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Null Poison Ch50


Having saved up enough, it was finally time. Tomorrow.

We will leave for the capital to treat Ralf’s injury.

Today, we plan to do some shopping to prepare for the journey.

That said, it takes less than a day on foot to reach the capital from Realzard. Not to mention, that the capital was obviously a lot more prosperous than Realzard.

So it’s not like we need to do some excessive shopping or anything.

“What else do we need to buy man? It’s already night, and I just wanna go to sleep already so I can be fully recharged for tomorrow.”

“What do you mean, we need stuff for the journey obviously? Anything we might need or come in handy while we’re there, we’ll buy.”

“I don’t think we’re gonna need much more though? And even in the off chance we did, couldn’t we just buy it at the capital instead anyway? Also didn’t we go completely empty handed last time?”

“That is true…..but didn’t we actually come short of many things actually?”

“That’s because you two have no sense of planning. Enough with your complaints already and lets go shopping.”

Pulling the unwilling Ralf with us, we went around the back streets shopping for stuff.

Food, water, containers for said things, and finally we made it to a general store that sold bags.

“Okay now we have bought everything so why are we here now?”

“I intend to buy you two your own bags finally. What you two have now barely even qualifies as an actual bag.”

Until now, these two had been using a piece of cloth cut and sewn together to make for a handmade bag.

It’s colour had gone bad and was beginning to smell as well, so it’s the best timing to get a replacement.


“Are you sure? We are fine with what we have…..”

“It’s fine. Got a big haul yesterday thanks to a huge Cowbird .”

“Well can’t say I enjoy shopping but …… a new bag is more than welcome! I don’t mind the current one’s shabbiness but the smell is starting to get to even me.”

“Ah so you did know that it was smelling bad yet kept using it eh?”

Knowing he could buy a new bag, Ralf quickly turned energetic again.

What an honest guy, or should I call him self-serving instead…….

“Damn look at the variety! Oh look, this is the one Chris has been using .”

“I just wanted as much carrying capacity as possible so I simply went with the biggest the store had at the time.”

“Since it’s a on-the-shoulder type, this looks super easy to use! But, for everyday use it really might be a bit too big.”

“Ralf, how about this one? It’s on-the-shoulder type as well and its pretty cheap.”

“Ah, this one might be better yeah…….but let’s look a bit more.”

Saying that, Ralf began looking around at the available bags.

This store on sells second hand bags so I don’t think you need to spend that much time thinking ……..

Having lived the desperate lives they have, and his experiences when hurting for money, I guess its normal to really take your time when purchasing anything I suppose.


“I think I will go with this after all. It’s got good capacity, and only costs 2 silver coins, pretty cheap.”

“You sure? It’s my treat, might as well go buy something more expensive.”

“No, I think this is the best choice so its okay. Chris-san, thank you once again.”

Esta took the bag she was recommending Ralf originally.

A big on-the-shoulder type. Looks a tad used, but it’s not a bad choice.

“Chris! I want this one! I found the best one!”

Looking towards Ralf, I saw him twirling around with his pick in hand.

It’s similar to mine, only smaller in size. Looks like Ralf found a good one as well.

“Not bad. You two fine with these?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“Yeah, thanks !”

Esta’s was 2 silver while Ralf’s was 4 silver, honestly overall cheaper than I originally expected.

Guess we could use the saved up money in the capital………

Let’s return back to the Inn, arrange our things and prepare for tomorrow shall we?

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Next day.

Although there was still a worry for Ralf’s leg, since these two had walked on foot to the capital before, we decided to do the same again on their recommendation.

There were many carriages headed to the capital so I thought that’d be a better choice but, oh well.

 “Say, are you sure we shouldn’t just take a carriage?”

“Like I said, it’s easy walkable distance. Or what? You don’t want to put the effort now?”

“I didn’t mean it that way, but isn’t it a waste of time? It’s pretty cheap when travelling with lots of people anyway and we certainly have saved enough to do so, so I thought it’d be just easier and faster.”

“Actually, I did some light research before we headed out last time around and apparently it’ll cost 1 gold for all three of us for the trip.”

“See? That’s why—-“

“But, because they let on a huge amount of people, the speed of the carriage is not that fast. Honestly, I think even Ralf’s slow walking might be faster.”

“Eh? Are you serious?”

“Yes. If it’s time you really care about then its better to hire single horses to ride them yourselves but…..they cost 6 silver per horse per day as rent. Add the amount of days we’ll stay in the capital and suddenly the overall expense explodes to an unbelievable number. Not to mention, you have o buy their feed separately.”


“Is that so? Then that’s on my lack of knowledge.”

I had no idea about this stuff.

I thought it was common sense to assume that a carriage would be faster than just walking but now that I think about it, even when pulled by two horses, the amount of people as well as their luggage will definitely slow them down.

And spending crazy money on renting horses is beyond us so walking all the way it is.

Well, it’s not too far. Might as well use this opportunity to have some long casual chats with these two.


“Well, you ready to walk then? Last time around, we made it there right around evening but since this is our second time around, we could honestly make it by afternoon.”

“Yeah, no objections here anymore.”

“Well then, let’s go! I’m getting a bit excited.”

“We all live together but its not always we actually do something together after all eh? Chris only came along with us during our ‘test’ for goblin hunting as well as that one time for hunting Loud Frogs and that’s about it.”

True, we are barely acting like a real party yet.

Outside reading the Grimoire for Esta or training Ralf, I tend to move solo while these two have continued their work together separately.

Well, now even I’m feeling a bit excited as well.

It’s my fist time going to the capital as well.

“Well then, let’s go shall we? Make sure you didn’t forget anything okay?”

“We’re all packed and ready. And the payment for the room has been made in advance as well so it should be fine.”

“Alright! Let’s go!!”

With Ralf’s loud proclamation, we began walking towards the capital.

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