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Null Poison Ch359

Sneaking a Peek

A bunch of men that seemed like her subordinates were following her, and were talking about something but…….with them being an entire building away and the windows were closed so I couldn’t really hear anything.

Hoping to catch something, I activated [Hearing Enhancement] and [Sound wave detection] but it was still impossible to catch their conversation.

I racked my brains to think of a way to get more info but, from the window I was on, the most I could get was the face of the person, and nothing more useful.


But even knowing that the source of the strong presence was this woman was still a pretty big piece of info.

Within the info on [Under Eye] that I already have, I know that one of the executives is a woman named Prudence (T/N; previously translated as Blewdens. I only recently found out that the katakana used for Prudence is sometimes written this way, plus it’s just a better name).


Judging by the exceptionally strong life presence I’m sensing off her, there’s a high chance that the woman I am looking at right now was that very Prudence.

Since I couldn’t clearly see her face from here even with [Crimson Eyes], I can’t confirm if she really is as beautiful as they say which left me a bit irritated.

The only characteristic of this Prudence I had heard was her exceptional beauty so if I had been able to see her face clearly, I would have been more confident at least.

I could wait and watch until I get more info but, the building I had snuck into was certainly not some abandoned building either, and there were traces of people having used this place recently so I didn’t want to linger here for too long.

Ending my little sneak peek into that building here, I decide to look towards the right side building where I sensed the most numbers of strong presence instead.

Since there was road in the middle of the two buildings, this time the distance was even larger so I couldn’t really see anything inside.

But still, just to get even a little bit more info, I tried to focus into the building and caught a glimpse of a similar black hooded man.


Their robe was designed to keep them hidden but, since I had already fought multiple of them, I had become used to noticing that robe now.

There was no mistake, it was the same robe that members of [Under Eye] used.


For the next few minutes, I stuck to this window and continued to examine the building on the other side when, I saw another 3 more men, similarly dressed in black robes.

While I couldn’t get any detailed info but, there was no doubt that the building on the right was a base for [Under Eye].

Probably, I have gotten as much info as I could here, so I should quickly leave the building and get away from here.

If I can see them from here, they could see me from there as well.

Without letting my guard down even a bit, I carefully left the building I had infiltrated.

From there, I once again slipped into the crowds once again and then boldly left the black market through the front entrance.

They check you when coming in but when leaving they didn’t bother, and I of course already knew that much.


After leaving the black market, I returned to the main street to calm down for starters.

The black market was quite lively but, the main street were even more crowded as I walked through the streets while pondering over my next course of action.


I was able to make up for the lack of info from the west district by gaining quite a lot from the black market so in all honesty, I could return back feeling satisfied for today.

I wanted to carefully analyze what all I saw today in my head as well so I was tempted to quickly return but, there was still a lot of time left to gather even more info.

All sorts of thoughts were running through my head but, first I decided to continue my info gathering.

But I didn’t want to put myself in any more danger for today so I decided to stick to the main street, mixed among the crowds, for the remainder of the time.

I continued walking until the number of people around began to decrease and then decided to return back to Isabelle’s place.

I thought I had spent a lot of time gathering info but when I returned, Ralf and Esta had still not yet returned and only Isabelle was in her home.

“You were out walking for quite some time huh……….Um, you didn’t get tracked by [Under Eye] or something like that right!?”


“Don’t worry, it’s fine. I wasn’t followed on the way back. That aside, did the other two really didn’t come back even once?”

“Yes, you’re the first to return Chris-kun. They’re not yet back, you don’t think they got captured or anything………right? Shouldn’t you go out and look for them?”

“………No, going out now would be riskier. Besides, we’d have gotten some message if they really had gotten caught.”

“Really? Aren’t you guys being targeted by them? No offence, but you sounded quite cold hearted just then………”

It’s true, if you don’t know anything about our relationship, I may come off as a bit heartless.

But I trust those two, that’s why I can stay composed like this.

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“Even if they had messed up, at least one of them would have definitely been able to escape and come to me to inform me, so don’t worry, they’re probably fine. That aside, can I borrow your bath? I went to a lot of dirty places so I want to clean myself up.”

“Huh, is that how it is?……….as for the bath, please use it at your leisure. If anything, it’d be more problematic for me if you didn’t stay clean.”

Borrowing a towel from Isabelle, I decided to enter the bath to clean myself.

I don’t need to worry about those two.

I should focus on what I can do, and only think about gathering as much info as I can in the next three days.

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