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Null Poison Ch65


After the visit from the old man from [Shichifukuya], nothing noteworthy happened and it was finally the day of our departure.

Although Ralf and Esta did have friends, there was no one here to see us off or anything as we picked up our heavy luggage and left the [Sangri-la hotel] room.

Originally I had only planned to stay here until I became capable of earning money as an adventurer but before I knew it—-we ended up staying here till our very last day in this city.

We lived and slept together in this cramped room of this run down inn.

Even though I constantly talked about changing rooms throughout my time here, here I was feeling a bit melancholic now that we were finally leaving.

“After all this time, we’re finally leaving our hometown aren’t we?”

“Even though I have zero good memories of living in the slums here……yet I still feel a bit sad. Even this inn, has become a precious part of my memories now.”

“It is the same for me. In a way, this is where our lives truly began Ralf……..on that day, asking Chris-san with all my courage; you really are in a debt of a lifetime to me just for that Ralf.”

“True. I was against it originally…….well, the one to really thank is Chris though.”

“well of course. That goes for me too.”


Looks like those two were feeling sentimental as well while looking at these mouldy beds and smelly lamps.

Though judging by this flow I might have to deal with another barrage of their over bearing gratitude, so I quickly focused on changing the topic.

“Alright, it’s time. Let’s give our one last thanks to the owner and be on our way.”

“Do we need to rush things? Let us soak in our memories just a while longer!”

“We won’t make it to the next village in time if we are too slow. Do you want to spend the night outside on the road?”

“…………No I do not. Rushing things it is then!”

Even though they were raised in slums, I guess sleeping outside is still too much for him as Ralf quickly picked up his things in a panic.

We gave one last bow to the now clean room, and then left the [Shangri-la hotel] for good.

Going through and looking around the commercial district that was full of surprises on my first time around, we made our way to the gate of the city.

The back streets were not visible from here, and I did have a slight temptation to go for on last trip around the place but………I had to control myself.


Having made that decision—–I noticed a certain building and recalled one last persona I had yet to give my goodbyes to.

“You two, sorry but I forgot about one place I had to pay visit to. Could you wait here for just a while?”

“Aren’t we short on time? I really don’t want to sleep outside okay?”

“Don’t worry it’ll take less than five minutes.”

“We’ll wait here so please don’t worry and go do your thing.”

Apologizing to them, and while still carrying my things, I quickly made my way to a certain chruch in the district.

I was thinking that the old man from [Shichifukuya] was my only acquaintance here but, I had forgotten about the priest in the church.

Well, I suppose calling him an acquaintance might be over selling it but after everything I had put him through, I figured it’d be rude to leave without saying even a single word.

Without paying attention to the Mass being held, I quickly went straight to the usual room.

Ringing the bell in familiar fashion, the usual good looking priest showed up once again.

“Oh? Quite the luggage you have on you today. Did something happen?”

“Actually, I’m moving away from the city today. I figured I’ll get one last assessment done as a farewell if you don’t mind.”

“Is that so…….Well, it certainly will be lonely without your usual visits.”

“Your purse would be—-you mean eh?”

“No no, of course not. The money we collect goes to the people up top anyway, I truly will miss you.”

“I see. Apologies for making fun of it. Well then, shall we have my last assessment done then?”

After some light banter, I handed over a gold coin and my card to the priest.

“Then allow me to do so——and its done.”

“Thank you. If I’m back in Realzard, I’ll be sure to drop by for a visit.”

“Yes of course, I’ll be waiting——actually, sorry, do you have a minute?”

Right as the priest was sending me off with a smile, he suddenly changed expression and called me back.

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“Hm? Is there something else?”

“I have been of two minds whether to tell you this or not but, as thanks for your continuous contributions, I believe I should give you this information………Actually, the Cardinal from the capital has sent an order to immediately report on any man named ‘Chris’ that might show up, and I have been wondering if it had anything to do with you.”

“The Cardinal from the capital? Is that someone powerful?”

“Within the church, he’s only below the Pope himself in terms of position.”

“And he wants a man named Chris was it? Would someone that influential and powerful bother to look for someone like this normally?”

“No, this is a first even for us. I…..well, I haven’t made a report on you yet but I’d recommend being cautious. Apologies if I’m speaking out of line.”

Klaus, that bastard, he has connections to the church as well?

Well, my letter might have made him take this even more seriously I suppose.

“No, that was of great help. Thanks for the info………….also, if you don’t mind can you tell me just how far has this info from the church gone to?”

“Well I don’t know the details so I can’t give an exact answer but it’s definitely gone to every city close to the Capital. On the other hand, if you go towards one of the other three big cities, it should be still be fine for now I think.”

“I really am in your debt in more ways than one…….Are you sure you won’t get into trouble for telling me all that?”

“Meh, ‘info leaks’ and ‘a slip of a drunk tongue’ happen more often than not, will hardly cause any problems. But you please be careful.”

I gave deep thankful bow to the priest, and quickly left the church now aware that I couldn’t trust anyone else here.


Having gotten some good info, I was one again extremely thankful that it was that priest who was handling that job.

“Oi!, you’re late! What happened to the ‘it’ll only take five minutes max’?”

“We ended up talking a bit more than I thought. My bad. C’mon let’s get a move on.”

“Yes, let us depart then.”

“If we end up staying outside for the night, I’m having you take responsibility Chris!”

“It’ll be fine. Your leg’s healed up now no? Worst case, we’ll run to cover more ground.”

“…….Heh heh heh. Damn right, I can run at full speed now.”

“No, ‘full speed’ might be a bit much.”

While having such chats, with these two of my party members that I made out of pure coincidence in this city, I finally left Realzard for good after one whole year.

It’s not all been smooth sailing and I’ve made mistakes but once I’m away from here I can finally start working on increasing my strength.

With the fires of vengeance towards Klaus still burning bright in my heart, we began walking towards our next destination.


End of Volume 1 Status Assessment



Suitable Job: Farmer

Endurance: 13(+45)

Strength: 8(+28)

Stamina: 8(+41)

Magic: 1

Agility: 6

Unique Skill : [Null Poison]

Common Skills: None


(T/N; This the end of Volume 1. There will be a couple side story chapters before we start Volume 2. Hope you all enjoy!)

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  1. Dcrangerange Avatar

    Thanks for the chapter and all of volume 1. The story might be slow here or there but overall it’s an enjoyable one. Thanks.

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  2. dased22 Avatar

    Thanks for the chapter
    I’m interested in the plot/characters, but the setup for Klaus v Chris seems far too heavily slanted for Chris to ever come up on top


  3. Uhl Avatar

    Oh boy. Klaus is really digging himself deep. He’s giving Chris every possible and conceivable reason to go after him. Not only did he come at Chris with a sword at the start, completely unprovoked, except in his own twisted little head, but now he’s mobilizing every possible faction he can get his hands on to try and kill his elder brother, for no rational reason.

    If ever Chris is challenged on it, he can rightly proclaim “that so-called hero is moving heaven and earth to try and kill me for no reason! How the hell is ANYBODY supposed to live peacefully like that! Who knows, you guys could well be next! After all, this is a lout who is trying to murder his close family, what makes you think strangers would be spared?!”


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