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Null Poison Ch323


Since it was already late at night by the time I came back yesterday, I had to force myself to wake up early morning because I had planned to go shopping today.

And so, alongside Ralf, Esta and Snow, we went out shopping for our upcoming journey.

Since we had already decided what all we wanted to buy beforehand, the three of us went around all the stores quickly and bought everything we wanted quite fast. And with that done, I had no more misgivings left towards our departure the day after tomorrow.


Now then, I have some time left before the sun sets so what should I do?

While I was pondering over it with arms crossed, Ralf called out to me from behind.


“Hey Chris! We get tomorrow all day to have fun in Edestor right?”

“Yeah. One we leave Edestor, we’re not going to have a lot of free time to play around after all.”

“So it’ll be our last to make some nice memories yeah?! I never been on a day-long sightseeing trip. I’m kinda excited!”

“Our dinner will be Wyvern steaks at [PekoPeko]. But everything before that is still undecided so if there’s something you want to do, be sure to think of it beforehand and we’ll do it tomorrow.”

“Got it! I’ll tell that to Esta as well since she’s already gone back to the inn! You’re still going to stay outside for a while right, Chirs?”

“Yeah, I need to make a slight detour. Also, after returning, do me a favour and check on all the items I bought yesterday as well.”

“The things stored in that big bag you mean? Got it! I’ll go through it all!”

Ralf said so with a wide smile, and then basically skipped on his way back to [Gorush].

Like Ralf said, tomorrow will be our last day in Edestor, so we’re going to spend the entire day sightseeing through the city.

Yesterday, I had come up with the idea when I decided to bring these two to PekoPeko as well, and both Ralf and Esta liked this idea a lot and quickly consented.


Ever since coming to Edestor, we’ve hardly had the time to just ‘play around’ so I thought it was a good idea to spend the last day making some nice memories.

………but, that’s all for tomorrow. I need to decided what I want to do today.

I know I said that to Ralf, but I haven’t actually decided what I wanted to do with my free time.

I had three candidates. First was to make a trip to the great forest of Roza.

I won’t be able to go tomorrow, so I was hoping to make one last trip there and give my thanks to the place that had given me so much.

But in terms of time, I’ll have to return as soon as I reach there, plus it wasn’t really something I needed to do, and was mostly an emotional want so not really necessary.


The second, was to go and meet the members of the [Moonlight Fangs] in the Dungeon Town.


As for the reason, well, to gather more info on the equipment of the first hero.

I imagine Scarletite adventurers probably know a lot more, and I was hoping to at least meet the [Sword Saint] of their party at least once. I figured he might know some things as well.

And my last option was to go to [Magic Cave].

This was also in regards to the First hero’s equipment, and I was hoping to get some info on these ‘Runes’ that Aaron had told me about from the old man.

Considering how the old man researches Golems for a living, surely he must be well versed with Runes so……….He might reveal the secrets of the Runes inscribed on the Vendettatein as well.

After spending a couple of minutes in deep thought, I finally made my decision.

“I’m heading to the old golem guy.”

Going to the [Magic Cave] just seemed like the easiest choice.

Muttering to myself, I made my way towards my destination.


With familiar steps, I went inside the store, and reached the usual room where the old man is always working.

The room was filled with smoke as always, so I knew he was still working inside.

I knocked on his door and once the old man was ready, I entered the room.


“Well, well, if it isn’t Chris. Came to say your farewells?”

“No, actually, I’m here to ask you about something.”

“You want to learn something from me at this point? If you’re here to ask for safe route to the capital, I’m the wrong person to ask for advice.”

“Why would I come for just that………….I wanted to learn more about Runes from you actually.”

The moment I said the word ‘rune’, the old man’s eyes changed instantly.

This is obviously this man’s speciality, and I’m sure he’s always pent up from not being able to talk to anyone about it……… judging from his reaction, I have a feeling the old man is going to give me a long explanation about anything I ask.

“………..Why did you suddenly get so interested in Runes?”

“Ah so you do know a lot about them eh? The reason I wanted to know about runes is because I recently found a weapon that has Runes engraved on it. I can’t seem to figure out how they work so I wanted to learn more.”

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“A weapon with runes eh……………very well. Show me this weapon that has runes, and I will gladly explain everything about it.”

“Sure. I look forward to the explanation.”

I pulled Vendettatein out of its sheathe, and handed it over to the old man.

I had planned on showing him the sword regardless, but I hope he can really help with understanding the sword’s abilities as well.

“Swords are not my speciality, but I can tell this is a really high quality sword. Even I can tell that much.——-!! Oh there really are runes engraved on it! And this rock, is it a Vampire Jewel? I see! Now  that’s an interesting mechanism!!”


He continued to mutter to himself, and began to heat up and get excited the more he observed the sword.

Since he’s mostly talking to himself, I can’t really gain much from what he’s muttering, so I guess I just have to wait for him to calm down.

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