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Null Poison Ch338

Under Eye

If they are eliminating those who are hindering Klaus, it’s probably to make it easier for him to move around.

According to what Mielle told me, ever since adding the leader of [Under Eye] to his party, Klaus had received quite a lot of animosity from the King, so this is him probably trying to brute force the matter into his own favour.

I think it’s safe to assume from the fact that he’s been sending assassins after me, his own blood brother, that Klaus too feels no hesitation over killing people that could get in his way.


I didn’t even feel that much surprised from hearing that he was doing so without hesitation.


“They really seem like a dangerous bunch huh. The members of this [Under eye] that is.”

“The [sword god] freely using them seems like a lot more dangerous to me though.”

“…….but if such rumours are going around, has there not been any outcry from the populace? I mean, isn’t the [Sword god] supposed to be a hero candidate? I don’t think many people will like a hero that is in bed with a underground organization that threatens the city.”

“The common people don’t about it, and neither do they care much. That said, the name [Sword God] alone isn’t just famous in this country but it has even reached the neighbouring countries. So the reality is that even our kingdom don’t want these rumours to become truly widespread. They did try to pressure him to stop behind the scenes but, that too was quickly shut down by the secret maneuvering of [Under Eye] as well.”

The scale of this all seemed a bit too big for me. I had no idea why Klaus was going this far. What did he want to achieve by doing all this?

“So is there any info on what this [Sword God] is hoping to achieve in the end?”

“No one really knows. I heard that he had gone and cleared the Edestor Dungeon as well, so I do think he still is doing his duties as a Hero properly, probably? These days, the movements of the Demon Army have also become more active, or so I have heard——-ah but, now’s not the time for gossip. Go ahead, ask your second question.”

The Demon Army huh. A word that is hard to ignore so I wanted to dig deeper into that as well but…….


I didn’t have the time to be distracted by other things. I need to dig up more info on this [Under Eye].

“For my second piece of info, I’d like to hear more on [Under Eye]. You said that only a select few were allowed to become a member, right? So do you know of their names, any recognizable characteristics etc.?”

“Man, you are a weirdo for wanting to know so much about [Under Eye]. Sorry but there’s almost no info on their members. All that’s known is about their leader, and 2 of their 4 main executives. If that’s alright with you, I’ll take that as your second question, okay?”

“Go ahead. Talk.”

The way they carried themselves, plus that shadow clone ability.

I assumed he was part of the top brass but, I need to check if he even was someone that people knew about. I need to remember any of these characteristics and make sure I am ready if I run into one of them.

It would seem that if I plan on fighting Klaus, they’re an organization I’ll have to face sooner or later.

“Alright then. Let me start with the leader. The man is called Milworc. Like I told before, he’s part of the [Sword God]’s party, and he doesn’t even try to hide himself or his background.”

“I have heard of him before as well. Is he really that famous?”

“Let’s just say that the people who don’t know about him are less than those who do. He’s always dressed in a suspicious manner, plus the right half of his face is horribly scarred——he looks like a deviant even at a glance.”

“But, he’s talented enough to keep up with even the [Sword God] though, right?”


“That’s what they say apparently. I’ve never seen them fight myself but once, when he moved as the leader of [Under Eye], he single-handedly destroyed a thief group called [Shadow Gamble] or so the rumours say……..if not for the heavy wound to the right side of his face, some say that he might have been as strong, if not stronger than even the [Sword God].”

Looks like what Mielle told me back in Edestor was true after all.


Damn, if I knew things would end up like this, I’d have asked a bit more in detail back then.

“I see. I got an idea on this Milworc guy. Tell me about the 2 executives that you know about.”

“There’s not much known about them I’ll be honest. One of them is giant guy called Prowse. In terms of pure brute strength, he’s said to be number one in the entire capital.”

“With a title like that, and you said he had a big body right? Surely he must stand out in the city then.”

“That’s probably why we have the info we do. He’s only involved in battles, and is second in fame to Milworc.”

Number one in the capital means he’s stronger than even Carlo.

Even though he had only one arm, Carlo was still the person with the strongest physical strength amongst the people I have met. And this guy was supposedly stronger.

Looks like he wasn’t kidding when he said that they only recruit the most elite to their ranks.

“The other we know about is a woman called Prudence. She’s the only female in all of [Under Eye] and is also an executive which made her quite famous. But that’s all the info on her that’s available though I have heard that she’s extremely beautiful as well.”


“A woman that’s an executive of a criminal organization? I don’t care about her beauty but it’s clear, she’s someone you don’t want to get involved with ever.”

“——–And, that’s about all I have for info on them. Was that satisfactory enough for you?”

“Yeah. Worth the gold coin I paid at least.”

“that’s good to hear. If you want I can always sell more info to you if interested, so come seek me whenever needed.”

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Saying that, he waved goodbye and left the abandoned building.

The black hooded guy I faced was not included in any of the info I had heard but still, I got some good info regardless.

I didn’t have too high expectations considering it was just some info broker living in the back alleys of Realzard but this ended up being quite satisfactory.

Now then, it doesn’t look like I’ll find any other clear leads on that black robed man so I should find something else to do while wait for those two and Snow to return.

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