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Null Poison Ch7

Return from the Forest

It had been over a month since I entered the Peixa forest. I have yet to leave even once and am still living in my base.

I originally planned to leave after a week but the Orc meat was quite aplenty and it took around a month to eat it all up.

If I was still the same carefree child that used to roam around the streets of Dezir, I probably would have long thrown the remaining meat and left the forest….

But having learnt the pain of having no food, and having killed for my selfish desire to eat it, I couldn’t bring myself to throw anything away.

Well, what was turning out to be a major issue, that is living in this forest, turned quite a lot more simpler with the Orc meat in hand. Not to mention, its not like I’m short on time for anything.

To stay here for a week was a minimum limit I set for myself, not the maximum after all.


Having spent this week here has also instilled newfound confidence in me that I can survive anywhere. I have grown and matured, not just physically, but mentally as well.

If anything, I could  spend the next couple months here as well if I needed to but…..with the Orc meat now finished, I’m not exactly looking forward to a return of shitty plants as my diet.

With my excitement now cooled, I decided to leave the Peixa forests and head to a town.

I can use a sword better than the common person, so I should be able to make a decent living as an adventurer.

Anyhow, I must live, train, get stronger and then…….get some payback on both Klaus and father.

Well perhaps getting payback on guy who received [Sword God] might be too much to ask for, but I have to aim high and big, otherwise my will might truly break.

Psyching myself up, I quickly returned the various random items I had collected back to nature itself, and picked up my small bag. I attached the bag with the remaining jerky and water to my waist and gave my thanks with a deep bow to this natural cave that had been my home for the last month or so.

I almost felt a bit sad to leave. But I continued on my way to leave the forest.




Half a day after walking away from my old base.

While getting lost every now and then, I finally found my way back to the clear spring that I had found on the first day.

Rainy days aside, all I had to drink until now was dirty water so it really had been a month since I had drunk actually clean water.

I never thought that drinking just normal water could make me so emotional.

I dunked my head in the water and drank so much I could drown. With no dirt inside, the clear water truly felt delicious.

Having filled my stomach to the brim with water, next I took of all my clothes and took a full bath.

While I had cleaned my body with wet leaves, but to say that my lifestyle for the last month was unhygienic would be an understatement.


I did feel remorse for dirtying the springs clear water with my body but I needed to be clean before returning to any place with people.


I immersed myself in the cold water, and desperately scrubbed away a month’s worth of filth

With my whole body finally washed, I picked up my clothes to wash them next only to finally realize the utter state they were in. They could barely be even called clothes anymore.

I knew it was torn in places since I could feel the wind as I walked around but I never really paid any attention just how bad it had gotten.

Appearance and looks were the last thing on my mind while in the forest after all.

……..that said, I can’t walk around outside the forest in these.

As I soaked myself in the spring wondering what to do, I finally decided on using the orc skin pouch that I had created for storing items; I opened back to its original state and wrapped it around my waist over my tattered clothes instead.

It was horrible to look at but much better than looking like an exhibitionist. Probably.

If only I had grabbed a spare change of clothes from my house as well.

Feeling regret over the fact that the accessory that I had grabbed had been of absolutely no use to me, I wore my clothes back on and left the forest.

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One response to “Null Poison Ch7”

  1. Uhl Avatar

    Sorry, but no way an extra set of clothes would have made it out of that house, if a bag of jerky and a watch was enough to genuinely fear pursuit.


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