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Null Poison Ch365

Pulsating Heartbeat

Everything went smoother than expected for once which was a nice change of pace.

Charlotte seemed to have made a move quickly as well, and had even managed to deploy an entire squad of Royal Knights to help with the assault on [Under Eye].

I thought of this during our conversation as well but although the increase in strength may not be much, having a just cause to openly attack them is a lot more important.


Although we didn’t end up launching the attack right there and then, day after tomorrow was still very fast, and so we need to go back and properly get ready for the big day.


“Things seem to be progressing quite smoothly huh. Now that the plan is set in motion, it’s a bit scary to think of but, I’m also surprised by how much I am looking forward to battling [Under Eye] as well.”

“How rare that you’d say something like that Esta.”

After leaving [Lemon kid], as we were walking though the late nigh city streets, Esta suddenly muttered something like that.

She didn’t utter even a single word during the meeting so I was bit surprised that that was her first words to say after everything.

“Yeah, I’m getting all pumped up too! After hearing Chris and the Princess talk, I’m finally getting that ‘this is a decisive battle’ feeling and…….now’s the time to really showcase the fruits of our hard work until now, no? My tension levels are rising high alright!”

“It’s a bit frustrating to admit that I feel the same as Ralf but, I for the most part, I must agree with him. Finally, after running behind and chasing your back for so long, it feels like we can finally see your back now at least, Chris-san……..Well, we’re still far away from being able to stand by you and see your face though.”

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad but, I could tell these two were really getting excited and pumped up.

The battle is one the day after tomorrow, and that will be their first real test.


Part of me was worried that they’ll be tired when the time actually comes if they are already so high tension but……….

I don’t think I need to worry so much anymore. They have both matured enough to properly control their emotions now.


“Their base had what looked three different buildings, so I don’t think we’ll be moving together on the day. Don’t forget that okay?”

“Eh? Then all three of us will attack a different building then?………’re right, if there’s three buildings, we do need to attack them all at once. So it’ll be one of us each to one building——I hadn’t thought of that!”

“Well not quite. I’ll attack one building. Ralf and Esta, you’ll take another. The third one we’ll leave to the royal knights and Mielle I think. So while technically we’re separating, it’s more me who’ll be on my own and you two will go as a group.”

If I leave it these two, I can be confident that they’ll take them down.

I was obviously going to attack the building with the strongest individual life presence, and as long as I don’t completely fuck up, I should be able to succeed as well but………the part that worries me is the royal knights side.

Mielle being with them makes me a bit more confident but, they’re still far from trustworthy.

Like Ralf said at the start, I did consider the three of us each going to one building and taking a portion of the knights with us as well but, I don’t think that would go too well.


“So it’ll be just me and Ralf huh………Chris-san can probably handle it all by himself but, just the two of us is a bit………”


“Don’t you dare say that you’re worried now. Like you two said in Realzard, I’m giving you this job as a sign of my trust towards you both. Isn’t that what you two wanted? I am trusting you to succeed in your task okay?”

“——!! Of course we will! I ain’t worried at all, me and Esta can definitely handle them by ourselves!”

“Yes, you’re right, I am fine with that too. We’ll most certainly crush that [Under Eye] base just as you asked Chris-san.”

Clenching their fists, the two boldly proclaimed so.

……..yeah, I don’t need to worry about these two anymore.

The only doubtful ones are the royal knights now.

Before the battle, I need to talk to Mielle, and discuss a couple of things with her beforehand.

While thinking of such things, we returned back to Isabelle’s home.



2 days after the meeting.

We finished all our shopping on the main street yesterday and retired to our beds early, so that we could wake up today in tip top condition.


Within the next few hours, a hard and bloody battle was going to occur in the black market but, the sky was a serene clear blue as if it didn’t care about any of this.

“You were already awake huh. Did you two sleep well yesterday?”

“yes, I was able to get some decent sleep somehow. Though I feel like half of it was just me laying there with my eyes closed  but regardless, I don’t feel tired nor do I feel sleepy.”

“I slept like a log honestly! I am in perfect condition and ready for a fight!”

“that’s good to hear. Then, once the preparations are done……..let’s head together to the black market.”

“It’s still morning, are we going to go there early?”

“Yeah. I know the assault is supposed to start at noon but, we don’t know exactly when the royal knights squad will move. We should get to the area around the black market early and wait while hidden for the knights to arrive.”

“Oh boy, time to move then! Alright! I’ll get ready asap!”

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Urging them both to start their final prep, I also decided to do the same.

Since I had taken care of most things before sleeping, I just needed to change my outfit really……….and then, I took a deep breath.

——Alright, let’s head out.

Leaving Isabelle’s home, I began walking towards the black market alongside Ralf and Esta.

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