious!”

“That really was delicious. I barely did anything to help you yet I got treated to such a high quality feast. Thank you for that!”

“Well, I feel like I did even less than Rupert. Still, thanks for treating me just for being Bors’ friend.”

“No no, that’s not true. Rupert helped me with selecting the best potions for a vital mission. And Rufus helped me greatly with the training. And even showed me the flying projectile slash attack.”


The only reason I wasn’t caught off guard by the Heracberg’s slashing projectile in the Roza forest cave was because Rufus had already shown me something very similar during training.


“I feel like I just casually helped with the potion selection though…………..Hey Bors! Let’s show Chris-kun to that one store we were talking about! I know they had told us to not bring any other people there but, since Chris is going to leave the city anyway, it should be fine right?”

“Eh? I don’t know about that! We might get forbidden from coming again as well you know?”

“I think we should take him to the place as well. As thanks for the steaks.”

“…………..Hm, well if both Rupert and Rufus want to, sure I guess! Chris, hey come with us! Let me introduce to one last speciality store for old times’ sake!”

“Hm?? Don’t talk vaguely and explain properly.”

The talk suddenly went in a weird direction that I couldn’t follow so I asked for an explanation………but Bors and the rest didn’t bother with it and kept walking.

Rupert said, that store or something, which store exactly is she talking about?

From the flow of the conversation, it sounds like a suspicious place.

“This is the place! I’ll go in first so wait here okay!”


Leaving the [PekoPeko] that was close to the guild, the place Bors-san and the others had stopped was right in front of the Trader’s Guild, on the same street.

As you’d expect of a place run by businessmen, the entrance was gaudy and lavish in its looks.


Guilds other than the adventurer’s guild don’t really function at night so only the minimal light could be seen from inside here as well.

There was even a [CLOSED] tag hung on the door as well so they were definitely done for the day but………Bors began to slowly twist and turn the doorknob.

There must be some kind of secret to how it was meant to be turned as suddenly, I heard the sound of the lock getting unlocked and the door opened.

Seeing him so casually walk inside the place, I had no choice but to look towards the other two who were waiting outside with me.

“He’s not stealing something right?”

“No, no! we have a bit of a connection here that’s all. Don’t worry!”


“Exactly. Bors is probably doing some negotiations right now so just be patient.”


“But negotiations for what exactly? Just tell me already, now that we’re here.”

“Unfortunately you’ll have to wait and see for yourself! Also, if the negotiations fail, we really wouldn’t be able to tell you about it after all!”

Looks like they plan to continue to keep their secrets.

I guess asking any more was useless, so I decided to quietly wait………..and soon enough, the door opened and Bors-san came back.

“Man, they were bitching like crazy about it but in the end I got the okay! Chris, come inside!”

“Finally. Just what exactly is here?”

Invited by Bors, I entered the Traders guild.

The inside was dimly lit as I could tell from the outside, and only just the minimum amount of light needed was allowed.

Walking through this dimly lit suspicious place, we stopped in front of a simple door.

I had followed him inside but, this place looked no different from the usual but……….a part of the floor seemed like it was oddly out of place.

“Is there something under the floor?”


“As expected, you noticed it! That part of the floor can be moved to go deeper inside the place! A secret door of sorts!”

A hidden room eh? That certainly tickles my fancy.

Bors-san pulled up the floor shaped door, and then walked down the stairs that seemed to go down somewhere.

I followed him down the stairs as well, and headed to whatever was underneath the Traders guild.

Since it’s a hidden door, I could already tell that whatever was here wasn’t going to be very legal.

Descending all the way down, there I saw……….a lively area with at least a couple dozen or more people bustling about.

Some were playing with cards or dice, and judging from the large sums of money placed on the table——-this must be a gambling den.

“The basement of the trader’s guild is a gambling den? Wait, did you bring me here to gamble money?”

“Of course not! That’s not our main objective! Come with me, our destination is to the left of here!”

We walked through the bustling gambling area, and headed towards the left side.

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Walking away from the feverish gambling den, what came into my view was large boxes and containers filled with all sorts of items.


The contents were really all over the place, from furniture, to tools, weapons, everything.

I didn’t really see how this place was connected with the gambler’s den.

“That’s the place I want to show Chris today! The secret store of the trader’s guild!”

“Secret Store?”

“Items that were left unsold, they buy it for cheap wholesale! Then they use these as prizes for winners at the gambling den! Of course, they’ll sell things directly for money as well but, things here cost a lot cheaper than the outside so a lot of people gamble with the intent of buying something specific here!”

“There was something like that under the Trader’s guild? I had never heard of it.”

“Well, because it’s a taboo to reveal this place to others! It’s illegal after all, so they desperately don’t want to be found out!”

So this is the store Bors-san and the others wanted to show me.

Honestly, this was quite different from what I expected but……… gave me the same feeling I got when I walked into [Shichifukuya] for the first time, and suddenly I was feeling pretty excited again.

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