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Null Poison Ch345


Even though I was in such good mood from our back alley tour, in the end it got ruined by this sudden ambush which made me really annoyed.

All my joy and fun had disappeared, and my irritation towards this [Under Eye] had reached the maximum.

I mean I did visit the restaurant/info broker wondering if something could have happened but, I didn’t actually expect to suddenly face such a serious situation which made me even more angry.


I took a deep breath to calm myself down, and then decided to focus on the task at hand for now.

“Chris, you were able to get him here without getting seen right! So are we three going to pull info out of him here?”


“No, Ralf, you are going to patrol around the area to make sure no one comes close to this place and check for any enemies. There’s a high chance his friends might come to attack.”

“………..yeah that makes sense! I kinda wanted to interrogate someone once too but, in this case, I guess I’ll have to wait for another chance!”

“Chris-san, what should I do? Should I also patrol with him?”

“No, Esta, you go back to the restaurant and get info on what happened out of them. He spoke of a fellow member’s name as well. They might be nearby.”

Hearing the name called “Douglas Dyne”, there was no doubt there was at least one more these bastards inside Realzard.

From the way he talked, he must be a fighter type as well, so it’s best if I get Esta to go and get more info from that restaurant’s employees.

“I’m okay with that. There’s only a small chance but, who knows maybe the employee that actually put in the poison might know something more on them.”

“Exactly. I’ll leave that to you Esta.”

“Uggh, even Esta’s off to gather info then! Man, if I knew this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have let Snow rest back home. Would have really helped with the patrolling!”

“Stop complaining about everything. We need to be on guard asap, so hurry up and get to your job Ralf.”


After making Ralf leave the house and get to his duties while he was complaining to Esta, I was finally alone with just the assailant.

It’s true that the jobs I gave them both were important but to be honest, I really just wanted to create this situation. Alone with him.


As for the man in question……….his mouth was half open like an idiot and he was out cold, which irritated me even more, even though I’m the one who knocked him out in the first place.

I grabbed a bucket of water lying nearby that had been filled from the rain falling through the roof, and splashed it all on the man’s face.

“——–buwaah! Wh whaaa!? Wh, where am I……..agh, Ughaaaaa! My arm, it hurts!!”

“Silence. Cry one more time, and I’ll break your other arm too.”

“——fuu, fuu, Wh, where am I? Answer me.”

“You are in position to be questioning me. That’s my job………if you don’t answer my question, I’ll break your other arm. If you still don’t then I’ll break your right leg next, then your left one. Then I’ll start pulling your nails. One by one.”

“He, heehe……..Y-you think I’ll talk so easily? Don’t underestimate [Under Eye]——–“

“unfortunately, the poison in the back of your teeth is already gone. So let me tell you this——don’t expect you’ll die so easily, okay?”


I approached close to the man, and then broke his left arm just like the right as well.


Last time, I ended up letting the black robed man kill himself so I didn’t get any decent info in the end.

But I won’t fail twice. Any time he tries to disobey me, I’ll give him so much pain until his heart breaks and he tells me everything I want.


“Didn’t I tell you to not shout? I’m not joking, your leg will be next.”

“…….fuuu, haaah, fuuu, haa. Fi, fine. I’ll talk, and I won’t scream so please, just stop…”

His forehead was sweating like crazy, and he was taking deep breaths as he desperately tried to endure the pain.

He broke a lot easier than I thought but, as long as he talks, I don’t really care.

“About time. First, tell me your name.”

“Pa- Pablo..”

“and why did you attack me?”

“Boss’ orders…….heehehee, th-there’s already a 3 more [Under Eye] members hiding in the city. Yo-you can’t escape—–“

“Didn’t ask that, did I? Also, are you really trying to threaten me in this situation?”

“Wai, no!! I, I just wanted to tell you the info that there are three more members in the city that’s all!”


I know I said that this guy was sharp in the head, but I take that back.

The fact that he still thinks that he’ll somehow be fine is pissing me off way more than it should.

“Pablo, you’re going to tell me everything you know. Like I said before, if you don’t I start plucking out your nails and if I deem that you are lying to me, I’ll still do it anyways.”

“Wh, Wha!?! How can you even tell if I’m lying or——“

“Shut up. You’ll be fine as long as you speak the truth, it’s that simple.”

After driving those words deep into his mind, I activated [Hearing Enhancement] skill.

I know that a person’s heartbeat will jump whenever they lie.

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I imagine members of [Under Eye] have gone through training to maintain their calm during such situations but, a person like him that tried to threaten me even after feeling so much pain won’t be able to hide his emotions from me that easily.

Besides, I can tell that Pablo is not a guy that’s very good against pure pain.

With this, my preparations to draw info out of him are complete, so now the interrogation can begin properly.

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