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Null Poison Ch349


Enraged from Wood’s death, Dyne roared as he ran towards me in a straight line.

His movements were fast but this was slower than what he showed before. Looks like he’s lost his cool from the anger.

If Ralf, Esta or Snow had been killed, I’d be like this as well so I’m in no position to talk but still, to rush at me like this in such a situation is far too naive.


I considered switching back to my iron sword but judging by Dyne’s movements, I could handle him with Vendettatein I decided.


Still holding the sword that cut Wood in two, I was focused on Dyne’s movements when——just when he entered my range, his body seemed to change suddenly.

It was if lightning began to course through his entire body, and all the hair on his body stood up.

Feeling an ill omen at the sight of that, I once again chose to close my eyes and use my ears to locate his presence.

The moment I activated [hearing enhancement], the sparkling sound of lightning came clearer to me, and I realized that the sound was no coming from right behind me instead, so I quickly turned and swung out of pure instinct.

“——-tch, you can still keep up with me! But if you touch me, it’s all over anyway!!”

Opening my eyes again, the lightning coursing through Dryne’s body was also attached to the dagger he was holding, and was releasing an almost blinding light.

I had no idea how it worked but, you could tell it was packed with high energy just from sight and without touching  so I hesitated for a second before fully committing to the swing of my sword but, if I kill him with a single blow, the damage I might take in return won’t be that much anyway.


I matched Dyne’s movements who tried to stab that dagger straight at my abdomen, and swung down Vendettatein at him.


The two blades clashed but, just like before, the quality difference between the two weapons showcased itself as the lightning dagger was smashed to pieces without much resistance.

In that instant, a mind numbing shock ran through Vendettatein and hit my body, and my body went stiff from the electric shock but——-I held through with just willpower and grit, and made sure the Vendettatein finished its full swing.

The left arm that was holding the dagger got instantly ripped apart from his body as my slash went through even further from his chest to his abdomen and then I completely crushed him underneath my own falling body from the shock.

That was a fatal wound but I don’t know if it killed or not.

I could feel the wet sensation of blood underneath me, and I wanted to quickly move from this position as he might attack me while I’m still in range.

I activated [Pain inhibition] to forcefully suppress the pain, as I unsteadily stood back up.

The pain may be gone but the numbness from the shock was still there, which left me feeling a really odd sensation.

………….but all that aside, I need to see how Dyne was.

Checking his body that had been crushed under my own, I saw that the slash had made it all the way to his heart and he was already dead on the spot.

It didn’t feel like I cut that deep but his body was so small so I actually had made it much deeper than I thought.

Pablo’s blood, Wood’s blood, and now Dyne’s, who I had even fallen on top of, smeared my entire body leaving me stained in red. It was as if I had become a demon but, I was also tired enough that I didn’t feel like thinking about it.


My body didn’t seem to be moving like I hoped it would, and I really wanted to just fall over and go to sleep but……..


I forced my body to move and slowly made my way to Ralf and Esta who were waiting for me in the back.

“A complete victory wasn’t it. You barely even had to clash swords with them and just crushed them instantly.”

“………no, it was a lot closer than it looked. Sorry for making you two just stand and watch just because of my own selfishness.”

“Don’t worry about it……….No, well, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit sad that you didn’t rely on us at all.”

First Ralf, and now Esta was also looking at me with a sad expression as she muttered those words. Ralf wasn’t his energetic shouting shelf either so the whole place seemed to freeze in place.

“I did something bad to Ralf too. But as long as possible, I’d like to be the one who kills the members of [Under Eye]. I hope you two understand why.”

“No need to apologize man! Nether me nor Esta are mad at you or anything okay!!”

Saying that, Ralf came close to me as he yelled at me.

I feel like his words contradict his actions but……… it’s not like I don’t get what Ralf is trying to say either.


“yeah, no, you seem pretty mad at me though.”

“……..let us continue this conversation somewhere else shall we? We should first focus on taking care of these corpses, otherwise it’ll become a huge incident come next morning.”


“You’re right. Can I ask you two to help me?”

“Cleaning corpses doesn’t make very enthusiastic but………guess I can’t be selfish huh! I’m only doing this because it’s your request Chris!”

“Thanks. I want to change out of these clothes first though. Can you go and get spare clothes from the inn for me?”

“Hey, now you’re just using me as your errand boy!?”

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“I mean look at me. Forget returning to the inn, I can’t even walk back while I’m like this. So please, do that for me.”

“Fine fine! But once everything’s done, we’re gonna have a talk alright!?”

Saying that, Ralf went back to [Moonflower].

Meanwhile, I carried the two corpses inside the dilapidated house, and silently began to clean up the bloodstains alongside Esta.

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