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Null Poison Ch59

An Extravagant Breakfast

The next day.

Yesterday we couldn’t enjoy it due to leaving early for the surgery but today, we can finally sit down and experience [Gilavar Hotel]’s breakfast service.

Last night’s dinner was a simple one as well so I was excited to see what kind of breakfast would high class hotel bring.

“Ughh, when’s the food coming man!?”

“Ralf, looks like you have already recovered?”

“I’ve been sleeping since I returned after all. I’m back to normal. My leg still feels a bit strange, but at least there’s no pain!”

“That’s good. Once the stitches are removed day after tomorrow, you should be able to move around properly again.”

“Chris you’re going back tonight right? Was the info you heard yesterday that bad?”

“Well I certainly didn’t think that Klaus would still be looking for me in a frenzy certainly. I thought I was the only one still stuck on it one sidedly and he would long moved on but…..looks like the other side is desperately searching as well. If I don’t run, I might really get killed.”

After thinking a lot, I decided to leave first to Realzard without seeing Ralf’s surgery through to the end.

Of course I don’t know how authentic the info I heard was but if it turned out to be real, there’s a good chance my life will be in danger if I stay here.

Having realized that it’d be better to leave the capital before I get noticed, I plan to stay here in the hotel till the sun sets and leave for Realzard in the darkness of the night.


I’m bit scared to leave Esta and Ralf alone considering they might track their info back to these two but……as long as Klaus’ target is just me, this is the best possible path.

“Man it all felt like nonsense at the time but it really was real huh? Your younger brother is actually a Hero candidate.”

“From my viewpoint, either of your pasts seemed a whole lot unbelievable but here we are.”

“——–Ah! It’s here! Breakfast!”

With a knock on the door, Esta cut into our conversation and jumped towards the door.

Opening the door, there was waiter standing with a service wagon in front.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting. I’ve brought today’s breakfast…….Please take your time and enjoy.”

With skilled hands, the waited quickly lined up everything on the table and left with a bow.


The stuff left on the table were all extravagant dishes that we had never seen before and considering how we were getting this for just 1 gold coin, this Hotel might have really high cost performance.

“Amazing! We can really eat it all right!?”

“Obviously, why else would they bring it here.”

“Do rich people eat stuff like this everyday?”

“I can’t really say but I don’t think you’d be wrong to assume so. Anyway, let’s eat.”

Joining hands and giving a prayer before the meal, we began eating the breakfast.

The menu was a nut laden croissant alongside some really fluffy pancakes.

The pancake had butter, jam and honey to go alongside it and you could pick what to eat it with.

After that there was herb sausages alongside scrambled eggs.

There were also various types of fruits to go along with it as well as vegetables with a tasty looking dressing.

Servings of Tomato soup as well as yogurt capped off a truly perfect breakfast menu.

I started first with the pancakes.

Cutting into the fluffy pancakes, I then let it soak in butter and honey. Once done, I jammed a mouthful of pancake into my mouth.

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——-Beyond delicious. My brain melted with the taste, it was that good.

The pancake was obviously tasty but the honey was simply divine.

Matched with butter, it created a perfect harmony inside my mouth.

“—–It’s incredible. Is this what happiness feels like?”

“I haven’t eaten anything this tasty maybe since the day we made our party maybe! Hell, this might be better than even things we ate that day honestly!”

“…….I agree. I don’t even want to talk and just relish the flavour really.”

With each of our different impressions, we continued eating the breakfast.

This kind of room as well as this kind of meal, all for just one gold coin felt like a bargain at this coin.


It seemed costly at first but when you think that a single ability assessment cost the same, suddenly it starts feeling cheap instead.

Or rather, damn that assessment is stupidly expensive.

No wonder those priests were baffled as to why I was showing up so much in such short time.

Having experienced and enjoyed the incredible service of [Gilavar Hotel], I felt the value system inside my head change a bit.

………Well all that said, it’s not like I’m gonna stop doing ability assessments or anything. I don’t have that choice unfortunately.

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