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Null Poison Ch55

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“And here is the room you’ll be staying in Sir. Here’s the key so please make sure to keep your room properly locked for safety purposes.”

“Thanks for the guide.”

“Well then, I’ll leave you to it. Please enjoy your stay.”

With a deep bow, the attendant who guided us here to our room left us to ourselves.

Soon after, I opened the room with the key and entered it to check it out.

“Uooh!! The hell is this room!? Holy shit look at this bed! It’s so damn fluffy!!”

“This is incredible…….Even the view from the room is beautiful. Is it really fine for us to stay in a place like this?”

I could understand their surprise and excitement, as the room was just that clean and spacious.

On top having an attached shower and toilet, there was even a magical item that could use Air Control magic to modify the temperature.

This was basically heaven in comparison to [Shangri-la hotel].

Honestly, I was doubting whether this was really the lowest rank room they had.

“We’ve worked hard to get here, a reward is only natural no? Once we return to Realzard, it’ll be back to earning money day in day out as always so let’s treat ourselves and enjoy while we’re still in the capital.”

“I suppose that’s true……..right?”

“Un….Say, I have never really ‘treated myself’ so I don’t really know what I should do though.”


Well to be fair, I haven’t done so before either though.

I wonder if me staying in Peixa forest and gathering plants counts as ‘enjoying’ but I have a feeling a place with killer wild monsters and poisonous plants doesn’t exactly qualify in that regards.

“Well, I’m not that experienced in such things either but just relax and don’t be on guard all the time I guess. Like, how about we start with taking a good shower in turns.”

“Ah, I’ll happily go along with that. An attached shower really is the best!”

“Well on normal busy days, sometimes you just have to make do with a wet towel to wipe your body. Though I guess that was still better than when we were living in that dilapidated house.”

“We should consider changing bases when we promote to silver rank. It’s not like we made some great connections while here anyway. I’ve been thinking of moving to [Dove Inn] for some time now.”

“Sounds nice! Though I suppose [Dove Inn] is our limit as far ‘nice places’ go eh?”

“Not really. If we want we could aim much higher. Once we don’t have any reason to save money like for the grimoire or Ralf’s surgery, we’ll have much more free money on hand……But, my final goal is to buy an actual house all to ourselves sometime down the line, so I guess ‘savings’ will have to continue.”


This is just my personal wish, but who doesn’t want their own ‘clan house’………….Also, I want to be able to grow my own poisonous plants safely.

“A house!? You love dreaming big huh…….Not that I’m against it or anything.”

“I am wholeheartedly in favour as well. It’ll really feel like we have ‘made it’ once we can buy our own house, wont it?”

“Good to see some excitement——–but we digress, so who’s going into the shower first?”

“By all means, please go first if wish Chris-san.”

“I don’t mind Chris having first dibs either.”

“Then, I’ll take you two up on that offer and head in.”

Since they gave me the option, I happily decided to wash off my sweat.

But still, to think we’ve got to a point where we can realistically start thinking of buying a house.

Only a couple months, these two wouldn’t have even dared utter something like this. But they are growing after all.

I thought of such things as I picked my spare clothes and headed to the bath.


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“Chris-san, is he finally in the bath?”

“I can hear the shower so probably.”

“…….it’s amazing isn’t it, that we could actually stay in a place like this.”

After confirming that Chris was in the bath, Esta muttered with deep emotions as she stared outside the window.

It was a scene she couldn’t even imagine before she had met Chris, yet here we were. It was real.

“We talked about this while on the way here but, our lives really got changed.”

“Yeah. We used to think our days of grovelling on the ground would end when we undertook the [Heaven’s Blessing] but……..that didn’t happen. Yet he did it, singlehandedly changed our entire lives.”

“And to think we tried to steal from him eh?”

“True. Sometimes my heart hurts just thinking back on that day. More so because even then, he was originally trying to be kind and help me before I attacked him.”

“Chris might say ‘don’t worry about it’ if he heard this but………I don’t think we can ever repay this debt, even with our lives.”

“The day he took us into our party…, even before that. The day he accepted living with us, our fate was already decided. We, are going to live for his sake.”

With a completely serious gaze, Esta spoke so.

Chris will definitely hate it if he heard this, and even I’d be embarrassed to openly say it like her, but the fact is that I too have already resolved to devote my life to Chris.

“Esta, you and me, no matter what happens in the future will always be Chris’ allies.”


“Goes without saying. But before that Ralf, you need to get your injury treated and quickly start being of help to him and the party okay?”

“If only I could make that happen with just work eh……..But, if I really get healed, I’ll train enough to kill me, just to get stronger.”

“And I too, will train in magic like I could die any day. And I’ll study other things as well.”

As we reaffirmed our resolve and will, the sound shower stopped at the same time.

To make sure Chris doesn’t even get a hint about this conversation, we quickly exchanged glances and started chatting about random things as if the previous talk never happened.

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    Ok so which of the two is going to die
    I feel like the novel has been dropping a ton of death flags, with giving us their backstory and then this conversation

    I don’t know if the author is simply unknowingly creating all these death flags or what. It has just been giving a very ominous vibe lately.


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