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Null Poison Ch54


After leaving the black market, we headed to the commercial district to find a place to stay.

The inn where Ralf and Esta stayed before was cheap one located inside the black market itself but I deemed it too dangerous to stay in a place like that while holding on to a huge sum of money.

This was no place to be stingy so we decided to find a safe and proper inn to stay at.

Since Ralf has the surgery tomorrow as well, I need him to be well rested too.

“Chris, how about that one? Looks nice and cheap no?”

“no no, Chris-san, that one looks cheaper in my opinion.”

“Good grief, stop look at just the price. I already said we aren’t looking for a cheap place, we need a safe place alright?”

Frugality had been unfortunately ingrained inside their brains due to their lives because they couldn’t help themselves from only finding cheap Inns even when I said to do otherwise.

If this is how its going to be, I might as well find one myself and force it on to them both. And thus began my desperate search for a good inn.

[Yutorire] [Harekura Hotel] [Three Bungalows] [Bay Sands park].

They all looked nice but I can’t decide without at least a little expert advice.

Going through the crowds, I kept on searching for another couple dozen minutes.

And finally I found one that really caught my fancy.

“you two, how about this one? [Gilavar Hotel]”

The one I had pointed out was a neat and tidy hotel built slightly away from the main road but still looked safe.

It was in an entirely different class to the [Shangri-la Hotel] we usually stay in but, well it should be fine to splurge a little while we’re staying in the capital know.


“No no no way. That place looks crazy fancy and expensive!”

“I agree. Let’s find somewhere else!”

“It’s fine if it’s costly. We are currently loaded on money right now. What wil you do if we chose a cheap hotel with no security and our money got stolen huh?”

“I mean I get that but one of us could just stand guard in that case no? On the contrary, in an inn like that I don’t think I’ll be too nervous to ever actually relax properly. “

“Whatever, we’re going there anyway.”

Pulling them with me against their wishes, I headed to the Gilavar Hotel.

The interior was built with darkish bricks and seemed simple but…..there was just a great balance to the décor making it all look really classy.

Gulping down my slight nervousness, I proceeded to the black coloured counter at the front and talked to the young man who was, I presume, the receptionist.


“Hello and welcome. Do you have a reservation Sir?”

“No, I don’t unfortunately but are there no rooms available?”

“Oh we do, don’t worry. What kind of room type are you looking for?”

“R-room type? Can you explain?”

I was the who pulled these two with me but I was already regretting it myself now.

This courtesy and politeness is not something I’m used to.

I was the one mocking these two for acting like a peasant, but turns out at some point I too had become more like them.

“By Room type we mean the specific characteristics of said rooms; Single, Double, Twin, Triple, Family, these five types are your choices. Furthermore, you will also get to choose the grade; Economy, Standard, Superior, Deluxe, and lastly Suite, these five.”

What the fuck is he even talking about? No seriously, is this even the same language even……?

I looked at Esta hoping for help only to see her standing numb with blank eyes and half open mouth.

Even Esta who could infer things from a magical grimoire and all the weird terminology that was in it couldn’t handle this.

“Sorry but this is our first time here so just give us whatever you recommend. Whatever’s the cheapest, for 3 people together.”

“Of course leave it to me. Then please allow me to fill in the details over here. Please be seated in the meantime.”

At moments like this, its better to let them handle it all.

There’s always a chance that they might see us as stupid and try and rip us off in such cases but I doubt a establishment of this quality would bother doing unscrupulous shit like that.

I went and awkwardly sat down as told and waited for the young man to finish his work.

Ralf and Esta continued just looking around while completely on-guard, they didn’t even think of sitting down.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting. As requested, we have given you an Economy class Triple room. How long will your group be staying Sir?”

“before that, can I ask what’s a day’s rent? Sorry if that sounds a bit stingy.”

“No, no of course not, in fact that’s on me I should have started there myself, apologies. One night stay with breakfast will cost 1 gold coin.”


“Alright thanks for the explanation. We’ll stay for 3 nights then.”


“Ralf shut the fuck up!”

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Silencing Ralf who was screaming at every word, I made a reservation for a three night stay.

True, this was about 16 times more costly than [Shangri-la Hotel]. You could spend a whole month with the same money there. But then again, I think [Shangri-la hotel] was designed to be super cheap.

And while we were admittedly going with the cheapest three-in-one room deal, the fee was actually not that crazy and seemed pretty fair to me so I decided to finalize this place as our place to stay.

“Thank you very much. Then allow me to finish the paperwork with that settled. Could I have your IDs please?”

“Yeah, here you go.”


I handed over the adventurer cards to the young man and waited for him to finish the work.

“Thank you, here you can take these back. The bell person over here will take you to your room so please follow him and ask him if you need anything else.”

Saying that, the man sitting beside the receptionist stood up, gave a bow and walked out from behind the counter.

“Allow me to take you to your room Sir. I’ll take your luggage if you wish.”

“—–Ah, you can ignore the luggage. Just take us to our room please.”

I was too paranoid to hand over the bag with all our money to someone else even for a while, as if something happened I’d rather not have to doubt every random people who might not have done anything.

The bell person quickly withdrew and began taking us to our room.

Walking through the spacious and luxurious hotel, we quietly followed the room guide.

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