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Null Poison Ch355

Inn Search

I was hoping to find a inconspicuous inn but, our requirements were so specific that it was going to be hard to find a suitable place.

I wondered if one the main street inns would actually be a better choice since no would expect it, or should I go the simple route and pick an inn at the outskirts of the city after all.

“I’ve been thinking where we should find an inn to hide at but, do you guys have any idea?”

“None whatsoever! In the first place, we’ve been here only thrice after all!”


“I must unfortunately agree. We only stayed in the inn at the black market, and the [Gilavar Hotel] when we came with you. The one in the black market seemed quite unpopular and empty but then again, [Under Eye] is entirely based in the black market as well, aren’t they?”


“Yeah, that’s what I’ve heard at least. So we should avoid the black market………..but the problem is where else should we even begin to search for an inn then?”

I asked them too but even they had no idea.

It was still soon after dawn right now, but I wanted to find an inn to settle in before people begin to become active again .

Standing in front of the [Lemon Kid] I folded my arms in deep thought, when suddenly a certain candidate popped up inside my head.

It wasn’t an inn but, maybe they’ll be willing to help us?

“There’s a place I’d like to check. It’s not an inn but it’s worth a try.”

“Not an inn you say? I mean, I don’t mind but what kind of place do you have in mind then?”

“There’s an orphanage in the west district. It’s a place the Sister in Edestor told me about so, maybe they’ll help us if we introduce ourselves as that Sister’s acquaintance.”

“Oh, sounds fine to me. Even if the chances of them taking us in are low, they could still point us towards a good inn at the very least right?”

“Yeah! You never really know how these things can work out sometimes!”


And with that, we decided to head towards the orphanage in the west district.

The west district was mostly a residential area so, while the scale was completely different, it did remind me a little of Oxter.


As we began to look for this orphanage here, we finally found a large building built around the edge of the district, a little away from main houses.

The building looked a bit similar to a church but, was closer to Oxter’s church, not very holy in its presence.

The sign in front quite literally said orphanage, so I was sure we were at the right place.

“This must be the place. Hey Esta, was the orphanage you were in as a child also like this?”

“No, this is place looks far more well off than the one I was in. I think I have talked about it a little before but, my orphanage was a really, really horrible place. Honestly, there is no resemblance to this place.”

“I only ever got a glance way back then as well but……..that place was called an orphanage purely to get a subsidy from the government. All it really was a bunch of tents with children crammed inside of them! They fed them the minimum required, and the moment a buyer appeared, the kid was sold. The Realzard orphanage was a legit horrible place!”

Recalling the past must have brought back some horrible memories, as Ralf clenched his fists in anger and spoke in a loud voice.


Esta looked calmer in comparison but, really, I never should have asked such a question.


“Looks like it was a good thing that it was destroyed. Sorry for making you two recall some horrible memories.”

“Please don’t worry about it. The past was the past, I am already over it. That aside, let us check and see if anyone’s here or not.”

Following after Esta who went in first, me and Ralf also entered the orphanage grounds.

The place was just a building, they even had a proper garden, and while not too large, it was still big enough for children to play in.

With the time being what it was, it won’t be a surprise if the people here were all still sleeping, so we made sure to keep it very quiet while we looked for someone who was awake when……..from the small shed built slightly to the side of the building, a bunch of sounds could be heard.

With the sounds as our guide, we went closer to find an old lady washing and airing clothes over there.

“Oh? Guests at such an odd time?”

“Sorry for coming in so early. We were introduced to this place by a certain someone so decided to show up here.”

“A certain someone? And who could that be?”


“Her name…….actually I never asked huh. Well, she said that if we tell you that the [Sister from Edestor has sent you there], you’ll understand. Anyone come to mind?”

“Edestor’s Sister? I see, you’re an acquaintance of Jeanvier……….that’s very like her to not even tell her own name too. Come with me, I’ll lead you inside.”

Saying that, the old lady led us inside the building.

I was prepared to get sent away as well but, looks like it actually worked.

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It’s not like I was that close to her or anything but, regardless, I must give my gratitude to the old Sister for giving me a link to this place.

While recalling the face of the old Sister, called Jeanvier, I thanked her inside my mind, as we were led to what seemed like the dining hall.

There was huge table with a bunch of chairs lined up so I could tell that a bunch of kids often ate here. Getting her permission, we all sat down and finally began to talk about the main topic at hand.

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