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Null Poison Ch60

The Way Back Home

“Well then, I’ll go on ahead and return first.”

“Yeah. We’ll follow soon after the stitches are removed.”

“……..Shit, man I really wanted to enjoy tomorrow’s breakfast as well.”

I had decided to leave early yesterday but eating today’s breakfast filled me with regret over my decision.

Not to mention I’ve already paid for it all so it really felt like a waste.

“It can’t be helped. I’m sure you’ll get a chance to enjoy it again one day.”

“Yeah, what she said. Not worth putting your life on the line for it, is it? Well, we’ll happily enjoy your share as well so don’t worry about anything going to waste.”

I lightly kicked Ralf at his attempt at teasing me and then picked up my things and left the [Gilavar Hotel].

I really wanted to enjoy the capital more but like those two said, it simply cannot be helped.

Going through a crowd that was still dense enough like it was still the afternoon, I headed towards the city gate.

Like Realzard, entering the city required going through a tough inspection, but leaving requires not much work at all.

Feeling relieved, at first of all getting out of the city, I began walking on the dark highway as I made my way back to Realzard.


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2 hours had passed since I left the capital.

Partly because it was night, there was absolutely no presence of humans around me.

You could always see a couple during the day travelling but right now only insects could be seen shining under the moonlight.

With nothing around me, and maybe because the scenery was beautiful, I sat down on a nearby rock to relax. And the moment I pulled out my water bottle to drink——-

I could feel a blade press down on my neck.

“……….Who are you?”

“Silence. I will be the one asking questions.”

From the voice it sounds like a young man’s……..but, there was something odd about it.


There was something strange about the way he talked.

“Why were you investigating info on Klaus? If you lie to me I will kill you right here and now.”

So it involved Klaus after all.

I was followed already and even after leaving the capital, they caught up to me.

“I think you are misunderstanding something? True, I looked up info on Klaus but its pretty normal for an older brother to worry for his younger brother no?”

Disregarding my inner feelings towards him, I didn’t lie a single bit but I instantly felt the blade move away from my neck.

Thanks to training with Esta, I could tell that this guy had used some magic at the same time he pressed his blade on my neck.

Now I don’t know what kind of magic he used but judging from how quickly he removed his blade, it must be a magic that lets him tell truth from lie or something similar.

“……….Are you really Klaus’ older brother?”

“I am indeed. There’s no lie in my words.”

“Show your face.”

Since he asked for it, I turned my face and looked towards my assailant.

The man looked in his thirties, and had a dishevelled and unshaven face.

But, I still couldn’t sense him even with my highly sharpened senses that I trained in the forest.

He must be a really experienced fighter………..Hm?

“Certainly, you do look similar to Klaus…….”

“—-Hm? You, aren’t you the guy sitting in the bar..…or……no?…….? Wait, or maybe the old lady I passed by in the capital?”


There was no coherence in my words, and honestly even I didn’t know what I was talking about but…….yesterday, there was the slim guy drinking in the bar and then this random old lady I passed by near the city gate.

And now this guy here, something seems similar about them all.

I desperately racked my brains and through my memories——and finally found the point of similarity.


“That ring you have on your index finger. It’s the same as those two other people.”

“What the hell are you talking about? Are you acting dumb because I threatened you?”

“No, not just your ring. The inner you wear, I can see it under your sleeve; also your shoes are the same. Also……the wound on the back of your hand is the same.”

“…………….Well now that’s surprising. Honestly, you’re one creepy guy mate.”

As I kept pointing out these similarities, the unshaven man’s face turned all serious.

And then—-his face began to move like jelly, and lost its original form.

I thought it might turn into pure liquid form like the Slime I fought but it kept changing and began to turn into a different face.

“I never thought someone would see through it. You were absolutely correct. The three people you mentioned were all me indeed..”

The newly formed face was that of a young woman with long black hair.

Her eyes were large and slightly upturned, her nose was nicely defined and her lips were thin and exquisitely positioned.

Anyone would call her a beauty.

“Who are you? And why follow me? Have you been keeping an eye on me since I was in the capital?”

“Ahaha, why would anyone bother doing that for someone like you? I just happened to be at the information broker yesterday and since I found out about you looking into bad rumours regarding Klaus, I figured I should get rid of you just in case.”


So it was just a coincidence.

And she eavesdropped our conversation while there, and hearing me ask about Klaus made her go after me—–is that right?

“I see. Nothing to do with me, you were just thinking about Klaus that’s all eh?”

“Exactly—-but looks like you really are Klaus’ older brother. This is the first time someone has seen through my disguise you know? You must also have some crazy job no?”

“Nope, I’m just a [Farmer].”


First she showed a greatly surprised expression, then she quickly covered her mouth with her hands and suppressed her laughter.


“One is a [Sword God] while the older brother is a [Farmer]…Puh aha, aha! I-I’m sorry, I don’t intend to mock you but…..Kuh….kukuku ahahhahha! Ahahha, oh, my stomach hurts…..puhhaha.”

In the silence of the night, the disguising woman began laughing to the point of giving herself a stomachache.

I guess the ridiculousness of the ‘gap’ between our jobs must have really got to her.

……honestly seeing her completely lose it, I didn’t even feel that mad.

I waited for the woman to stop laughing with a straight face, and after a while she finally stopped laughing and turned towards me while wiping her eyes.

 (T/n; yes I know its an odd place to end the chapter but eh blame the author lol.)

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