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Null Poison Ch62

Discussion about the Future

2 days after I safely reached Realzard.

As per the plan, those two should have been back by today but they didn’t come back even after night fell.

I started to get more and more worried but considering the distance, it’s not that weird if they reach tomorrow instead right?

I tried to reassure myself and at that very moment—–I heard the door of our room open.

“Hey Chris, we made it back safely.”

“Oh thank god, looks Chris-san made it back safely as well it seems.”

With their luggage on their backs, Ralf and Esta entered the room.

……….phew, thank god.

They both look energetic so it looks like nothing bad happened.

“You two, good job returning safely. Ralf, how’s your leg holding up?”

“Good as new! No problems! The stitches are out and the carriage on the way back was swaying just enough that I could get a good long rest. Now as long as do the rehab properly, it should be back to normal or so Brad said.”

“I see, first let’s start with getting you capable of walking normally.”

“Once I get moving normally again, I’ll work super hard so you can look forward to that!”

“Pft, I look forward to it.”


Ralf was getting all heated up to the point you could almost see the fire burning inside him.

We went cheap and used a fallen doctor but I’m really glad the surgery went well.

“Speaking of which, what do you want to do tomorrow? Ralf can’t take requests for a while so I’ll end up alone……..”

“That’s true, Well with your strength Esta, you should be able to handle Bronze rank quests alone pretty easily……..but, I guess I’ll have you accompany me on requests for the time being.”

“Eh!? You really want to work together?”

“Yeah, though not as a party, we’ll both take separate designated requests and handle the locations one at a time. When doing my request I’ll fight as main and Esta will be on support and when we do yours, we’ll switch roles. This should create no problems.”

“Understood! I look forward to working with you!!”

And so, until Ralf becomes able of moving properly again, I’ll take up requests with Esta.

It’s unfortunate that we can’t do non-designated Stray Cowbird hunts which is most efficient for earning money among Bronze quests but I can’t just expect Esta who only started learning magic recently to handle those requests on her own.


“Ahh, I want to be able to do requests again soon as well!”

“Don’t get hasty. The surgery will heal you but stick to the procedure. Nothing good will come from over doing it.”

“I know I know. But, I can at least practice sword swinging right? I just can’t sit around doing nothing.”

“Should be fine as long as you don’t move your legs too much.”

“Alright, then I’ll head off right now.”

“Wait no, at least skip it for today. You need to wait till tomorrow before beginning rehab anyway………..All that aside, you two I need to talk about something important.”

After stopping Ralf who was planning to go swinging swords, I made them both sit down to talk.

I decided to tell them what I had been thinking about since reaching Realzard.

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“What, so suddenly.”

“…… it bad news?”

“Well, I guess it’s a bit of bad news for you two.—–Actually, I was attacked by Klaus’ acquaintance on the way back to Realzard. I was able to escape without getting hurt but Klaus might find out that I’m here sooner or later.”

“Hah? You were attacked?! So what are you going to do?”

“For the time being, it doesn’t look like they know that I live in Realzard so we have time. But as soon as Ralf’s injury heals, I plan to switch our base.”

“Umm……so what’s the bad news here? That you got attacked?”

“Uh no, it’s the fact that we’ll have to move away from Realzard. Isn’t this your hometown?”

I was forcing them to leave their place of birth, their acquaintances; hardly a pleasant thing to do.

“Hometown eh……..It’s not like we have any good memories of this place. Well until we met you Chris.”

“I feel the same. It will be lonely to part from the our acquaintances but I’m not against the idea. Inf fact, getting a fresh restart in a different place sounds nice.”

“……..Is that so. I suppose that makes sense.”

“In fact doesn’t the timing make perfect sense? We’re finally going to start working as an actual party, starting it all afresh in a new city sounds like the perfect way to do so.”

“I agree! It’s great timing indeed!”

Well, I’m glad they’re not against the idea.

Like they said, we’ll prepare while Ralf’s leg heals fully and then move to a different city and begin working as a new party.

Esta’s grimoire, and Ralf’s surgery.

Having finally overcome both of our biggest obstacles, it was the best time to do it. Though things will only get more and more busier from here onwards it seems.

“Well then, we’ll move with as our next objective so don’t forget that.”



“Got it, speaking of which do you have an idea of where we’ll move to?”

“Yeah, I more or less have a good idea of it.”

Of course this was also based on my own personal needs, as I was thinking of choosing our next place based on whether I could find more info on new poisonous plants or not.

As detailed in the Botanist Otto’s book, I want to head to a place near a forest filled with a variety of plants he could not fully clarify on what they did.

Reizen grass, genpei mushroom and Rizaf fruit were the three new varities that I had been able to find but there’s a chance to find more plants that raise other abilities as well.

If I could find a place which was close to all this it’d be the best but well, I’ll have to find that during this time.


“Then sure, we’ll leave that stuff to Chris.  I’ll just focus on taking care of my leg.”

“I’ll help you whenever you need someone to discuss so please don’t hesitate to talk to me. And if you want me to look up info on something, I’ll do that as well. Anything to help!”

“Yeah, thanks for the help. Anyway, as soon as I decide on a location, I’ll tell you two.”

And thus, with our current goals decided, we ended our discussion.

I don’t know how long it’ll take for Ralf to heal but I plan to give him healing meds as well so it should be healed by the end of the month.

In the next month I need to earn money while looking after Esta, go to Peixa forest to gather as much of the three types of plants that I can, and also find the location for our next base.

And if possible, I also want to settle things with the bear-like monster inside Peixa forest, but that’s probably gonna be later down the line.

Preparing myself for a month of intense work, I went to sleep to prepare for tomorrow.

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  1. Vyda Avatar

    I feel like the novel writing has been getting better the more chapters the author writes…
    Like now it reads less like a diary and there are more interactions between characters

    I do hope he stops doing so many mini-timeskips though


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