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Null Poison Ch353


Approximately 3 days had passed since the day we fought the members of [Under Eye] in the back alleys of Realzard.

In case you’re wondering why I said ‘approx 3 days’ it’s because, after our little ‘talk’ I slept like a log and now my sense of time is completely out of whack.

Thanks to the alcohol, Ralf and Esta ended up sleeping as much as me as well and for the past three days, we have basically been cooped up inside our rooms.


In the first place, thanks to the incident with [Under Eye] it’s not like we can roam around the city casually anymore anyway so it may have been for the best.

While I had somehow justified lazing around inside the room for almost 3 days, I was thinking of finally going out today when………the door of room was knocked on by someone.


The first thing to come to mind was of course, a member of [Under Eye].

Ralf and Esta, who were relaxing by the table seemed to have thought of the same thing as they quickly stood up and took position, ready to fight.

While sending a hand sign to stay on guard to them, I decided to deal with our visitor.

A sudden visitor hardly left a good image on my mind but, there was always a chance that it might a messenger from Charlotte so I need to be extra careful.

I already messed up once with the old man of [Shichifukuya] back then so I wasn’t going to suddenly attack them before checking on who they were.

“Who is it at this time of the day? I don’t remember making an appointment with anyone?”

“……….please open. It’s me Mielle.”

“——Mielle? I don’t recall knowing such a name.”

Hearing Mielle’s name, I was about to open the door but I stopped myself because there’s always a chance that someone’s tricking me.

I dropped the tone of my voice, and decided to have a little conversation across the door.


“That voice, it’s you right Chris. This to and fro is a pain so just open the door already.”


“Why are you here?”

“To run an errand for that dumb princess obviously! Or rather, aren’t you guys the one that called me??”

……….yeah that’s the real Mielle alright.

Both her way of talking and peculiar phrases like ‘dumb princess’ left no room for doubt so I decided to open the door.

“Oh so in the end, you did open the door normally, and lo and behold, it is Chris! What the hell was that for!?”

“Just get inside quickly. I’ll explain everything as we share info.”

“………Did you get dragged into something troublesome again? Don’t forget I’m just a messenger okay? Please don’t drag me into whatever shit you are stuck in now.”

“I’ll try but I think it’s already too late for that.”


Having a quick chat at the door, I let Mielle inside our room.

This was a secret mission so she was using her disguise to make her face look like a different woman’s, and was also wearing a black robe, albeit a different kind from those of [Under Eye].


“Hm? Who is that person?”

“It’s just Mielle. She’s using her magic to disguise her face.”

“Really? Maybe it’s someone else actually pretending to be her……”

“Ralf, your instincts are indeed great.—–behold, I’m not Mielle, but in fact I am……”

I stopped her dumb playacting with a quick head chop, and made her sit on a chair so we can start talking.

“Let’s get straight to the point. If you were sent by Charlotte, you must have some message right? Tell me.”

“I came all the way from the capital, at least pour me a tea or something first geez.”

“Sorry, we have no tea here……Ah, we do have some alcohol left, will you drink that?”

“Of course not! Or rather, I didn’t think you three were the drinking type.”

“Well, things happened. If you can’t drink that, we don’t have anything else to serve unfortunately.”

Here I thought I had found a way to get rid of the remaining alcohol but alas, she refused my offer.


The cask still had more than half remaining, and those two have no plans of drinking anymore after all.

Well, worst case, we’ll gift it to the old man of [Shichifukuya] I guess.


“Both are horrible choices. Well whatever, I don’t care in that case. Let us talk.”

“Yeah, continue.”

“there’s two messages from the dumb princess. The first is that its better if you don’t come to the capital right now. Like I told before, but in the capital [Under Eye] has been extremely active. And this time, they are apparently looking for you Chris so you should stay in hiding until things calm down a bit.”

“And what’s the other message?”

“When you want to contact her from your side, you should get in touch through a shop called [Lemon Kid]. We could still use the informant from before, but there’s a high chance that it might get tracked by someone else so this one’s better.”

I see. So it basically just another instruction to stay on standby then.

……..but, in the last couple of days, our own thoughts have greatly changed in the meantime.

They have already found out that I’m in Realzard, and now I plan on crushing [Under Eye] in its entirety alongside Klaus.

I feel bad considering she came all the way to tell me this but, I’m planning on heading back with Mielle and sneak into the capital.

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“The second message, I’ll keep in mind.——-but, the situation has greatly changed so we’re going to come back with you and enter the capital Mielle.”

“……..wha? did you even hear what I said?”

“We have already been attacked multiple times now. That’s why we’re going to head straight in and crush [Under Eye] directly.”

“I’ve always wondered, but you really are crazy you know! Not just Klaus, you want to turn all of [Under Eye] into your enemy?”

“They are the ones aiming for my life. That’s the situation so we’ll be coming with you.”

“……….no matter how much I object to it, you’ve already made your decision haven’t you? Then I won’t bother wasting my time and energy on it.”


She seemed to be partly giving up, but I did get her consent to travel with her.

Once we’re in the capital, I’ll contact Charlotte, and in the meantime crush [Under Eye].

And once that’s done, without wasting any more time, I’ll directly challenge Klaus to our decisive battle next.

My heart began to beat faster and my throat dried up just thinking about the events that are about to go down in the capital, as the three of us looked at each other and nodded.

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