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Null Poison Ch361


Thanks to the info Ralf and Esta got as well, now I finally had info on all 4 executives.

On top of the two I already knew Prowse and Prudence, there were also the monster user Bellfine and the Assassin Grisette.

Bellfine was a rare monster user so they usually stayed away from the capital and were situated somewhere else apparently.


Only appearing during big battles, they’d bring a huge number of monsters with them to the battlefield.

As for Grisette who was mostly focused on assassinations, there wasn’t a lot of info, and the only thing that was known was that he was a former slave and a demi human.


He killed his master who was the commander of the royal knights, and ran to [Under Eye]—-or at least, that was the rumour that Esta had heard.

Since I had made my goal to release all demi human slaves once my revenge on Klaus was settled, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to face this guy but, if he chooses to become my enemy and attack us, I won’t let my personal feelings hold me back.

No matter how tragic their own past may be, and even if they had finally a found a place to be in at [Under Eye]……….as long as they name themselves as part of that organization, I will show no remorse nor hesitation against them.

“Oi Chris! You’re making a scary face again!”

“No I am not. That aside, I want to match our info on [Under Eye]’s base as well.”

“Like I said before, their base is located in a corner of the black market within a bunch of tall buildings. There’s even info that people have seen suspicious looking people go in and out of a building that has a green flag hanging down on it but………to be honest, the reliability on this info is not very good. I asked around a lot but this was all I found.”

Esta retold me all the info she had.


The info she gave me didn’t suddenly click in my head either but the building I saw the white haired woman in did have a green cloth hanging down from it, or at least I feel like I vaguely remember noticing something like that.

But my memory was hazy at best so there’s a chance that it was confirmation bias and my head was making things up purely because of what I heard from Esta……..


But if what I recall and Esta’s info were indeed correct then the building I saw the white haired woman in was indeed [Under Eye]’s base.

“Alright, let me tell you what all I found as well now. When I infiltrated inside the black market, I did find a place that seemed like [Under Eye]’s base.”

“EH!? You, did you actually go to the black market even though you know you are being pursued!? No one saw you right!?”

“Don’t worry about that. I made sure that that didn’t happen.”

“So? What was this base-like building you found? Was there something that matched the info I had perhaps?”

As expected of Esta, she was always quick on the uptake.

“That’s right. I feel like I did see a green cloth hanging down from the building as well. But I didn’t pay attention to it so my memory is hazy about it.”

“But, Chris, you still thought that this building was suspicious right? Then isn’t that pretty much the same as what we found as well?!……..that really must be the base!”


“I think so too. By the way, why exactly did you think that that place was [Under Eye]’s base Chris-san?”

“Since I couldn’t just roam around the black market nonchalantly, just like I search for strong monsters, I used my skills to look for strong presences and used those signals to lead me there.”


“I see. And from this building you sensed a really strong presence then?”

“Yeah, basically. By the way, there was another different building with a bunch of other very strong presences as well nearby.”

“This is only unconfirmed info, so I was thinking of avoiding saying it with confidence but………yeah, that totally sounds like their base.”

“I agree with Esta! There’s no doubt that’s the place!”

Looks like these two agreed with my conclusion as well.

Like Esta, I don’t like turning assumptions into fact without basis but, when the info matches so much, it’s hard to think otherwise.

“So you guys think so too huh. I had a feeling too the moment I heard your info.”

“Do you have any other info? If you could see this white haired woman inside, you must have gone pretty close right?”

“I was being very careful so I didn’t get any other useful info. But, I did see a bunch of other black robed men, like the ones I fought in Realzard, in the building beside the one that I saw the white haired woman in as well.”

“That totally settles it then! You said you didn’t get any good info but, the things you just told sounds pretty damn good info to me!”


“By the way, the white haired woman had the strongest life presence of them all. I think that’s the executive called Prudence.”

“Well if that really is their base, it’s likely that woman is indeed Prudence………I’m glad we didn’t just stay cooped up inside and did proper info gathering. We’ll have a lot to talk about with the Princess as well now.”

“Yeah. You two did very well as well. Our meeting time tomorrow is at midnight. Until then, let’s stay inside and properly rest our bodies.”

“You have my support on that idea! Phew, I feel like I can finally calm down and get some proper rest!”

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With all the info exchange finally done, we decided to take a long rest until tomorrow when we have to meet Charlotte.

As for me, I’d been getting a lot of rest anyway but, you never know what might happen from tomorrow.

Depending on Charlotte’s decision, we might even rush into their base there and then——or at least there’s a chance that something like that might happen so like these two, I’m planning on getting full rest as well.

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