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Null Poison Side Story 1

Gossips: Ralf and Esta Behind the scenes

Middle of the night.

Seeing that Ralf and Chris had gone to sleep, I quietly left the room on my own.

My destination was the old rundown empty house in the back streets that we once used as a base.

If you are wondering why I’m doing this in the middle of the night, well, to train my magic of course.

Since we’re busy completing requests during the day, I can barely find spare time for magic practice so I am doing it late night like this instead.

Lacking sleep a yawn leaked out of me but I quickly roused myself and began my magic practice.

Currently, the magic I have mastered are – Ball type, Arrow type, Wall type; these three. Of course that includes for all 4 main elements of Fire, water, wind and earth.

These are of course the basics of basic when it comes to magic so now I have been trying to learn more compound magic which is built on the application of these 4 elemental magics.

I was able to master the basic 4 elemental magic quite smoothly but these complex spells were far more difficult.

Currently, I was tackling [icicle Ball] a compound magic that used both wind and water magic. My right hand had wind while my left had water magic activated, and I had to learn to fire both spells at the same time together at the exact same power level otherwise the compound magic would fail.


“nnn, the [Wind ball] is bigger, I need to control it more.”

Speaking out loud to myself, I tried weakening the [wind ball] but I ended up overdoing it and now the [water ball] was stronger, and the water just sprayed out all over the place with the wind and the spell failed.

While drenched from the burst of water, I refused to let myself be discouraged and I began anew with my next attempt at using [Icicle ball].

According to the Uncle, the magicians that gain fame are the ones that had been learning about magic since childhood only.

Magic was, as expected, a bit more unique than normal skills and so you needed not just talent but also experience, intellect as well knowledge to fully use it.

Of course most people begin truly learning magic after their [Heaven’s Blessing] and I too was told that I could get as strong as an average adventurer back then.

When I decided to buy a Grimoire, I had simply been aiming to become that ‘average adventurer’ as well but……….


That’s not enough if I want to be of use to Chris-san.

Whether it be a Sorcerer, a Sage or whatever, I had to become better than any sort of magic user that might exist otherwise I’ll never be of any use to Chris-san who was planning to surpass even a [Sword God].

My life now didn’t belong to just me anymore, and I had sworn to fight for his sake.

That’s why, even at the cost of my sleep, I will learn as much magic as I could and use every chance to increase my knowledge even if only by little.

Thankfully, even I did have one genuine talent within me.

And that was the passive skill [Mana Regen].

My mana recovery rate was higher than the normal person and I could fire magic continuously without a use of potion far easily.

Even though people like Chris-san had their hard work turned to nothing due to having no talent, I had been blessed with a talent that allowed me to work harder than anyone else.

Seeing Chris-san everyday trying to desperately trial and error his way through everything to get stronger, I could not complain about anything, and I recalled his words he said when we were going to the capital—-” you can make it to the top with a strong mentality. Those who don’t give up no matter how much life hurts them will always find victory one day.”

To live up to his expectations, I will work harder than ever before.

………so that one day I could repay this favour to him.

I wrung my wet clothes to dry them and once again reenergize myself, and once again began my training for [Icicle Ball].


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(Ralf POV)

After confirming that Esta had snuck out of the room alone, I too picked up my iron sword and left the room, but to a different location.

These days she had been sneaking out late at night but as it turns out she’s doing special training by herself apparently.

Thanks to the Rehab going well, I can more or less move my leg around normally and since around three days ago, I too have started my own secret training behind Esta’s back.

Firstly, I did some running across Realzard’s streets at night.

It’d be a pain if some soldiers caught me so I have to keep an eye out for any other presences and avoid them while I run……

Though I must say, going for a run while hiding yourself is surprisingly fun and makes for good recon training as well.

After two rounds across the city, my warm up is done.

After that, I begin my sword training and swinging while imagining an enemy in front of me to emulate a real fight as close as possible.

I have learnt the basic stances from Chris, but I’m also training to further improve upon it and learn different moves.

I am severely lacking in actual combat experience, so I use my spars with Chris as the main image in my head as I practice.

In truth, I’d ideally want to get experience from actually fighting all sorts of different monsters and various other swordsmen, but that’s impossible for me right now so I have to make do with just image training.

Your imagination is of course limitless so you could even have a fight with someone you have never even met in real life so it was really the best kind of training.


On top of that, I could only stand in one place while fighting even in my imaginary bouts but now I can freely move around and fight.

Now there was no pain and my knee wouldn’t suddenly collapse either, I had found a new kind of freedom.

With this newfound freedom in things I can do, the art of fighting itself has also gotten more difficult and complex but—–that’s all the more fun for me.

For Chris’s sake who freed me from these chains and gave me my new freedom, and to become stronger and faster than anyone else, I simply swung my sword until the sun rose again.

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