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Null Poison Ch360

Info Sharing

2 days had passed since we decided to split up and gather info.

Not betraying my trust, the two did come back safely without causing trouble while gathering info, but in these past two days, I didn’t really get much of a chance to talk to them either.

Since my face is known, the amount if time I can move around is fairly limited, so I would often come back to Isabelle’s home on time but……..


Ralf and Esta were mostly staying out in the city, and would only return back to sleep it seemed.


I can’t even imagine how they were even managing their fatigues, and honestly, when it comes to info gathering, I was really no match for them.

As for me, after the first day of info I gained in the black market, most of my nights were mostly me sneaking around and exploring the city and nothing more.

Tonight I’ll finally get the chance to properly meet them and share info with each other before we go to meet Charlotte and Mielle tomorrow.

Seeing all three of us together in our room after a bit of a gap, I could tell that they seemed quite satisfied from what they had achieved from their expressions.

“Man, I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve seen your face Chris.”

“I must agree. We were mostly outside due to work so we barely got to see you these last couple of days.”

“Sorry for making you work so hard like that. So? Learnt anything good?”

Their expressions already gave away that they had been quite successful but still, I properly asked them just in case.

Ralf grinned as if he was waiting for me to ask that, and cleanly gave me a thumbs up.


“Heck yeah we learnt a lot! Although I don’t know if what we found out could be called ‘critical info’, but still I think you’ll be very satisfied with everything we’ve learnt!”


“I agree. Pretty much everything we got was from the proper informants in the city so that’s my only regret but like he said, I think it was quite satisfactory.”

What do they even by the ‘proper informants’? I had a feeling I wouldn’t understand even if I asked so I urged them to tell me what they know.

“Then, can you two start first? I didn’t learn much so I’ll go afterwards.”

“Understood! Then allow me to explain——-“

“No, you will not. Let me explain, as it will most certainly be easier to understand, okay?”

“But why!? I can get the chance to explain at least some times right!?”

“Nah, I’d rather Esta explain it too.”


I feel bad for him considering how cheerful he was but, Esta is just infinitely better than Ralf at explaining things concisely.


To make sure our little meeting continues smoothly, I urged Esta to continue.

“Yes, of course………first of all, the place we went to start it all was an informant on the main street. They’re the most popular info broker in the entire city so we were able to meet them quite quickly.”

“An informant, being ‘famous’? doesn’t really sound very trustworthy but was it alright?”

“Since we can’t use our usual info broker so we had no choice. Plus, what we asked there was nothing to do with [Under Eye] so even if they leak our info, we won’t catch any attention.”

“Exactly! We only went there to ask info on other informants in the city instead! Get it? Using info brokers to find other info broker!”

Ralf still found a timing to butt into the conversation but there was no need to waste time trying to soothe him so we continued talking as is.

“I see. That’s the way to go if the informant is not very trustworthy.”

“Although we still could only find other proper informants but, at least they were still better than the most famous info broker in the city……….and so we asked about [Under Eye] from the second informant we found.”


“It was pretty hard selecting one you know! Since we learnt of way too many informants, both me and Esta had to directly meet them all first before deciding which one to finally use!”

“………Alright, tell me what you found on [Under Eye].”

Part of me was interested in hearing how they made the decision as it does sound like it’d be a lot of work, but that’d take too much time so I pressed to get to the point quickly.

And then, Esta quickly began telling me all the info they had gotten on [Under Eye].

As for the most important detail, that’d be the names of all the executives of the organization.

And they even found out more detailed info about their base as well.

“You guys really found out a lot. You were being modest so I didn’t expect the info to be this good.”

“But I thought Chris-san already knew most of the names of the executives  so I figured we could at least match the info and confirm the validity of what you already knew.”

“Yes, that was a good decision. Most of it matches what all I already know and you even got the names of the ones I didn’t know as well.”

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Ralf and Esta even got more info on those two, Douglas Dyne and Wood, the ones I killed in Realzard as well.

While they were not executives, they were apparently considered some of the top class members of [Under Eye].

Especially Wood was supposedly one of their oldest members and was quite famous for both his strength and knowledge.

 From my perspective, Douglas Dyne was a more troublesome opponent but, regardless, I got a good estimate on the strength of [Under Eye] from this info I think.

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