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Null Poison Ch322


Buy low, sell cheap is what seems to be their policy but let’s see how cheap they really are.

Since their focus is on unsold goods, I wonder if there’s anything worthwhile being sold here anyway.

“Locke! Like I asked before, sell us some of your goods!”

“Wow, you guys really came back so soon huh. I know I’m the one that gave you guys the permission to come here, if somewhat reluctantly, so go ahead and look around, and tell me if you find something you fancy.”


Bors-san went up to the man encamped in front of the mountain heap of these goods who looked like THE merchant here, and began talking.


He had a plump physique but from his way of talking I could feel that he was quite intelligent, and seemed quite knowledgeable compared to someone like Bors-san.

“Locke-san, thank you very much! We’ll be sure to take our time looking at these things!”

“Ah, I see Rupert-san has come with you as well today.”

“And Rufus as well!……..hey, Rufus.”


Following Bors-san, Rupert and Rufus also gave their greetings…….and then everyone turned to look at me.

I was hoping one of them would introduce me and be done with it but, I guess I’ll have to properly introduce myself.

“I was brought here by Bors-san, my name’s Chris. I’ll be in your care.”

“Of course. Please, take your time looking around.”

Alright. I have Locke’s permission as well so let’s start going through the goods shall we.


All four of us stood side by side, and began the process of picking things up, observing, and then setting them back down.

It seems the other three were also mostly doing this for my sake as they seemed to be looking for items that’d suit me rather than themselves.

“Chris-kun! Hey, come here and look at this! Since you were so interested in potions, how about this one?”

“That’s……..a reusable flask? You want to me to fill that with whatever potions I buy instead?”

“Not just that, but look, it’s also got a straw which would make it easier to drink! Much faster than having to pull off the cork everytime before drinking! Sounds good no?”

That does sound convenient but, I don’t know if it’s good enough to spend money on it.

If it was me alone, I definitely wouldn’t have bought it, but after hearing the explanation from her, I’m a bit more interested now.


“While it does sound interesting, I don’t think I want it right now. That said, how much is it anyways?”

“one silver coin! And it comes with 30 straws as well!”


“………….I guess I’ll buy one then. That price is low enough to not matter even if it doesn’t turn out to be as useful.”

“I’m glad you liked it! I’ll leave it aside for later okay!”

One silver coin is pretty cheap. Cheap enough to try something like this out at least.

………….I see now though. The ‘unsold goods’ here are all items that are always on the ‘sounds kinda useful but might not be’ line.

I have a feeling that if I don’t pay attention I’ll end up buying all sorts of stuff that’ll rack up the final total price so, let me make sure to not get goaded into buying anything that I don’t actually need just because it’s cheap.



2 hours later. I was in trance as I went through their entire stock of goods.

Part of it was also the fact the other three were constantly finding new items for me to look at, but by the end I think I was able to go through half of the entire mountain of goods.

“Chris, you sure you’re gonna buy all the items we kept aside for later? I’ll go and have Locke calculate the total in that case!”

“Yeah. I’ll take it all.”

“Alright! Just wait here!”


I think this is the first time I put this much effort into shopping in my entire life.

Now that it was over, I was overcome with the same kind of listless sensation I get after defeating a strong enemy against whom I had been using my full concentration.

“Chris-kun, how was it? Did you like the store?”


“Yeah, it was genuinely amazing. Sorry for making you two work for me as well.”

“Don’t worry about it. I kind of enjoy going through goods to find the really good items as well.”

“I know right! I had a lot of fun as well! Think of it as thanks for the steak as well, so I’m glad you had fun too Chris-kun!”

I’m glad these two were still smiling as well.

I had them waste 2 hours just purely for myself after all.

“Hey, he’s done calculating! The total price is 5 gold coins! You sure, you can pay it? If you can’t, I’ll pay——–“

“I’ll be fine. I have been doing nothing but requests for the past couple of days so have a lot saved up. It’s stuff I’m buying anyways, I’ll pay it in full myself.”

“………I see. I kinda wanted to treat you one last time but, I guess Chris is technically my senior when it comes to adventurer rank huh! I guess I’ll spare you the junior treatment here!”

“I’m happy enough for your introduction to this shop. Seriously, thank you, all three of you.”

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Giving my words of gratitude, I took out 5 gold coins from my bag, and handed it over to Bors-san.


5 gold coins might seem like a pretty expensive price at a glance but, in all honesty, considering how much I have bought, this is still pretty cheap.

In fact, I had bought so much that my bag was full to the brim, but let me make it very clear, I didn’t buy anything that didn’t seem genuinely useful and still it ended up this way.

……….well, I’d be shocked if none of the items turned out to be a miss though.

“Well then, let’s return now shall we! Sorry for making you stay with us till late night! But it was hella fun!”

“It really was such a fun day! Chris-kun, once again, thanks for the treat!”

“I had fun as well. Thank you.”

“No, I should be the one to thank you three………….once I’m free again, I’ll be sure to drop by Edestor again. Take care of me again, when that happens.”


And thus, our dinner and the spontaneous shopping trip with Bors-san and friends finally ended.

I feel like what I got back from them was worth a lot more than a couple of wyvern steaks but still, I’m glad I was able to hang out with them one last time before leaving.

As for the things I bought, well, I’ll start checking them tomorrow.

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