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Null Poison Ch35

Sudden Attack

5 days had passed since I entered the Peixa forest.

The harvesting continued smoothly and now I had collected, not just huge amounts of Reizen grass and Genpei mushrooms, but also 20 new types of poisonous plants as well.

Looks like the results this time around are also very good.

While praying that at least one of these new plants is one that raises physical strength, I put them inside the sun drying container.

Well since I have nothing better to do while the plants are drying, might as well go around and look for plants to eat for today should I?


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The Peixa forest remained the same as always.

While I was all focused on gathering………something suddenly showed up.

——an ill omen struck my body, and sent shivers down my spine.

I don’t know what it is but, I can sense something rushing towards me at breakneck speed.

Before anything, I took a deep breath and calmed myself down

I knew it was coming from my south, so I quickly jumped up on a tree and tried to hide my presence as much as I could.

I covered my mouth with my hands and tried to breath as quietly as possible while I tried to observe and discern exactly what it was that was approaching me.

The thing that rushed here with immense speed breaking down everything in its way was, a giant bear type monster.

Standing where I originally was, it was trying to smell and find as it looked around.


From its presence alone I could tell, but actually looking at it made it very clear that this was a monster in a whole different league in comparison to the Orc I fought.

Could it be that the reason that normal monsters and animals don’t go into the depths of Peixa forest because monsters like these live in here?

It’s pressure was so strong that it made me consider that theory.

‘Don’t come here. Don’t come here. Don’t come here.’

While deeply praying to myself, I observed the bear-like monster as it slowly approached the tree I was on by smelling the remaining scent on the ground.

Just when I thought everything was going great, why did this have to happen!?

Due to this sudden predicament, pent up anger increased within me.

…….SHIT, if this goes on, it’ll find me within the next couple of seconds.

Using my brain at full power, I thought of ways to overcome this situation——–I’ll get caught if I run, if I change my hiding spot it’ll find me through smell sooner or later.

No matter how much I thought, I couldn’t figure out a way to escape.

If its going to be like this, I have to get the first attack in instead——if I want to survive.

Resolving myself, I decided to go with a surprise attack.

Rather than get slammed out of tree and be on the defensive, its better to go on the attack and increase my chances of winning if only by a little.

I calmed my rough breathing and look for the best timing to launch my attack.

One more step… more……NOW!

Jumping off the tree, I aimed at the bear-like monster with full force.

It was at the perfect spot, since it was looking down and trying to smell my scent it didn’t sense me dropping down on it.

And the attack was further amplified by the force of gravity as well.

In a dangerous situation like this, I showed the highest concentration possible, and was able to launch my strongest single attack on the monster.

——-but, even with all that, I was unable to land a fatal blow.


It was a 5 meter tall, and approx 800kg monster indeed.

I was able to tear through its flesh but didn’t reach all the way to the bone; and even while bleeding it launched a strong punch right towards me.

I quickly put my sword up between the strike and my body to guard but the force was so strong it almost stopped my breathing.

I endured and stopped my body from being bent into a ‘C’ shape, and focused my eyes on what the monster was going to do next.

Pain ran through my side, and while my breathing was still rough, my heart wasn’t broken yet.

Even though it was bleeding from its back, the bear-like monster jumped at me with its mouth agape trying to bite into me, to which I responded with thrusting my sword straight into its oncoming mouth to attack.

The previous attack had already damaged my sword by I could still use it to create an opening.

I stabbed the sword toward the upper jaw from inside its mouth stopping its bite attack with the sword stopping the mouth from closing, and used my left hand to pull out some Reizen grass from the holder and threw it inside its mouth.

Since its mouth was still stuck open, it directly went straight into its stomach.

The sword could only last so long, and if the poison doesn’t show an effect instantly I will most certainly die here……….

But the monster suddenly began rocking its body sideways and went on a rampage, trying to spit out the contents of its stomach, including my sword and arm holding on to it still stuck in its mouth.


If I let it throw me around like that I really might die, I quickly pulled out and created some distance between us, my breathing still ragged.

I knelt down, hands on the ground and looked on as the bear-like monster rampaged around. But instead of just dying, it continued swaying its body and ran back the way it came.

………………I lived?

With relief setting, pain ran throughout my body.

With breathing still out of sorts, it’ll be a while before I could move again.

Praying that I don’t get attacked by anything while I’m like this, I desperately focused on letting my body relax and heal.

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