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Null Poison Ch32

Information on Brad

After leaving the Healers guild, we spent the next couple of hours searching for this man named Brad.

Having visited every single Healing wards that I had planned to visit before separating with Ralf, I went back to the our rendezvous point.

There were exactly 3 things I had found out about Brad.

First, he was problematic enough that every single person in every ward seemed reluctant to talk about him.

Second, he was a top class healer.

And third, he had suffered a fall from grace a long time ago and since then his location wasn’t known to many.

Basically nothing worthwhile was found, I couldn’t even find a hint to where we could find him.

I have to hope that Ralf who went to other wards has found at least something, though considering his mental state when we separated I don’t have much hope.

When I entered the usual restaurant that we had decided as our rendezvous point, it seemed like Ralf had already returned.

He must have not ordered anything as there was only a glass of water on the table, and Ralf didn’t even notice me come in as his head was hanging low towards the ground.

“Ralf, kept you waiting long?”

“Hm? Oh Chris. No, not really, don’t worry.”

He was clearly low on tension, which meant that he must have had not much luck either.


“I didn’t find anything useful, you?”

“Info on Brad? Yeah I got some.”

“as I thought. Still………Wait? YOU DID?”

“Yeah. Apparently he’s in the royal capital right now.”

“Wait if you got such important info why the hell are you so depressed still?”

I feel like he looks worse than when we separated for some reason.

Didn’t he say he wasn’t giving up so………Wait is Brad dead or something?”

“Because, from what I’ve learnt, he some crazy insane dude apparently.”

“Okay explain.”

“Apparently in the past, Brad was the top healer at the Guild. Realizing that he could make a lot of money, he became a travelling healer going around the world and charged crazy expensive prices for getting treatment from him.”


“So he basically charged incredibly expensive fees to cure anything, whether grave injury or major illness right?”

“Yup. Of course at first he got lots of customers running towards who had no choice but as time passed and medicine and medical science developed and grew, his abilities became outdated and now he lives in the backstreets of the capital treating poor people for cheap just to barely make ends meet.”

I pumped my fist in celebration at this info.

That Healer really gave us the best kind of info after all.

“Well, you get what you deserve I guess? His own greed came back to bite him but like I explained, this Brad guy is of no use to us it would seem.”

“……..You really are a fucking idiot aren’t you? Who cares if he’s gone under? This is EXACTLY the kind of chance we needed. An opportunity.”

“Wh-What the hell are you getting all excited about?”

“I can’t even bother explaining it to you. Just grab some food for now. I’m in a good mood so it’s my treat. Enjoy!”

“What the hell!? Explain properly!”

Having received some really good info, we had our lunch at the restaurant and went our ways for now.

Since I didn’t bother to properly explain everything, Ralf was still feeling a bit down…….but really, how was this hard to understand? This Brad will absolutely perform the same surgery for far cheaper.

Though to negotiate we’ll have to go to the capital to meet him……..

There’s a good chance Klaus is in the capital. Well perhaps I’m being too paranoid but as long as there’s a chance that might happen, I’ll make sure I have as much info available on Brad before taking that risk and heading anywhere close to the capital.

Not to mention, I still have to continue my poisonous plant research and continue making money.

Which means the bets possible method would be to send either Ralf or Esta to the capital alone, well, Ralph being the one who needs treatment is the best option because he needs to see the injury in the first place.

But he’s also an idiot and I can’t depend on him for any kind of negotiations.


………I guess I have no choice. I’ll have to pay for their trip and make both of them go together.

Esta is smart enough to properly negotiate, and can look after the idiot as well.

As I continued calculations inside my head, I returned back to [Shangri-la hotel].

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