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Null Poison Ch49

A little info

“Maaan, I cannot wait! I am finally gonna be able to move around normally!”

“Hate to break it to you but it’ll be a while before you’ll actually be able to move around properly considering there’ll be a long period of rehabilitation after the surgery.”

“of course of course. But still, that’s just how excited I am to finally act like a real party.”

Ralf proclaimed with a wide smile.

Well, I too am excited for that though.

Since our main priority right now was to earn money quick, We’ve done nothing but mercilessly hunt Cowbirds again and again.

But I want to fight more and more different types of enemies as a party together, and become strong, together.

And then, maybe explore the world, find and collect new and unfound poisonous plants etc.

I want to visit the places mentioned in [The Wandering tales of Otto the Botanist] and perhaps find the infamous [fruit of skill] that was mentioned in there.

A fruit deemed taboo because of its deadliness if you try to eat it apparently.

Many put their lives on the line I pursuit of its power and it drove them all to death.

Because of its attraction and the dangers it possesses, it has been hidden away somewhere in the world but I will definitely find it one day.


“Speaking of……..Ralf, didn’t you have something to inform Chris-san about.”

“Hm? Info? Did I?”

While I was daydreaming about the legendary fruit, Esta interjected in the conversation and questioned Ralf.

Ralf seemed unaware and tilted his head in confusion but…….what could such info be?

“Oh right! Back the adventurer’s guild, I heard some rumors about some guy that sounded a whole lot like your younger brother! I wanted to tell you asap but I was so happy about collecting the money that I completely forgot about it!”

“You! Tell me that first and foremost! So? What kind of rumours?”

A shocking statement came from Ralf.

It’s been a bit more than half a year since I fled my home and this is my first time hearing about anything related to Klaus.

No matter how small the info may be, its important to me.

“Sorry to disappoint but its not some crazy info or anything. Hell, I’m not even sure if the person the rumors are about is even your brother or not in the first place!”

“Just talk, enough with the lead in.”

“Fine……I heard this from a guy in front of the receptionist’s counter but, apparently a ‘hero candidate’ has entered the academy in the capital. I grabbed him and tried wringing him for more info but apparently that’s all they knew as well, nothing more.”

A ‘hero candidate’ entering the academy eh.


But considering the timing, the likelihood of this person being Klaus is very high.

If such rumors have spread to Realzard, I’m sure to find out more info when we go to the capital itself.

“True, we can’t make any conclusions from this much alone but the possibility of it being Klaus is very high. Regardless I intend to gather more info in the capital as well, so will you two help me as well?”

“Obviously? Why would we even refuse such a thing?”

“Exactly. Let’s all work together and gather as much info as we can! But still, if this rumour really is about Chris-san’s younger brother then our talk when we made the party really is coming true isnt it?”

“True. No doubt he’ll make his own party with the cream of crop at the capital. Can’t be celebrating hunting some bronze rank monsters eh?”

“…….uugh, now I’m starting to feel a bit scared as well. A question but, if Chris, your younger brother is infact a hero candidate, what the hell’s gonna happen if you do end up killing him?”

“Honestly, I don’t know……..but, well I guess I’ll get treated as a traitor I imagine? Hell, I could end up as someone worse than even the demon lord itself.”

“Ughh maybe I shouldn’t have asked.”

A once in a centuries talent, raised by the nation itself; killing him will instantly turn me into the most wanted man in the kingdom.

There are quite literally no merits to speak of for killing him, on the other hand the list of demerits is long.

——but, I have no intention of stopping.

I swore that day inside the Peixa forest, I will him make him wish he really did kill me back then.

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“Well, like I said, I have no plans of dragging you two into this murder plot so chill. If he has a party, all I need is for you two to hold the rest of the party down while I deal with him that’s all.”

“I was obviously against it back then but honestly, I don’t mind at this point. Rather than lead a boring and simple life, its much more fun to live life at the edge and go out with a bang.”

“I must say I agree with Ralf. I am curious as to how much I can improve in Magic and how much I can stand against the so called Hero Party itself. A normal life, well it wont let me experience that will it? I’m not as crazy as Ralf but…….go out with a bang it is!”

Ralf gave a wry smile and Esta laughed from the bottom of her heart.


Ralf is the same as always but Esta sure has become a whole lot more gutsy since she began learning magic.

Feeling the strength of their resolve, for the first time since forming this party, I felt truly glad for choosing these two as my party members.

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