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Null Poison Ch328


While walking through the main street, we split up and began looking for inn that fit our requirements.

In the middle of that, I saw the church which made me want to pop in to say hi but………I can’t have Ralf and Esta do all the work, while I get distracted so I too focused on looking for an inn.

After the 4th time of asking, I finally found an Inn that allowed keeping pets.


I decided to reunite with Esta and Ralf, and figure out which inn fully suits all our requirements.


“Oo, Chris! You’re already at the rendezvous point!”

“Yeah, I found one I liked pretty quickly. Did you find a place too Ralf?”

“Yeah! Took going to like 10 different places but I did find one! I wonder how Esta did! She’s looking around the back alleys predominantly so she might not have found one.”

While we were chatting, about a couple minutes after Ralf had arrived, Esta and Snow also met up with us in front of the fountain, our meeting spot.

From her grim expression and the sideways shake of her head, it seems she hadn’t found one as Ralf expected.

“Looks like the back alleys were a no go eh?”

“I’m sorry. Most people who use the back alleys aren’t likely to be pet owners in the first place, and the rooms that were available were really small so I got a no pretty much everywhere. Did you guys find some good ones, Chris-san?”

“I did. Costs 3 silver a night, but it comes with an attached toilet and bathroom, as well as complimentary breakfast.”

“Damn that’s more expensive than even [Gorush]! I also found one on the guild street, with 1 silver a night for rent! But, toilets and baths were communal use, not attached!”

Hm………honestly, it’s a hard choice between the two.


Back in the day, we’d have no choice but to pick Ralf’s one but, now we’re pretty good with money and we can take up requests to make even more quickly as well.

Rather than being economical, personal convenience had become more of a factor for us.


“I think we take the one that costs 3 silvers. What about you two?”

“………I think I agree with you to be honest! Having an attached bath and toilet is always enticing! Yeah it’s a bit pricy but, we can make 3 silver everyday pretty easily no?”

“I too would prefer to have our own bath. Although since coming back here, I have become more aware of how luxury dependant I feel like I have become and I am not fond of it………..”

Well, it’s hard to go back to living poorly after all.

We worked ourselves to death to get strong enough to enjoy a better life. It’s not a bad thing to spoil yourselves every once in a while.

“If you both agree, we’ll take the inn on the main street. Let’s not waste time, and get our new room asap.”

“Man, to think the day would come where I’d rent a room on the main street……..I know Esta, you were conflicted about it but, I’m just happy to see how much we’ve all grown!”

I agreed with both Esta and Ralf’s feelings to be honest.


When we were living in Realzard before, at most we had thought of maybe moving to [Dove Inn]………when you think of it that way, you can really feel how far we all had come since then.


While comparing ourselves to our pasts, we reached the inn I had picked on the main street, the [Moonflower].

This was the high class inn that had spacious rooms and also allowed pets that I had found during my search.

We quickly finished the paperwork at the reception and were guided to our rooms.

The room we had was bigger than even the one in [Gorush], and even the bath was quite spacious.

Snow had grown quite big as well now, so it was hard to bring him into the bath normally so this was great help.

“It’s so spacious and nice. And we’ll even get breakfast everyday right?”

“Looks like we can get comfy while we’re in Realzard! I’m tired from the journey as well so I just want to take a bath and rush to my bed!”

“Ralf, you’re going to sleep? I was thinking of going around the city though?”

“nah, I’m not actually going to sleep, I just meant that’s how I was feeling! I want to go around the city as wel!”

We dropped our luggage in our rooms, and now finally we had some free time.

I though Ralf was going to sleep from what he said but looks like he’ll go outside as well.


There’s a lot of places we want to visit but………the first was definitely [Shichifukuya] after all.

“I’m thinking of heading to [Shichifukuya] now, what about you two? I don’t mind if you want to go in your own time but I think it’s better we all go and meet the old man together.”

“I’ll come too. I need to thank him for the magic staff once again, as well show that that I have been using  it properly even now to him as well.”

“I’ll come too! The old man has helped us out a lot from the start so of course I want to meet him! Not to mention, I want to make sure he’s still healthy as well like I said before!”

“Then let’s go together……….What about Snow?”

I asked Snow, who was looking pretty sleepy already, and it seemed like it had totally run out energy by now.

Since during our travels, Snow was always leading the way, scouting for enemies plus it’s not like Snow has any attachment or memories towards Realzard anyway.

If it wants to sleep, I’ll let it take a good long rest.

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“Looks like it wants to just sleep eh. Let us leave it here and go by ourselves.”

“I kinda wanted to introduce Snow to the old man as well but, I dunno if that store allows animals inside in the first place either!”

“Then, Snow can stay here. Us three will go out.”


Leaving Snow in the room who was already curled up and gone to sleep, we left the [Moonflower] and headed towards the back alleys.

It was a long awaited reunion with the old man of [Shichifukuya].

It was not even an exaggeration to say that that man had completely changed my destiny. I was quite looking forward to seeing him again.

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