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Null Poison Ch39


Half a day after my hunt of the stray cowbird.

It took some time since I had to make detours to avoid monsters on the way back but I succeeded in taking the entire body back successfully.

The scene of a young carrying a cowbird on his shoulders drenched in blood must have been an odd sight but since it was dark outside now already, I was able to avoid most weird glances.

I quickly passed through the inspection, and walked straight towards the butcher’s shop that requested it.

“Welcome, Ah sorry but the entrance is that way—UOHH! Wha, What is that monster!?”

“I’m the adventurer that took your request for the Stray Cowbird hunt. It seemed like a waste so I carried the whole damn thing all the way back. Anyway so let me inside already.”

“O-oh, I see it’s you who took the request. Let me tell you, seeing the face of a cow with horns the moment you open the door is surprising to say the least!”

I entered the shop after the owner and as per his instructions hung the cowbird up on a meat hook.

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Looking at it now, even I was surprised by how I was able to carry it all the way back a monster of this size.

“Still, that’s a pretty big one. Oh, and here wipe yourself clean with this for now.”

“Ah thanks.”

I cleaned as much blood as I could off my body with the wet towel handed to me.

Now that was some proper heavy lifting I did there. My whole body felt heavy from the fatigue.

“Blood draining looks perfect, and the innards have been removed pretty cleanly as well. Thanks to that the quality hasn’t dropped either…….damn, this might be best cowbird I’ve gotten in a long while.”

“Really? That good?”

“To be honest, very few actually bother to bring the whole thing back. And not to mention, adventurers aren’t exactly the type to handle delicate meat processing procedures are they?”

I guess so.


If you clean the innards and carry it like I did, you are bound to get drenched in blood. I doubt most people are that desperate to make the extra money considering the amount of pain and effort needed for it.

“Then I should be expecting a good reward eh?”

“Sure you can. I do need to cut it up and check it properly though, so in the meantime……..Oi Nathaniel! Fry up some meat for a adventurer friend here, will ya?”

“You sure? I ain’t paying.”

“No problem, think of it as a bonus for your good work. Once I’m done properly assessing the meat I’ll call you so you can wait in the dining area.”

While the owner dissected and examined the body , for whatever reason I was treated to some meat by his assistant.

And it didn’t look like some cheap meat either, it was some thick high quality stuff.

While wondering how Ralf and Esta would react if they got try some, I kept some to take home and ate all the rest. And around that time, the shopkeeper called for me.


“The meat was great. Thanks.”

“Like I said, it was bonus for bringing some high quality stuff for us so don’t worry about it. Anyway, as for your reward, how does 5 gold coin sound?”

“Wait FIVE gold coins!? That much? According to the request, the max was 3 wasn’t it?”

“Well this is really good quality and the size is great too. 5 is a good price for it really.”

“Well if you say so, I’ll gladly take that.”

“Alright! That’s that for negotiations! As for the money I’ll hand it over to the guild tomorrow so take it from there. Oh and you have to submit the completion report tomorrow as well so don’t forget about it.”

“Yeah, thanks again. I’ll come again if you there’s more so I’ll be in your care then.”

“Likewise. I’ll happily purchase stuff this good. Within limits of course!”

And just like that, I made an extraordinary 5 gold coin out of nowhere.

Considering a normal bronze quest gave about 4 silver on an average, I had somehow made a little more than 12 times that amount.

Although all the info gathering and stuff took a lot of time and work, I was able to finish the quest itself within a single day.


This was way more efficient than normal designated hunts.

Having made half a month’s worth of funds in a single day, my bloodied body forgot whatever fatigue was there, as I returned to the inn in high spirits.

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