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Null Poison Ch337

The Robed Man’s Identity

But speaking of changing locations, where should I move to…….

Of course, the safest option would be my room in [moonflower].

No one could hear us there and safety was guaranteed but, I really don’t want to let some random informant inside my room.


Not to mention, I don’t want to give the info of where I live to an informant of all people either. So I’ll avoid that.

Which leaves [Shichifukuya] as another option but I don’t want to cause problems to the old man either.


Tch. If you’re an informant you should have a good place of your own dammit. I wanted to complain but nothing could be done about it now.

“Have you picked a spot?”

“……..yeah, I just decided. Follow me.”

I quickly shoved all the remaining food inside my mouth and then washed it down with the egg soup. Getting up from my seat, I first paid the meal’s worth before leaving.

As for the place we’re heading to, I’m thinking of using the abandoned house that Esta and Ralf used once again.

That place was pretty much the only option left to me to be honest.

Yesterday  a person had died there, and there should still be the blood stains on the ground from the wounds I gave him.

I wanted to avoid that place since I hadn’t had the chance to properly ‘clean’ the place up after it all but……..i really don’t have much of a choice left right now.

As long as I don’t take him to the room that man died in, I don’t think we’ll have any problems.

“Ohh, we’re gonna use this rundown house as a place to talk?”

“Any issues? Any place should be fine as long as I pay right?”


“Sure, I have no issues with this place but I am a bit worried about trespassing though. I doubt you own this house, do you?”

“Don’t worry. No one has used this place for years. And in the off chance some soldiers see us, you can put all the blame on me.”


“In that case, this works for me too.”

Having convinced the informant, I gave a quick look around to make sure it was safe and then I entered the place.

……….I didn’t realize it yesterday but I could sense that someone had died here recently still.

That said, it wasn’t like there was a bad stench or anything but more like one could tell that a strong person had died here, or something like that.

Of course, any person that had been in regular contact with death would instantly feel it but………judging by the informants reaction, he’s not one of those people.

“Damn, this place is quite rundown huh. You sure it’s okay to talk here?”

“Yes. Just take a seat somewhere, or we can talk standing up as well.”

“………..I don’t wanna get dirty so I’ll keep standing if you don’t mind.”

Giving him a side-glance, I pulled a small stool nearby and sat down.

I didn’t care about getting a bit dirty and I won’t be able to calm myself if I continued to stand.


“First, let me pay you upfront for the info. Including the payment for moving you here, will 1 gold coin do?”

“Oh, well aren’t you some bigshot eh? For one gold coin, I’ll give you two questions worth of info. Of course, that is assuming I actually know whatever you want to know that is. Just don’t get mad at me if I fail to answer okay?”


“Sure. First of all, do you know of a person who has a symbol of twin snakes tattooed on them. Does that ring a bell?”

I didn’t know what counted as ‘one question’ so I went straight to the point.

If he does know, then it’ll be all worth it.And if doesn’t………well, we can stop and I’ll just go back.

“A man with a tattoo of a two headed snake? Of course I know of it. Is it okay if I take that as your first question?”

“Yes. Tell me everything you know.”

“Alright. The double headed snake tattoo is a sign used by the members of [Under Eye] a hoodlum group of the capital. They’re quite famous so most people that live in the capital know of them. To the point that some even get that tattoo to impersonate them………well, if you get found out, you get instantly killed for  pretending to be one of them though.”

So it wasn’t [The Maginicks] but [Under Eye] instead.……….now that I recall, wasn’t [Under Eye]’s leader part of Klaus party as well, right?

Remembering that, it made a lot more sense that the robed man was an [Under Eye] member.

I had completely forgotten but Mielle did warn me to be careful of [Under eye].


“So this double headed snake tattoo is their mark of recognition then.”

“if you’re planning to become one of them, I’d highly advise against it. They are a group of a select few that are all completely heinous in nature. In fact, these days the rumours around them have gotten even worse.”

“And what kind of rumours are those?”


“……….I was considering making this your second question but, ah well, consider this a freebie. Since it’s a pretty well known rumour at this point.”

“Thanks for that I guess. So, what is it?”

“Apparently they are going around outright murdering people. According to the rumours, they are connected to the [Sword God] himself, and anyone who gets in his way gets eliminated by the members of [Under Eye]. They’ve even sent their members to the cities around the capital, and in fact, some have even seen one here in Realzard as well.”

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That certainly is one hell of an info. I mean I literally fought one of them so it’s basically not just a rumour at this point.

But considering all the info, it does seem like him finding me was more of a coincidence rather than them knowing exactly where I was.

………if he was the only person deployed to Realzard, then I really was simply just really unlucky to be found out like that it seems.

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