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Null Poison Ch344

Luring Out

“I’ll……..take the Fried Set! Chris, what about you?”

“Daily Set A.”

“I’ll take the Stir-fried veggies Set then.”

Once we had decided, we called the waitress to make our order.


I didn’t know how much poison they were going to put in it but, if I suddenly collapse dramatically, I’m sure I’ll get some kind of reaction from them.


While continue to have some random chats with the two, I used hand signs to explain them what was about to happen.

Ralf made a terribly shocked expression for a second but, since I had already told him that I was being targeted, he quickly understood the situation which was great.

After we waited for a while since putting our orders in, sometime later, the dishes were done and they were brought out to us by the waitress.

The moment the dishes arrived, I made Ralf go to the toilet and just me and Esta started our meals first.

That said, only I was the one who actually ate the stuff meanwhile Esta only pretended to do so.

It was unclear which of the dishes had poison in them so, I warned her against taking even a single bite and only I began to gorge down on my food.—–and after counting a full minute inside my head, I collapsed my in a grandiose fashion.

I made myself fall down on the table with enough strength to make the table topple, and Esta who was beside me also made herself collapse into lifeless body showing no movement.


Hearing the sound of us falling, the waitress quickly rushed to us looking all worried but……..

“Dear customer, are you okay? If you are please say something!……….phew…..thank god, hey hurry up and call them! And tell them there’s another one still in the toilet!”


Unaware that we were only pretending, the waitress talked with other employees about something, and went inside to call ‘someone’ from the inside.

Now then, let’s see what kind of person shows up from inside the store.

“Are you sure they are already out cold? It was a poison that should have worked gradually but…….damn, they really are out. And did you say another one went to the toilet right? You guys go and capture that one.”

“Eh? Didn’t you say you’d let us go once we put the poison in! we are not strong enough to capture someone like that!”

“tch, fucking useless fools. Then go out and make sure that no else comes inside right now.”

The man that came out from inside the store said that to the employees, and then crouched down near me to check my face.

……….it’s really just one of them. And as expected, this guy really is not that much stronger than a normal civilian.

“Is the poison actually working? Now then, what should we do about the guy in the toilet? Should I get Douglas Dyne to help? Ah but…….our target is just this one guy though, better to just kidnap him and quickly escape. As for the girl, could probably sell her for a pretty sum too—–hihihi, guess I’ll take her too then.”

After muttering some disgusting shit to himself, he reached his arms out to try and pick me up…… now’s probably the time to strike.


I wanted to drag out this Douglas Dyne guy as well but, I could simply interrogate him for more info I guess.


Although there was the case with that black robed man from before, I wonder if he’ll even talk or chose death again.

“Too bad, I was just acting buddy.”

“Wha, Eh!? SHIT! That bastard, he fucked up!?”

Reverse grabbing the arm that was coming to grab me, I pushed him down on the ground and suppressed him.

Since I kept my eyes close, this was the first time I actually saw his face properly but, just like the last guy, he was also clothed in full black robe.

It really seems like the uniform for those [Under Eye] members.

“For a start, I’ll be breaking your one arm okay?”

Announcing it beforehand, I twisted his right arm that I had grabbed even further, and broke it without hesitation.

A sharp scream of pain resounded inside the restaurant but, I pushed his face down into the ground to suppress the noise as much as possible.

“I can handle the rest so Esta, go and reunite with Ralf, and check for a safe passage out of here. We’re dragging him to the abandoned house where you two used to live in.”

“Understood. We’ll check for any other enemies and find a safe route straight to the dilapidated house.”

“I’m counting on you.”


Making sure that Esta, who was quick on the uptake, had left outside, I smashed the guy’s head a couple more times into the ground and this time decided to take precautions to make sure that he doesn’t commit suicide.

I crushed his nose, and while his mouth was open from the pain, I thrust my arm into it……..and collected the poison pill that he had hidden by his back molar teeth.

“And now you can’t kill yourself either——–ah you can’t even hear me can you?”

I mean I knew he wasn’t some strong warrior since I had sensed his lack of strength so, after my little beat down, his consciousness was already half gone.

He really wasn’t hiding his strength, he was just weak.

The fact that even weak people could turn out to be members of their organization was quite a troublesome thing for me since I depended so much on my detection skills, but it’s now one more thing I’ll have to keep in my mind from here onwards.

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Even more so if they are lying in wait to ambush me at different places. Judging from how he was whispering even when inside the store, this guy was definitely sharp, no doubts about that.

[Under Eye]’s valuation inside my head increased by a level, as I quickly used [Sticky String] and [hardening] to completely restrain the guy.

While his consciousness continued to float away, under Esta’s guidance who had created a path for us, I was able to carry him to the abandoned house without getting seen by anyone, other than the restaurant’s employees of course.

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