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Null Poison Ch327

A Familiar Place

About a week had passed since we left Edestor.

Just like all our journeys before, we walked towards the capital while going and stopping through various towns on the way——and finally, we had reached the Capital, our goal, today.

“Now that’s a familiar sight eh! We’ve really travelled across the entire country and finally come back to the capital! When I first saw the capital, I was completely overwhelmed but, now it just feels normal. I guess that’s also a sign of our growth eh?!”


“That’s certainly true. When we came here before, I felt both nervous and afraid but, now I feel neither of those things…………of course, there is the impending battle with Klaus so I do feel a different kind of nervousness though.”


“You two don’t need to get so worked up. If it gets too dangerous I have already decided to let you two run away first. As long as I can get to face Klaus one on one, there’ll be no problems.”

“You say that but you know neither of us will ever run and leave you by yourself. Besides, don’t they have a full party as well? It’s kind hard to not get all worked up honestly.”

He’s right, the [Sword God] has a full party with him.

If we have to face them, it is impossible to not get all fired up about it.

 “I know I am the one who brought Klaus up but, let’s not think too much about him all the time shall we? So what are our plans after reaching the city proper? Are you planning on entering the capital, and heading straight to Klaus to challenge him?”

“No, I know we are right in front of the capital but, I don’t plan to enter the city itself just yet. First, I want to go to Realzard, and while setting up a base there, contact Charlotte first of all.”

Information gathering always comes first.

I don’t want Klaus to know that I’m in the capital just yet either, and besides, what’s the point in getting the princess’ cooperation if I don’t use it?

It’s best if I move in secret.

“Oh! Then we’re heading to Realzard first then! Man it’s been a while. I wonder if the old man at [Shichifukya] is doing well still?”


“I’m sure he’s fine. I too feel quite a lot nostalgia but it’s not like we have been gone for many years or something.”

“If neither of you have any complaints, let’s head straight to Realzard then.”

“None here! I’m always ready to follow Chris wherever!”

“I have none either. I wanted to go to Realzard anyway so if anything, I’m happy.”

“That’s good to hear………..then, let’s go.”

While looking at the walls of the capital, we walked away from the capital and headed to Realzard together.

As for acquaintances, I don’t have many other than the old man and the handsome priest but, the city remains the first place I reached on my own, and it’s not a joke to say that that’s where my life truly began.

While waiting on info on Klaus, I have a lot of things I want to do so I was kind of excited.


“Hey, I can see it! It’s the same old, Realzard!”

“……….is it just me or does it feel smaller? I feel like I remember it being a bigger city.”

“We have actually visited some of the biggest cities in the country now so it must seem small in comparison. But, I still think it’s quite a flourishing city even then you know?”

“Damn right! Don’t you insult our birthplace okay!”

“That wasn’t really my intention, but sure.”


These two have been high tension since reaching the capital but, I feel like it’s gotten even higher after seeing Realzard again.

It’s the place of their dark pasts but it still is their birthplace. I guess they really are happy to see it once again.


As for me, it just seems so much smaller than I remember.

When I had reached here for the first time after hiding away in Peixa forest, the city seemed so much bigger than anything I had seen at that point.

In my head it was as big as Edestor but, in reality it was honestly less than half the size of Edestor in size.

Well, it’s still quite bigger than Oxter though.

“He he he! Where should we go and visit first!? I want to go and pay everyone on the back streets a visit as well!”

“No, let’s get an inn first and foremost. We have Snow with us as well, I want to find an Inn that allows for pets as well. And not [Shangri-La Hotel].”

“[Shangri-la hotel]! Now that’s a name we haven’t heard in a while. A part of me wants to go and visit that place as well I must say.”

“Naah, I’d rather not! Though it was certainly better than the rundown house we were using before moving there!”

“I mean, that’s only because we were all sharing a small room………….[shangri-la hotel] wasn’t a bad place per se. regardless, do you two know a place where we can keep pets as well?”

The city was their home, so I asked them as they’d obviously know better than me but, they both put their hands on their chin and fell into deep thought.


I waited for a ‘Aha!’ moment from one of them, but alas my expectations were not met this time.

“Well, we aren’t exactly well versed in inns and stuff! Was the [Dove Inn] also a no pet zone?”

“I’m pretty sure it was. As for a place other than [Dove Inn]…….”

“In the first place, anything outside the back streets was basically a different world for us. Neither me nor Esta would know much about that stuff!”

“Like Ralf said, we are pretty ignorant towards anything that isn’t part of the back alleys, so we’ll have no choice but to go around and search for a nice inn on the main street.”

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“well, if you don’t know that’s fine too. We’ll split up and have a look around then, okay?”

With our first task in Realzard decided, we went through the entrance inspection.

And finally——-after a long, long time, stepped once again inside the place where it all began, Realzard.

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