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Null Poison Ch354

The Royal Capital, Round Two

After giving a quick farewell to the old man at [Shichifukya], we quickly left Realzard alongside Mielle.

To be honest, I wanted to have a longer chat at a more sentimental level but, if we survive everything in the capital, we should be back in Realzard within half a month.

I only kept the farewells light because I made a promise to myself that I’ll return back alive and safe.


By the way, in case you’re curious about Snow, we decided it was impossible to bring it to the capital since we were trying to avoid attention and act stealthily.

Instead, I had it stay in Peixa forest and am planning to call it back once [Under Eye] has been defeated.


Considering it can’t actually speak our language, it won’t be strange if it thought that we were abandoning it but, somehow, Snow always seem to get whatever orders I gave it, and even this time, it seemed like it understood that I was asking it to stay on standby inside the forest.

I also headed to the forest alongside Snow, and was hoping it can enjoy the peace and quiet inside the forest for the relatively small time we were away.

I had gotten it accustomed to Carlisle forest as well, plus I did prepare the minimum amount of food it will need so I’m hoping it can continue to live without much problems.

“Snow, it’s only for a while, but I hope you can stay alone in this forest. Once we’re finished with our work, we’ll quickly come to pick you back up okay?”


And thus, after parting with Snow, I quickly returned back to Realzard, and from now, we’ll have to move with utmost caution to avoid as many unnecessary battles as we can.

Putting on ragged robe bought from the back alleys, we began on our way to the capital while hiding our appearances.

“It’s a lot more tense when you have to travel in the darkness of the night huh.”


“Well, we are being actively pursued so we have no choice. Would’ve loved to enjoy the scenery but, alas we don’t have that leeway right now.”

“It’s really weird to hide under this hood as well! And because we bought these from the back alley, they kinda smell whack too!”


“If we used new looking robes, it would also stand out so it can’t be helped. Besides, this makes us look just the perfect amount of ragged to avoid catching anyone’s eyes, right?”

As we continued to chat like this and walk, it wasn’t long before we made it to the royal capital once again.

This is only my second time coming here, since Ralf’s surgery.

I had to keep myself hidden back then as well so I didn’t exactly explore the city, thus leaving me with not much of an impression about the city itself.

If I had to pick one good memory, it’d be the breakfast we had in [Gilavar Hotel].

“We’re entering from the front but it should be fine right?”

“I think so. There shouldn’t be any issues during entry. That aside, do you have any idea of where we could stay, and make our hiding spot?”

“No idea. I’ve been the capital for a while but, I’m not exactly well versed with the city itself unfortunately.”

“Well, this must not really be something Mielle was exactly preparing for was it?! If we hadn’t dragged her into this mess, she wouldn’t even be walking around with such a disguise even!”

“I mean, if you put it that way, yes……..but still, so useless.”


“Chris, you really have to say one word too many huh! Just stop in some random inn and you won’t get found jeez. That aside, first of all, I need to guide you to [Lemon Kid].”

She says that but, being close to Klaus means being close to [Under Eye].


I was hesitant about stopping in some normal inn but, if we can’t find a good hiding spot, we’ll have to settle for that.

Half giving up, I decided to find a normal inn to stay in to start with, and entered the Capital following Mielle’s lead.

We passed through the entry inspection pretty easily, and then made a beeline towards the aforementioned [Lemon Kid] to make contact.

“Is this store, this [Lemon Kid]? Quite the location for it huh.”

“Well, it’s a jewellery shop as a front. And having the patronage of the princess herself, it’s quite easy to make deals inside without any problems.”

We were on the fifth floor of a certain building on the main street.

There was no real sign or billboard for the place either, but it seemed like it was thriving quite well despite it all by the looks of it.

Since it was around dawn when we reached the capital, the shop wasn’t open yet but, Mielle brought out a key out of nowhere and unhesitatingly opened the door and entered the place and walked into the employee only area.

There was another locked door beyond that place as well——inside which, was a luxurious reception room.


“normally speaking, this is the place you’d have to come to talk, don’ forget that. And when coming here, be sure to come by yourself. I’d prefer if Esta came, but you should be fine as well Chris.”

“Seems quite the secure place huh. I know the conditions and all but you sure, we can’t just stay here for the night? No one could find us here after all.”


“Definitely impossible. If you promise to not leave the room at all, maybe you might get the permission but, even then, the place will begin to stink pretty soon so 9 times out of ten, you’re gonna get a no.”

I knew it’d be a refusal but still, I had to ask.

I guess , we really will have to find ourselves a inn.

“Any other questions? If there’s anything you want me to tell the stupid princess, you might as well tell me now.”

“I just want as much info she has on [Under Eye]. If possible, ask to her to gather info if she doesn’t have any. We’re going to do our own intel gathering as well but still, the more info I can get the better.”

“Got it. I don’t if that woman would actually agree to gathering info for you but I’ll at least tell her.”

“I don’t really have any other questions. Do you two want Mielle to ask anything?”

“I’m fine. We will simply follow what you say Chris-san.”

“I’m good too! Honestly, half of what’s happening flies above my head anyway, so I’d rather not stick my head into this shit!”

“Then we’re good to go. For now, let’s gather here again at midnight three days from now. I’ll give my reports then.”

“Midnight, in three days eh. Got it. We’ll be careful not to stand out and get found in that time.”

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“I said this before, but when coming here, be sure to come alone. Alright then, I’ll go back for now.”

“Sure, thanks for being our guide.”

Leaving [Lemon Kid] behind, we returned back to the main street and quickly parted ways with Mielle.

Now then,……….first we need to find an inn. Let’s find an inconspicuous place if possible.

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