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Null Poison Ch336


“I see. Looks like your face is known now so me and Esta have to go and contact either the princess or Mielle right?”

“Pretty much. There is a chance that they know about you two as well so it can get dangerous. You two still willing to take this task?”

“Of course we are. Kind of reminds me of a similar situation back then.”


“……….yeah, I did send you two to the capital in a similar situation didn’t I? how nostalgic.”


“it was something even us who were powerless could do properly! This time as well, we’ll accomplish our tasks properly! But still, how the hell are we going to contact the princess, let alone find her?”

That is the biggest problem.

We had failed to settle on a suitable method to contact each other when they left Edestor.

You’d think the princess of the country wouldn’t be hard to find but it’s because she is the princess that we had to be extra careful with how we meet with her.

It might best to find Mielle instead and have her be our intermediary.

“I don’t know how to meet the princess directly either. So search for Mielle instead. And then have her contact Charlotte instead.”

“So we just need to find Mielle-san. Understood. I guess we’ll have to use the information broker once again.”

“Just be sure to not catch any unwanted attention. I know it’s a troublesome task but I’m counting on you both.”

“Just leave it to us! We’ll have it done perfectly before you know it!”

“………..I’ll be the one doing most of the work, Ralf, you’re not going to be doing much are you?”

Esta spoke with venom but, Ralf seemed quite enthusiastic which was always good to see.


Leaving the matter of making an appointment with Charlotte to these two, I need to focus on what I can do in Realzard.

I can’t do anything much in the open but, I still have things I can do.

………….but, before all that, I need to get a good night’s sleep. Everything comes after that.



A few minutes after our talk, I saw off Ralf, Esta and Snow leaving towards the capital and then I went to get some much needed sleep.

By the time I woke up, the sun was already setting again. It seems I slept for a solid half day straight.

It’s a bit late, but I should start doing the things I can do while in this city.

…………first, I too should go and collect some info.


I had already asked Esta for the location of the info broker that was in the back streets of Realzard, so I plan to head there and investigate the man that had tried to kill me last night.

I was sure he was the same as Carlo, a man from the underworld so it seems I need to investigate not just Klaus, but also the people surrounding him.


It was extremely uncanny how quickly that man chose to kill himself the moment he was caught considering how skilled he was, plus there’s also the words he left me with that made me curious.

“As if Klaus-sama would directly give orders to someone like me.”

His words imply that the hooded man and Klaus don’t have a direct connection.

The first thing that came to my mind was [The Maginicks]. Perhaps he was a member of the organization that was led by Carlo.

There is always a chance that he wasn’t looking for me under Klaus’ orders and was instead looking for Carlo, their leader, and accidentally happened to find me instead.

With that possibility in mind, I made my way to the info broker.

While being extremely cautious of my surroundings, I reached a store called [Eldaze].

Upfront, they were a special set meal shop but if you make a specific order, they’ll lead you to the informant here.

The store seemed quite bustling with a bunch of customers here, and it looked like any other ordinary eatery but………

I got the info from Esta so there should be no mistake.

“Hello, and welcome! Please take a seat wherever you like!”


Hearing that as soon as I entered the store, I went and sat down on the wide table, second in line from the back.

This seat was also specific. You had to sit here on this specific spot by yourself.

I felt it was bit too roundabout but, I suppose informants like to be very cautious for a reason.

Waiting for a while after sitting there, the old lady who was an employee in the store and had originally greeted me, walked towards me to take my order.

……….now, I just need to make sure to not get my order wrong.

“Here’s your water. Dear customer, what would you like today?”

“Daily special set B, with less rice. No salad.”

“………..And what for dessert?”

“The chef’s recommendation.”

“Understood. Let me go and ask what his recommendation is so please wait here.”

I think I got that right and she was going back to let the informant know.

Now I wonder if this informant will come to me, or will I be led somewhere else.

Since I didn’t hear any further details, I had no idea what happens next.

Like the employee had said, I waited for their side to take an action when………

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After about 10mins or so, the employee came back with the meal in her hand to serve me.


Meat, with stir fried vegetables, little rice. Coupled with egg soup but no salad.

As for the dessert, it was the chef’s recommendation I assume, a colourful assortment of cut fruits on top of yogurt.

Did I………mess up the secret phrase?

If I ask the employee she’d probably feign ignorance anyway, and if I don’t want to get banished from here, it’s better if I just quietly eat it and return for now.

I wonder what I messed up. While I was reflecting on it as I ate, a person came out from inside the store and suddenly decided to sit down on the seat opposite of me.

I was about to tell him off, but he was wearing a hat big enough that it would hide his eyes which was very obviously suspicious——–and I quickly realized that this guy was probably the informant I was looking for.

“You’re looking for info I heard. The fees is four silver. If that’s okay with ya, I’ll talk about whatever you wanna know?”

“money’s not an issue. We talk here? There’s people around.”

“I don’t mind changing places if you want to. But that’ll cost more, and I won’t go anywhere too far from here.”


He really was the informant it seems, although for someone who had set up such an intricate method to meet him, he seemed quite careless now.

I really didn’t want to pay more than needed, but I didn’t want to risk anyone here noticing or finding me either.

……….I guess there’s no point in being stingy here so I’ll just ask for a change of location.

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