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Null Poison Ch330

Info on the Priest

At [Shichifukuya], we ended up chatting for a very long time with the old man.

A lot had happened since we left Realzard, so I suppose it was only natural that that happened.

It was already dark outside, so we stopped in the middle of our conversation and decided to go back after saying our goodbyes.


“We really ended up chatting for a long time. It was noon when we came but the sun has already set now.”


“I wanted to visit other stores as well but, not much to do now but to go back to the inn eh! I’m tired from the long journey as well so I really wanna go to sleep quickly!”

“I agree with Ralf. Let’s buy some ingredients on the way back though.”

Both of them were already looking sleepy but I really wanted to visit the church before resting for the day.

The sun was setting so there was a chance that the church was already closed but………I wanted to make sure that that handsome priest was still okay.

“You two, go on ahead and return before me will you? I really want to go visit one more place before returning.”

“Eh? At this time of day?………well, sure I guess, but what about your dinner Chris??”

“Just buy my share as well please. It’s not like I’ll take too long so I’ll be back pretty soon as well.”

“Understood. Then we’ll just buy whatever we’re getting for ourselves okay?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

With that, I separated from Ralf and Esta and went to the church on my own.


The church was located in the middle of the main street, right in the most prime spot in all of Realzard.

Unlike the church in Oxter that was built at the edges of the city, I still remember how sublime and divine the church here felt.


I wondered if I should buy some gift as well but, it’d be a waste if the church closed in the meanwhile so I decided to come emptyhanded today.

……….the lights still seem to be on inside but, I couldn’t see a lot of people so maybe it really was closed already.

But unlike normal stores, there was no [CLOSED] sign put outside a church, so maybe I can feign ignorance and enter regardless?

I pushed at the door and it seemed to be unlocked still as it easily opened up.

The interior of the church had a holy atmosphere as always, and even during the night, you feel the sacredness about the whole place.

As expected, I suppose but inside the church, let alone devotees, I couldn’t see any priests or sisters either.

Now it started to feel like I was some thief sneaking in, so I figured it was better if I spoke up and called someone out to avoid any suspicion.

“Hello? Anyone still here?”


I asked, in a pretty loud voice.

My voice echoed around the quiet church, and then silence returned.


Yeah, I guess I should come another day.

Since I got no response, I decided to give up and turn around to leave but……….

Right when I put my hands on the door, I could tell someone was coming towards me from an inner room.

Looks like someone did hear my call.

I stopped myself from leaving and waited as a single Sister appeared from inside the church.

Part of me was hoping it would be the handsome priest himself but, I guess things never go that smoothly, do they?

“Did you perhaps come to pray? I’m very sorry but, we are done for today. Please, come again another——“

“Ah no, that’s not why I came here. I wanted to meet a priest that works here.”

“A priest that is your acquaintance?………..can you tell me their name?”

Name………? now that I think about it, I never even asked his name did I?

But even if I don’t know his name, with his looks, surely she’ll know who I’m talking about if I describe him right?


“Sorry I forgot his name. but how do I say this……….is there a really handsome looking priest here, any idea?”

“You came to visit them but don’t know their name……….? u,ummm a good looking priest you say——-Ah, you must mean Graham-sama right!”

The sister was looking at me suspiciously but, me saying ‘handsome priest’ did get a reaction from the sister.

Since I never asked his name, I had no idea if that was the right person but…….I’m sure he’s the one.

“Ah, it must be Graham. Is Priest Graham still in this church? If he is, can you perhaps call him for me?”

“My apologies. Graham-sama moved to the church in the capital about half a year ago. So he’s not here anymore.”

“Ah, is that so…………I suppose nothing can be done in that case. Thanks for telling me.”

Giving my thanks to the sister who had kindly helped me out, I quickly left the church.

I thought he’d still be here but, to think he was transferred to the capital.

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I was shocked to learn that even the church had the concept of ‘transfers’ but, knowing that he was moved to the capital only increased my worries.

He had leaked the info that the church was looking for me after all, and if that got found out, Klaus might get his hands on him as well.

I went out of my way to meet him, only to cause myself even more anxiety……..

But with nothing more left to do, I decided to go back to [Moonflower] and rest for the day.

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