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Null Poison Ch333

A Conclusion

As I stand here facing it directly with my sword in hand, I can confidently tell that I am overwhelmingly stronger than the beast.

Compared to last time where I was shivering with fear and could do nothing but run away, even I was shocked to see how much I had grown.

As we continued to glare at each other, the first one to make a move was the Dukeurus.


I dodged the monster’s charge with zero motion, so it rotated its bulky arm to slash at me.

I matched my sword to the claws of the monster to guard against the attack.


Since the claws itself were quite dangerous, just swinging its arms around would have made for quite a dangerous situation for me but………

Even without using any of my skills, I was still able to completely guard against the DukeUrus’ attack.

It continued to launch attacks at me with crazy beast-like patterns but, as I had originally sensed, it was simply not a match for me anymore.

Having directly taken on its attacks multiple times now, I could definitively tell the difference between our strengths, and there was no point in needlessly prolonging the fight any longer.

Even though I had continued to perfectly block all its attacks, it once again launched its claws at me so I matched my sword against it——and this time I countered by swinging my sword directly at it.

I had swung down the sword with nothing but raw strength behind it, no real technique, to push it back but, my sword cut through its steel-like sharp claws like they were made of paper, and went on with the momentum and chopped its entire arm off.

With a dull sound, the Duke Urus’ arm fell to the ground, and after a short pause, a shrill painful scream resounded inside the forest.


The fountain of blood splashed at the nearby trees, painting them red, and having lost its one arm, the monster lost its balance and fell to ground, and begun to crawl instead.

I was being quite cautious at first but in the end, all it took was one strike.

An attack I had launched just to deflect its attack ended up being a fatal blow instead.

“If you want to blame something, blame yourself for not killing the weak me back then.”

I muttered basically to myself, and then quickly chopped its head off to make it not suffer any longer.

I had sworn to come back and beat it back when I had run away from the Peixa forest but, the conclusion to that had come in a pretty anti-climactic fashion. I didn’t even feel good about it.


But with this I have been able to finally bring a conclusion to one unfinished quest of mine, and now I’m basically done with everything I wanted to achieve in Realzard.

Now I just need to wait for contact from Charlotte, and rest in Realzard in the meantime.


……….now then, as for the Duke Urus’ body, it’d be a pain but I should take it back.

I could incinerate it right here and now but, I came all this way to kill it.

Might as well get a use out of it, especially considering I killed it for my own self-satisfaction. Else it’d leave a bad taste in my mouth.

I quickly began to work on the corpse, skinning its fur, and gathering any part of it that could be used as a material. Of course, I couldn’t find any use for most of its flesh so I did burn that much at least.

I mean, I could eaten it as well but most of its body was tough muscles which doesn’t make for tasty food anyway.

By the way, I did check its chopped head to make sure that it did in fact have the wound I gave it on its upper jaw.

There were no doubts about it anymore, this was indeed the Duke Urus that attacked me, and thus left with no regrets, I decided to leave the Peixa forest.



Taking care of the corpse had taken some time so by the time I returned to Relaard, it was already late at night, and the streets were basically devoid of people walking around.


But, since I was able to make it back within then same day, I should be able to keep my promise with Ralf tomorrow as well.

While yawning, I began to walk towards [moonflower] when suddenly, I felt like I heard footsteps approaching me from behind.


I mean I was inside a city so, even though it was late night, it won’t be too weird if people were still walking around but……

I only heard a few steps, and then the sound and presence both disappeared.

——Huh, I wonder if I am being tailed by someone?

In my head I recalled the time I first met Esta, when she tried to mug me in broad daylight.

But for a mere robber, this person was a bit too good at hiding their presence, and by the fact that I only heard their footsteps just once, I could tell they were pretty skilled.

I could quickly rush to [moonflower] and I’ll probably be safe but just in case, I decided to investigate this properly.

I activated [perception enhancement][life presence sense][mana sense][perception range enhancement][hearing enhancement], these 5 skills and then tried detecting for enemies within Realzard and——-as expected, there was someone hiding a little distance away from me.

What made me most curious was that both their life presence and mana were pretty high.

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I for sure thought that they were someone only strong in stealth but, now I felt like they were someone who were actually not someone who were good at stealth but were instead using their other abilities to make this work.

The first person that came to mind was of course Klaus’s assassin but, I just reached this city. There’s no way I was detected this quickly.


……….no, maybe they were already lying in wait for me to come here perhaps?

In that case, Klaus might be more vigilant of me than I had imagined.

But, that doesn’t seem like a very Klaus like thing to do either.

……….well, no matter how much I think about it, I won’t figure it out like this.

Well, time to grab him and make him talk I guess eh.

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