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Null Poison Ch40


Approximately a month had passed since my first ever Stray cowbird hunt.

Having earned 5 gold in a single day, I was fully ready to efficiently hunt and make money like that everyday but…….reality wasn’t so kind.

Since that first hunt, it took me six days to find the next one.

In that meantime I  had searched that rocky area everyday all day, and I even brought Ralf and Esta with me for the first three days as well.

While feeling like I was wasting time here, I finally ran into another one and was able to hunt it down safely.

But this time, it’s size wasn’t really that great and so my reward was only 3 gold coin.

Since it took me 6 days to hunt it, it basically came down to about earning 5 silver a day on average. Not to mention, I paid 6 silver to Ralf and Esta for hiring them all day for those 3 days.

In the end, it ended up with me basically earning equivalent of 4 silvers per day, which wasn’t that different from designated location quests that I was doing previously.

Honestly, considering it took all day to explore and maybe find one on top of everything, at the end of the day its cost effectiveness was frankly worse than location designated quests but I simply couldn’t get that first haul I had out of my mind, and so I prioritized only hunting cowbirds this entire month.

To give a simple conclusion, my earnings for the month, including that first hunt, were around 26 gold coins.

Thanks to that first really good haul, my earnings overall were better than last month’s.

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My first hunt was my best while the second was the worst of the batch.

On an average, it took about 4 days to find one and the reward was anywhere between 3-5 gold coins

Since it came at about a gold per day when it came to money earned, it was still pretty good result. Honestly, I’m glad I was able to find such big haul on the first day now that I think back at it.

If I had actually taken 6 days to find a normal one on my first try, I probably would thrown the idea of hunting these right there and then.

Regardless, including my savings from last month, I currently had 30 gold on me right now.

Now I could purchase that Grimoire that cost 2 platinum coins but, how do I go about this?

Should I prioritize Esta or should I save for Ralf’s surgery instead?

Those two finally graduated Rookie rank this month as well but, they were still continuing with Goblin hunts.


Ralf’s leg was an obvious reason but quite frankly, those two were simply not at the level where they could complete Bronze quests right now.

To be brutally honest, part of why that second cowbird hunt took 6 days was also because we had to make compromises for Ralf for the first 3 days as well.

If Esta could learn magic, they could at least start doing designated location quests.

But speaking long term, curing Ralf who has a high class job was the right thing to do.

I keep on thinking about it over and over…….but in the end, I decided to buy the grimoire first.

After living expenses, Ralf and Esta’s current savings are 5 copper per day.

This should rise to at least 3 silver if they start completing Bronze quests. Which comes to about 7 gold for the month. That alone makes it much more reasonable to prioritize Esta learning magic.

…….Also, I kinda wanna see what magic looks like upfront.

And so, after delivering a Cowbird today, I headed straight to [Shichifukuya].

Since I had been going after these cowbirds for all day this last month, it’s been a while since I’ve shown my face here.

There was a worry that the grimoire itself might have been sold but, c’mon, surely there’s no one in these backstreets that could buy a 2 platinum coin worth item, right?……right?

“Welcome……Oh? Well if it isn’t Chris. Been a while eh?”

“Been busy unfortunately. Didn’t have time to come for a chat.”

“So, what brings you here today? Just for a chat?”

‘No, I’m here to buy something. Do you still have that grimoire we talked about on you?”

“—–! Wa-wait, you’re actually going to buy that!?”

“Yeah, that I am.”

The moment I said that, the old man leapt up in joy.

I faltered at the sight of an old man jumping about in pure joy. Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this.

“Chris! You have my thanks! Not only that random old book but also the grimoire as well….!! With this I could spend my last years in peace!”

“Look, it’s not like I’m buying them to help you specifically you know? No need for thanks. I wanted them for myself that’s all.”

“But it helps me regardless so it’s the same thing no? Just wait a minute, I’ll bring it right now.”

After waiting for a while as the old man went inside the store while humming pleasantly, he soon came back out with Grimoire in hand.


“This is it right here. The grimoire. Again, it’s 2 platinum coins. You sure you’re okay with paying it all right now, no instalments?”

“Yeah, I’ll pay lump sum, no worries.”

I took 20 gold coins from my bag and lined it up across the counter.

After counting the coins one by one, the old man handed over the grimoire to me.

“This grimoire, was technically reserved for Esta so don’t let it get stolen okay?”

“Haha, I think I’ll be fine. Well then, I’ll come if I need anything else.”

“of course. You’re always welcome here.”


After being seen off by the old man, I left the shop.

When I came last time around, I thought it was crazy to spend 2 platinum coins for Esta’s sake yet here I am, doing exactly that.

Making them strong is for my own sake. An investment.

Because, one day I’ll most certainly hit a wall I will not be able to cross by myself.

Klaus will almost certainly make a party of his own made out of talented individuals in the capital.

For the day of reckoning, I must prepare. Not just myself, but also a party that won’t lose to his own.

I gripped the grimoire in my hand strongly as I hardened my conviction, and headed towards [Shangri-la] hotel to show Esta the grimoire.

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  1. Uhl Avatar

    Okay. Maybe a party of thugs, but “talented”. Unlikely, seeing as he has to be #1.


  2. Wikkr Avatar

    I’ll laugh if he puts all this effort and it turns out his brother has wasted his potential and just become a lazy party boy.


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