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Null Poison Ch348

Two Enemies

Wood was armed with a axe and shield.

From his looks alone, I imagine he has a ‘knight’ type job similar to Ralf.

In contrast to Dyne who was a fast speed attacker that rushed at me, he slowly shuffled his way over to me.

It felt strange seeing the difference in their speed but, if he’s slow, I could also take my time to prepare for him.


On the other hand, if I had to face the fast enemy after I had faced Wood, it could have caught me off guard with the discrepancy maybe.


While I was staring at Wood approach me and thinking about this stuff, we were already in the range of each other.

But Wood didn’t attack suddenly, and continued to walk close to me even after entering my range—–so I decided to launch the attack first.

Against Dyne, my simple steel sword may have been the better choice but, against Wood, Vendettatein was definitely the better option.

Since I was testing my strength, I didn’t activate the Runes but I still swung my sword down with enough strength to knock him back.

The feel of the impact was clean but Wood, who was waiting for me to strike, had used his shield to block my sword, and then quickly countered with his axe.

Since I had just done a fullswing, I decided to avoid by taking a backstep to avoid the downward swing of his axe, and it cut through the air before striking the empty ground, when—–

With a explosive  sound, the ground got ripped apart, and the place I was standing at just before was covered in a cloud of dust.

“An explosion type weapon? Or was it a skill?”

“……..I have no obligation to answer. But, I will say that your movement was pretty good.”


Under the black robe, his white teeth were visible, so I knew he was smiling as he complimented me.

While I certainly didn’t use any of my skills or Runes, I did swing with force yet he had not faltered even a bit.


His shield had completely blocked my attack, and if I had tried to take his attack on, I probably would have taken a fatal wound.

Dyne’s speed was amazing but, Wood’s raw fighting ability is definitely higher.

………..we had only exchanged one attack each but I could tell he was at least as strong as Carlo.

If this guy was just another member of their group, that would make them quite the fearsome organization. In any case, if I keep playing around, I really might lose to him.

I activated my battle skills, and began to pour mana into Vendettatein.

“………..your aura has changed. You weren’t using your full strength with your last attack huh?”

“I am not obliged to answer either. Try and at least last a couple minutes okay?”

Throwing his own words back at him, this time, I began to walk towards him slowly.


While staying careful of the attack from the axe, I moved my body left and right to make it unable for him to read my moves as I started my assault.

Right now, my movements were mimicking the guy that used shadow clones and these steps as a feint.


Of course, I could only recreate it to the degree I remember but, by activating [Gale][Stealth]and [Silent Steps] I can somewhat recreate the same effect as that man, to mask my movements.

While mixing feints here and there to make sure Wood can’t aim at me, I rushed in and then launched a horizontal slash at his legs.

Although Wood did manage to somehow keep up with my movements and was able to shift his shield to block my attack in the last second, even if it came at the expense of breaking his balance………….in the first place, the level of quality difference between my Vendettatein and his shield was too much.

He put up his shield to try and deflect Vendettatein upwards but, the sword simply cut through the shield horizontally——-and tore through both Wood’s right hand and thigh.

His right hand fell to the ground like a log, while still holding his shield, and while I didn’t completely split his leg in half, his thigh must have been cut deep into its ligaments as his leg lost all strength and he crumbled to the floor.

A single slash so strong, that it didn’t require any extra strategy.

This is my first time swinging the Vendettatein at a human but, I understood  why this was called a legendary weapon right away.

This one sword was strong enough to turn the tide of battle in your favour.

Since I ended up defeating him with Vendettatein’s strength alone, it didn’t make for a very good test of strength but……….I think he was still quite strong, as I dealt the killing blow on Wood.


He had lost his right hand along with his shield and his left leg was unmoving.

Still, he tried to desperately bring up his left arm and his weapon to try and attack me but, there was no way he’d be faster than my own swing——–while ignoring the Dryne’s scream coming from afar, I slashed Wood down from his left shoulder to his waist and cut him in two.

Blood sprayed across the small back alley, and Dyne’s scream resounded in the normally silent area.

Dyne had already gotten rid of his robe, and now his full appearance was much clearer under the moonlight.

His height and voice already made it clear, but still he had a very young looking face. Probably younger than even me and Esta.

His hair was a vivid blonde, and had a pretty face. Quite unlike what you’d expect from a member of [Under Eye].

His emerald eyes were covered in his tears, and he seemed to be screaming something, Apparently grieving Wood’s death it seemed.

I must say ‘crying’ didn’t seem like it fit an organisation like [Under Eye] and its members.

“How dare you………..HOW DARE YOU KILL WOOD!!!”

“Huh, so you guys get angry too after all. You came to kill me and now you’re mad that you got killed? How absurd.”

“SHUT UP!! What do you know about us!!”

“Nothing at all, and frankly, I don’t want to know either. Enough chatter. If you want revenge, come and face me. Although………..I will kill you for that.”

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Against the crying Dyne, I provoked him with killing intent.

Everything about these guys completely pisses me off.

If someone was looking from the side, they’d think I was the bad guy but, I didn’t really give a shit about that stuff anyway.

These [Under Eye] fuckers are the ones that came after my life.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. An attempt to kill will be repaid back in full. That’s my way.

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