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Null Poison Ch36

Thoughts after the Chaos

As the pain subsided, I slowly regained my health, at least enough to breathe normally again.

Thankfully, thanks to me using the sword to guard myself, the hit to my flank ‘only’ resulted in a bruise and that was all the injury I had received.

Even the hand that I had thrust into its mouth had only received a couple scratches from its teeth and was nothing serious.

Considering a deadly monster like that had attacked out of nowhere, I was able minimize damage to the absolute minimum by making every correct decision needed.

……….but still, what the hell was that monster?

It’s presence was hidden until it was close enough to rush at me giving me no time to escape.

I had no idea a monster that dangerous lived in this forest.

Just recalling it made my body shiver, a the fear towards this forest that I thought I had overcome came back all over again.

I wonder if I was actually able to kill that bear-like monster with just Reizen grass?

I sure hope so but it definitely seemed like it had been able to throw it all up before it ran away.

There was corpse nearby but it didn’t return either so it was a true 50-50 I’d say as to what the final result was.

…….but if it did live, it will definitely return.

While thinking all this, I held down on my still hurting flank and slowly began walking towards my base to get away from this place asap.


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After reaching the base, I quickly began my preparations to leave this forest.

I grabbed whatever plants nearby I could find randomly and ate them to see if a couple healed me faster, and then put the dried plants into my bag.

Since my sword had been broken by that monster, I was currently weapon-less so I really wanted to get away from this forest as quickly as possible.

Having packed, I left the base and began walking towards the usual clear spring.

And this time, having made it here without getting lost, didn’t even bother washing myself and straight away left for Realzard.

In my head I knew I probably shouldn’t go back all filthy but really, right now I didn’t have the patience for that stuff.

Anyway, it was only after I had completely left the forest that the panic finally began to subside and I began to calm down a bit.


Honestly, I don’t know if I would ever want to return back here again, but deep inside I know I’ll have to if I want to continue getting stronger.

While walking on the highway to Realzard, all sorts of thought continued floating in my head.

To get my revenge on Klaus, I have to get stronger. And to do that, I need the help of these poisonous plants.

And as far as places near Realzard go, only the Peixa forest has these kinds of plants that I so desperately need.

But now there was a chance that that monster was still alive and well inside that forest……Wait?

……….now that I think about it, that monster had come out of nowhere to kill me didn’t it?

——Only those who have the resolve to get killed are allowed to kill.

Yet, that monster let its target go and ran away instead.

—–Even I was confused by the sudden direction of my thoughts but, my fear of that monster was starting to turn into rage. I could feel it happen.

……since it tried to kill me, that bastard shouldn’t complain if I killed it instead either right?

Why was I thinking like that? But regardless I set that bear like monster as target no.2 for my revenge alongside Klaus.

Once again, I don’t think I could kill it right now, but soon, I’ll get stronger and annihilate it with my own strength.


And so there I was, hoping that the monster better not have died just from the Reizen grass.

For whatever reason I had built up that much hate for that monster, and turning it into a target for revenge completely changed my mood.

With such emotions flaring like a fire inside me, I continued on my way back to Realzard.

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  1. Dcrangerange Avatar

    Thanks for the chapter. That which does not kill us only makes us stronger.


  2. Uhl Avatar

    Holy cow. Chris is one vindictive guy!


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