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Null Poison Ch48

Target Amount

2 months had passed since Ralf and Esta had begun taking bronze rank quests.

Without failing a single time, they continued finishing up requests; finally showing that natural talent of combat oriented jobs.

Even inside the guild, there were rumours about the 2 beginning to spread, even if only a little. To the point where they were getting invitations from other parties and clans every once in a while, since we hadn’t formally announced our party.

Even if it was just bronze rank ones, to not fail even a single time was bound to attract attention. It wasn’t rare to see talents getting recruited while they were still budding after all.

Of course, as someone who rose to Bronze faster than these two and had also yet to fail a request, that too while being solo, I too had caught attention but……..


These past couple months, I had hunted nothing but Stray cowbirds and after seeing me appear at the gates of city every couple days with a whole dead corpse of a stray cowbird, I had gotten stuck with the truly odd nickname of [Cowbird hunter Chris] around these parts.

On top of that, since I also disappear into the forest for a week or two to gather more poisonous plants and become no show at the guild, I had gained a reputation of being a complete oddball within the guild.

To the point where even buff old men with evil glares would quietly move out of the way when they see me. Honestly, I’m half happy but also half sad about it. It’s quite the indescribable feeling.

But well, leaving all that aside……..our money saving process was going on smoothly and we were only 5 gold coin away from our target of 5 platinum coins.

And so around that time, I went back to seclude myself in the Peixa forest for another week.

The two confidently told me that they’ll manage the last remainder amount by themselves so I took up on their offer and came here but……….

I wonder if they have finally collected the amount by now.

If they have by the time I return, I plan to take Ralf to the capital asap and get this surgery done by Brad, the back-alley doctor.

Feeling a bit excited, I finally returned to the inn and opened the door—— those two were sitting directly facing the door right as I opened it, as if waiting for me.

“What are you two doing? Don’t tell me you’ve been sitting here all this time?”

Without responding to my question, the two looked at each other, nodded and then spoke in unison.

“Chris-san, we have completed the task of earning 5 gold coins as well! Thank you very much for everything up till now!!”

“To be honest, at first I wasn’t so sure about making a party with you Chris but……I’m truly glad to have made a party with you!”


“Why so suddenly? We haven’t even achieved anything together yet. If you want to thank me do it after that………it’s a bit embarrassing honestly.”

“That may be true but we felt like showing our gratitude so we did, that’s all. Not just Esta’s grimoire but also helping in paying for my surgery. I don’t how if I could ever thank you enough for this.”

A surprisingly honest show of gratitude from Ralf.

It was so different from his usual self that it made uncomfortable to be honest.

“Making you two stronger is for my own merit. If you want to really sow your thanks, just pay me back what I have spent on you two one day that’s it.”

“But the debt we owe you is far more than just the money. So please at least let us put it into words like this for now. It’s true right now we are could eventually pay you back the 7 Platinum coins……..but, that would be impossible to even think of if not for you.”

“Like Esta said—-it’s easy to get from 1 to 100 but making that 0 go to 1 is where all the problem lies. I have experienced that myself. That’s why allow us to show our utmost gratitude!”

Look, their feelings of gratitude reached me alright but I don’t really know how to respond.

With a wry smile, I scratched my head and desperately searched for words for a reply.


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“……….your feelings have well and truly reached me. And so, consider your getting stringer the best way to thank me . Also, the surgery isn’t even done. No matter how supposedly skilled, he’s still a back alley doctor. Don’t get ahead of yourself until the injury has actually fully healed.”

“I know. But even if I failed to heal, my feelings on the matter wont change.”

“As long as you have that resolve, good. Now sit normally already.”

Finally, I was able to end the weird atmosphere.

Taking a deep breath, I put down my bag and sat down.

“So, Chris-san. Should we head for the capital? Or perhaps should we two go together by ourselves like last time?”

“No, I’ll come too this time around…… for our schedule…Hm, is our current savings exactly 5 platinum coins?”

“no, we have 1 gold coin above that.”

“If I recall correctly, it was 5 platinum and a necessary item that we needed. According to the healer at the guild, one of the items necessary for the surgery was Metal Slime oil which might also be necessary. So lets first collect a bit more money on top and then head to the capital.”

“Eh? We’re not going instantly?”

“Our trip and back wont be done within just one gold would it? Since you two specifically asked to handle it yourselves, I thought you had it figured out but…….oh well, its my fault for not making it clear.”

“I had completely forgotten about travel expenses……..We really should have asked Chris to stay and collected money together.”

“Well, it’s fine. No need to panic. Since we have collected the main surgery fee, it wont take long to earn enough for expenses.”


Let’s get to work for the next couple of days and as soon as I feel like we have enough, we’ll head to the capital.

This I too would head to the capital. Because I want to gather info on Klaus as well.

I thought that even if I didn’t bother gathering it, info would come to me regardless but as of yet no rumors about Klaus have reach Realzard at least.

I need to find out whether he even went to the capital or not in the first place now. So I need to do some sniffing around after all.

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