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Null Poison Ch324

The Power Within

The old man was in such high spirits from observing the sword that you’d forget he was an elderly man.

After fully observing it to his satisfaction, I spoke up as soon as it seemed like he had calmed down a bit.

“Hey old man. You done observing?”


“……………..this sword is absolutely incredible! Sell it to me!”

“Sorry, but that’s not gonna happen. I went through a lot of effort to get it, and I intend to use it myself. Also, I already got an offer of 400 platinum coins for the sword, so if you can match, if not surpass that offer, you’re out of luck. I think that’s a bit much even for you old man, right?”



I mean he owns this entire store, the [Magic Cave], that was a flourishing establishment so he’s pretty rich himself but, it’s just a small scale shop in comparison to [Relab Market], and I doubt he has more than Aaron.

Regardless, I had no intentions of selling the sword right now anyway, but the old man was still grinding his teeth in frustration.

“Enough of that. Explain the runes to me now. I let you observe the sword to your heart’s content didn’t I?”

“………I did promise you I suppose. Runes, to put it simply, are basically meant to replace the chant of a magic spell.”

“The same role as a magic chant? I’m lost already.”

“Let’s take [Fireball] as an example. ‘One of the four gods of creation of the world. The light of judgement that illuminates the world and incinerates evil. I will illuminate the light on the path which is darker and redder than blood. Take my body as your own and show thy strength——‘ you have to chant this to activate the spell. You do remember that much right?”

“Well yeah, I can’t do the abbreviated chants so I have to do the full chant everytime I use that spell after all.”

“That entire chant can be compressed into a singular Rune. Basically, if you were to flow mana into a sword with the rune of Fireball engraved on it, you’ll be able to use fireball without the need to chant it.”


………..I see. That was nice and easy to understand explanation.

That’s why when I poured mana into the Vendettatein, it glowed red and felt like it had transformed into a completely different sword.

“So on this sword, there are multiple Runes engraved that can activate some kind of magic to put it simply?”


“Not quite. What I said was that it was ‘replacement for the chant of a magic spell’. It’s not the magic itself. I know it sounds the same but it’s not.”

“Okay………I have feeling I won’t understand even if I ask more. I know I was the one that asked but, let’s just skip the explanation of the runes as a whole.”

“What do you mean! And here I was ready to spend the next hour to explain it all to you in such simple terms that even a baby could learn.”

Yeah, I had a feeling it’ll take way too much time and my instincts told me I still won’t really get it so it’s better I forget about it.

I’d rather just understand what the runes on Vendettatein do, and how I can use it. I don’t need to learn the theory behind runes themselves.

“I apologize since I was the one asking but even I know my brain is not built for this, but I do instinctively know that this shit will fly over my head. And so, just tell me what the Runes on the sword do instead, you did figure that out right?”

“Who the hell do you think I am? Of course I did.”

“Really? Then please explain.”


As expected of the old golem guy.

I suppose he hasn’t spent his life researching golems for nothing. His knowledge is nothing to laugh about.


I quickly implored him to explain the runes engraved on Vendettatein.

“If you’ve had it appraised already, you should know that this sword has three Runes engraved on it. The first one can be activated by simply pouring mana into the sword, and it’s effect is that it simply increases the effectiveness and strength of the sword. The Vampire jewel increases mana conductivity, and depending on the mana poured into it, it can become a truly incredible sword.”

“I already know that one. When I tested pouring mana into it, the sword began to shine red, and I could tell its sharpness had greatly increased.”

“That’s just the first rune however. The second rune activates when you pour evil energy into it, it activates the original effects of the materials used in making this sword. To be honest, it’s hard for me to fully explain this one as well.”

Suddenly the explanations became vague again.

How does one pour ‘evil energy’ into a sword anyway? Also what is ‘original effects of the material used for the sword’ supposed to mean?

“What’s that supposed to even mean? That made no sense.”

“Well, I’m not sure either…………but that’s what the rune is supposedly meant to do. I can read what the rune does or say, but even I don’t know what it means by evil energy or raw materials of the sword either.”


“…………that’s frustrating, but if you don’t know, it can’t be helped. What about the last one?”

“The last rune activates when life energy is poured into the sword. It allows you to absorb the stamina of the thing you cut and absorb it into yourself. A drain effect basically. This must be the rune that works with the Vampire jewel I imagine.”

And now it wants me to pour life energy into it huh.

I know how to pour mana into it but, how can I do so with life energy…………Ah!

I think Aaron also talked about how the vampire jewel can drain the stamina of those that touch it, didn’t he?

Which means, I can probably use the vampire jewel to absorb my life energy which will in turn activate the Drain effect rune I think.

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That explains why the jewel was located close to the guard of the sword, and it shows that everything about how this sword is made was extremely well thought out and calculated.


A skill that can only be activated by my life energy being a Drain skill is something we’ll have to see if it’s worth it or not but, at least now I have a decent grasp on what all this sword can do.

“Thanks for the explanation. Runes overall may be beyond my comprehension but at least I know what the runes on Vendettatein do at least.”

“Well, that’s good enough I suppose. If you want to thank me for this, you can always give me the sword when you’re done with it.”

“Sorry, but like I said, that’s not gonna happen. Ah but, I will thank you in some way or form for this in the future though.”

Saying that to the old man, I left the [Magic Cave].

I have made quite a lot of new discoveries, and found out a bit more about the hidden power held within Vendettatein.

Part of me wanted to go straight to the northern plains to test the sword’s effects but………

I am already on minimal sleep so I was getting drowsy, and I wanted to be in perfect health to fully enjoy our tomorrow’s holiday so I returned back to [Gorush].

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