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Null Poison Ch33


After returning to the inn, I ate three types of plants and then went back to the church.

Since there was lot of things happening today, the sun was already beginning to set and I wasn’t sure if the church was even open anymore or not.

There was barely any human presence left inside as I gently opened the door and went inside.

In the afternoon, the sun rays peering into the church made the whole view a sight to behold but the evening sun gave it a whole different kind of fantastical feeling.

It made me want to see what it was like under the moonlight as well; as I walked through the silent halls and entered the usual room.

………I just entered without asking but since it was unlocked, it should be okay right?

Ringing the same bell once again, the usual priest entered the room after a while.

“So you came back again after all. Same as always I presume?”

“Yep, I’ll be in your care.”


Even he had gotten used to it by now and barely showed any reaction as he went along with his job as normal.

Having gotten used to the process myself, I quickly brought out a gold coin and my card before he could even ask.

“That’s one gold coin alright. Then, let’s begin.”

The priest puts his hand on the crystal, it flashes for a second and the dim out.

“And its done. Please check.”

“Thank you”

Taking the card back, I quickly checked my card.




Suitable Job: Farmer

Endurance: 11(+8)

Strength: 6(+8)

Stamina: 7(+4)

Magic: 1

Agility: 4

Unique Skill : [Null Poison]

Common Skills: None



I did a quick fistpump away from the Priest’s eyes.

Thank god!. Both the abilities had risen this time at last.

Which means among this three plant set, there are two that raise my Endurance and Stamina.

Either one plant that raised each, or one among the three hat raised both, which, I couldn’t tell but this greatly increases my efficiency.

Even if I don’t cross check any further, I have narrowed it down enough.……..but maybe I should do it one more time right before I leave for Peixa forest again.

Normally, I was planning to leave tomorrow but that has been changed to first sending off Esta and Ralf to the capital. After that I also need to go shopping to prepare before secluding myself in the forest again.

I left the church with spirits high and returned to the inn where the two were waiting on me.




“I have heard the details more or less from Ralf. The treatment didn’t go well it seemed?”

“Hm? No that’s not really set yet.”

“But the fees was 20 platinum coins and the guy you heard was a wrongdoer or something……..”

As expected Ralf had not explained anything to Esta properly.

Speaking of who, Ralf, who was perhaps sulking, had already gone to sleep.

“Well the guy we’re going to ask for help being a wrongdoer and now in ruins isn’t incorrect. But that’s exactly why there’s a chance we can get his help.”

“…………I see. If we can negotiate with this man, we could get it done for much cheaper presumably.”

“Exactly. Well the risk also increases in such cases of course but from what we can tell, his abilities are indeed the real thing so we have to take this chance.”

“Precisely, which means there’s still hope left! Are we leaving right now to find him?”

“I do want to but as it stands, I can’t go close to the capital. And so I want to ask the task of finding this Brad and negotiating with him to you Esta. Will you accept?”

“Of course!! We can’t have you Chris-san do everything for us after all!”

“That’s good. I’ll pay for your expenses so take Ralf and get this job done. I’m counting on you.”


“Of course leave it to me!…….and sorry for making you pay for us again.”

With that taken care of, I can at least rest easy in regards to the negotiations with Esta in charge.

I handed over the expenses to her; and asked them to leave Realzard tomorrow.

While looking forward to the results of their negotiations, I’ll just have to wait for the two to return.

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