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Null Poison Ch364

Royal Knights

Unlike Alexandra, he wasn’t wearing a helmet but his face was quite the simple one. Reminded me of one those scummy adventurers.

He could have passed as one of Greath’s lackeys to be honest, so I really didn’t expect him to actually be a half decent fighter supposedly.

“They’re called Royal Knights, but it’s not like only the cream of the crop are allowed to join or anything like that eh?”


“Although there is an entrance exam, so they’re not complete pushovers but, compared to [Under Eye] they’re definitely lacking in quality. Adventurers are obviously the most popular line of work, and those with strength and the need for quick money, quickly chose the path of a criminal. When you try to build a knight order, it’s only natural that the quality will end up being fairly average.”


“……..i feel like I just heard something I shouldn’t!!”

Even Bruce, after hearing Charlotte true opinion, had no choice but to obediently take a step back.

“Anyway, even having three more half decent fighters is still a big help. We were planning to fight with just us 3 at the start anyway………are you and Gautier going to fight as well, Charlotte?”

“Unfortunately that’s impossible for me. While I would love to take part personally, I’m already busy making preparations to deal with Klaus. I can lend you Gautier if you want though——“

“Impossible. My place is beside Charlotte-sama at all times.”

His head was still stuck to the ground but he still clearly gave his words of refusal.

“Well, in that case you can use Mielle as you see fit instead. She already has experience fighting with you guys after all.”

“Eh!? I have to take part too!?”

“This is an order. If you want to remain in my party……… understand right?”


She tried to refuse like Gautier but, after a not so subtle threat from Charlotte, Mielle began to falter.

Since she was behind Charlotte, Mielle’s ridiculous expression and glare was not seen by her, but from where I was sitting, it was quite clearly visible.

………I have a feeling this is how she is always treated and made to deal with miscellaneous chores all the time.


I was starting to understand why Mielle always called her ‘stupid princess’ behind her back.

“And so, this is how we’ll deal with [Under Eye]. Once we get a hold of their base’s location, we can launch an attack at a moment’s notice.”

“Looks like you at least did plan things ahead. That’ll help. And also…… for [Under Eye]’s base, actually I already have a pretty good idea of its location.”

“Seriously?……..Wait, did you go look for it even though they are actively pursuing you?”

“Pretty much. But, they never found or even saw me so don’t worry but that won’t be an issue.”

Charlotte leaked a large exasperated sigh, and silently spoke.

“……….If you had been found, I would have had you killed myself. Avoid standing out at all costs. If you, the person who is vital to crushing Klaus, were to get captured, all the money and effort I have spent will also go to waste after all.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, but I’m not making any promises either.”


 “Haah, you seriously have an annoying personality to deal with. You’ll only increase the number of enemies you have if you stay like this you know?…………but anyway, so where this [Under Eye] base that you have found?”

She sighed again and her expression was clearly strained as well but, even she probably realized that it was going to be useless trying to change me, so she left one last warning and then returned to the topic at hand.


“There’s a place with bunch of tall buildings clustered together in the black market. It’s hard to explain so I’ll draw it on a map later.”

“Sure. If we already know the location, then we can launch the attack as quickly as possible. You guys are ready on your side as well I suppose?”

“We can head out to fight right now if need be.”

“Well we can’t though, so that’s a no. But, if you guys are ready then………the faster we execute this plan the better. How about we launch the attack, on noon the day after tomorrow?”

Day after tomorrow at noon eh?

Personally, I’d prefer doing it at night rather than during the day but, then again, they are all much more likely to be cooped up inside the base during the day as well.

It’s hard to really predict how these things will go anyway so I don’t see any reason to be against it.

“That works for us too. I probably don’t need to say this but, don’t talk to anyone else about this other than the people here in this room. We don’t know where the information might leak from.”

“Of course I know that too. The announcement to the 3rd squad overall will only be done on the day of the assault itself as well. That’s why, this information will remain known to only the people currently here until the day of the attack itself.”

“That’s good to hear. If the info still leaks, it’ll be quite easy to find the perpetrator after all.”

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“As long as you guys don’t mess up, there’s no chance of this info to leak so don’t worry. Now then, let’s end our little meeting here for now, shall we? Next we’ll talk on the day of the assault itself. And if you succeed there, we’ll finally start talking about how to deal with Klaus next.”

“Sure. I’ll leave your side of work to you. Then……..we’ll see you the day after tomorrow.”

Shaking hands with Charlotte who was sitting on the sofa, I got up and began to leave the room.

Gautier, whose head was still knelt on the ground turned his neck slightly to glare at me but I pretended to not notice him, and then left the room.

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