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Null Poison Ch6

First class dish

It took almost twice as long but I finally made it back to my base.

Unable to wash anywhere, I was bloody from head to toe but it was a small price to pay for the quality and quantity of meat I was able to procure.

First, I used a rock to sharpen another rock into a makeshift knife, and then began working on cutting the meat.

The body of the Orc was pretty big so it took quite the effort and my knife became blunt many times making it take a very long time.

I defeated the Orc in the morning but by the time my work was done, it was already dark outside and the blood all over my body had all dried up.

But, again I reiterate, I have meat now. In huge amounts no less.

I separated today and tomorrows share and decided to dry the rest to preserve it. And then I hung it up to make sure that it doesn’t get insects all over it.

Finally, all the prep work is finished.


It was a hard day of work but the rewards were equal to it.


My stomach began to make pathetic cries and I too want to eat the Orc meat asap but….I really want to wash my body first.

Exhausted I moved towards the muddy pool of water and slowly washed the blood out.

The pool was already muddy in the first place, to not make it worse with all the blood, I slowly scooped the water with my hands and washed myself to the side.

With most of blood washed away, and refilling my water once more, I returned back to my base.



Finally, its time to eat the long awaited meat.


Orcs were closer to animals than human, but they were humanoid in type. So some do consider eating them a bit of a taboo but I frankly could not care a bit about that right now.

I skewered the meat portion for today and began to roast it over a fire.

Unlike the rotten meat’s putrid smell, a fragrance befitting fresh meat began to spread around.

Which made my stomach make even more painful noises but I must be patient, until its fully cooked—–and the moment that happened, I bit into the oily meat.


The flavours and juices burst inside my mouth.

My brain felt a shock from the violent and intense taste of this delicacy.

I felt glad for not giving up, for staying alive.

I truly felt that it was first class dish.

I lost all sense of reason and began roasting more meat and again, until I had devoured all of it. Even the portion I intended to save for tomorrow.

I had originally planned, to try it with various herbs and plants and see all sorts of combinations but all of that had disappeared from my head and I focused on just eating.

I once again gave my gratitude to the Orc from the depths of my heart as I lay down from fulfilment and exhaustion.


I almost instantly fell asleep but the scene of my earlier fight flashed through my brain.

The swing of my axe that dealt a fatal blow with a single strike.

Having personally dismantled its corpse by hand I know exactly how tough and thick an Orc’s skin is supposed to be. Not mention the layers of fat and muscle that was tough as actual armor.

I know myself better than anyone and so I know it was impossible for me to deal such a powerful blow with a single strike.

Not to mention a single swing with stick was able to blow its head open as well; and I was able to carry a giant Orc corpse all by myself back here……there was only possible answer. Somehow my body’s strength has increased, at an unbelievably rapid pace.

The only reason I could think of was [Heavenly Blessing] .

Even as a [Farmer] I suppose it would still give me some level of increase to my physical ability. But this felt way beyond any of that.


It’s too much. Abnormal even.


Beyond anything that even my Father, who was a [Swordsman] got.

That means, did something happen when I fought Klaus?—-seems like the only plausible answer for now.

In theory, there are times when a body gets hurt or broken, it tries to rebuild itself stronger than before to adapt.

Perhaps that phenomenon was happening to my body; is the best answer I could come up with.

…….But even I cant convince myself that that’s true even if I have no other ideas; even though I can feel  that I grown exponentially stronger.

Whatever the reason, having this kind of strength is the best case scenario for me.

My hopes of surviving in this forest just increased greatly. And now I just have to wait for time to pass.

While doubts remained in my mind, I forcefully convinced myself and went into a deep slumber while listening to the soft sounds of the forest.

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