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Null Poison Ch356


She served us some steaming hot water, and after drinking that and warming our chilly bodies, I began to talk.

“To be honest, we are currently being pursued by some bad people and want a place to hide. Would you happen to have any leads or ideas of where we could stay?”

Since I dropped that fact so out of nowhere, the old lady just looked at us stunned with her mouth agape for a second.


Even if we had been introduced by the old Sister, I did doubt myself if that was the way to go but since we really don’t have much info when it comes to the capital, I figured we might as well depend on what we have.


“……….well that was sudden. It’s been a while since something shocked me this much. You said pursued, but who exactly are pursuing you?”

“Do you know of [Under Eye]? It’s that organization that’s hunting us.”

“of course I know of them. Those villains are infamous in the royal capital……….just what did you do to get those villains to target you?”

“hmm, well, ………we just happened to have a dispute with them.”

If I told her everything, I’d have to talk about Klaus as well so instead I glazed over it, signifying that it was not something I could say out loud.

“So you cannot tell me the reason.——-is it? Well, if you fought [Under Eye] it means you guys are probably good people but, them being who they are, I’d prefer not to get too involved either. I hope you understand.”

“All we need is info on a good inn where we can lay low. We’ll leave soon after, and we don’t plan on causing any trouble to your orphanage either.”

“……….very well. Since Jeanvier trusted you enough to send you here, I’ll tell you a special place that’s perfect to keep yourselves hidden.”

“Thank you. We are in your debt.”

“In the south region of this west district, look for a house with a red roof. By the way my name is Uzef, and if you tell the person inside that I sent you, they’ll let you stay there.”


“Red roofed house to the south right? Thank you for your info. Once your problem is solved, we will definitely come back to repay this debt and give our thanks.”

“Don’t worry about it. Just, make sure not to drag us into it okay?”

“Sure, I promise I won’t.”


Giving a full bow to Uzef, we left the Orphanage.

A red roofed house to the south. I have no idea if this works or not but, hopefully they let us hide there.

While feeling gratitude towards the Jeanvier and Uzef, we began walking south.


“Oh, isn’t that the house with the red roof?”

“Doesn’t look like a inn, just looks like a normal house doesn’t it? Well, I suppose that would certainly make for a better hiding spot but………will they really let three people hide there I wonder?”

“No idea but we have to try. If this one’s a bust, we’ll just take a normal inn and call it a day.”


Unlike when we arrived here, now I could see people starting their days here and there, even if it was still quite early in the morning.


Since this one seemed like a normal house, I felt a bit awkward to suddenly visit so early but, we don’t really have the leeway to be very considerate of others right now, so I pressed the doorbell without hesitation.

Ringing the bell a couple times, we waited for someone to show up from inside when…..

The door opened, and a lightly dressed woman with dishevelled hair from just walking up, appeared.

“…………..Eh? um who might you people be?”

“We came here on the introduction of Uzef of the orphanage. Would you willing to let us in, for now?”

“Eh, so early in the morning?!…………ah but if it’s an acquaintance of Uzef-san, I can’t really refuse either. Can you wait just a minute please?”

“Of course, we don’t mind.”

Saying that, the woman, who was probably the owner of the house quickly went back inside the house.

And once her preparations were done, she came back, with her hair looking a lot more tidier than before.


“Apologies for the wait, please enter.”

“Thank you.”

“Pardon the intrusion.”


Getting her permission, we entered inside the house.

The insides looked a lot more spacious than what I imagined from the outside, and while not as big as the house we had in Oxter, it was definitely a spacious house with a lot of rooms.

While making sure not to peek around into the rooms too much, we were led to the living room by the woman.

“So, what kind of request do you have for me? If Uzef-san sent you, ……are you also look for those ingredients I imagine?”

“Ingredients? Sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about but, we actually came here because we were hoping to find a place to stay in, and were told about your house.”

“Eh!? Here…….as in you want to stay in my house?”

“Yes, that’s right. Uzef said that you’d be willing to keep us here in this house at least.”

“Ehh………but three people is a bit..”

She was quite clearly not happy about it, as the lady began to scratch her head while she began to ponder.

I imagine she wanted to reject us instantly but, she really must owe Uzef a lot as she clearly still thinking about it.

“We’ll pay you properly as well. And we only need to stay for two weeks at most. Please.”

“Please! We’ll help you with work or anything else if you want as well!”

“………..mumumu……….very well. Since it is a request from uzef-san as well, I will allow you to stay for two weeks. But no more than that.”

“Thank you, we are in your debt.”

“Thank you so much! You have really helped us out a lot with that!”

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She was clearly not happy but, we did manage to get a safe base inside the capital with this.

For now, we need to make sure we don’t cause her any problems and that we pay her properly and on time.


“I mostly use the inner room so, amongst the rooms you saw on the way to the living room, pick two and you can use those as you see fit.”

“You’ll really lend us two rooms even?”

“Well, they are mostly just used as storage rooms after all…………Ah, speaking of, we haven’t even introduced ourselves have we? My name is Isabelle. May I ask you three’s names as well?”

“I’m Chris.”

“I’m Ralf!”

“My name is Esta. Isabelle-san, we’ll be in your care.”

With our intros properly done, we all gave a proper bow to Isabelle.

Afterwards, we dropped our luggage inside the rooms we chose, and had a breakfast together with Isabelle, chatting while hoping to increase our relations with her even if only a little.

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