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Null Poison Ch72

Carlisle Forest

With the map as my guide, I continued walking east until I finally reached the Carlisle forest.

Just like Shantell said, I could see a couple adventurers here and there near the entrance.

Also, probably the ones who made the subjugation requests in the first place, I could also see a bunch of woodcutters here as well. Quite a lot more people around here when compared to the Peixa forest.

It’ll be a pain if among those adventurers there were also ones who picked a fight with me yesterday but……oh well, I can’t pay them too much attention.

Adventurers near the entrance are most probably all bronze rank anyway, so if they really tried picking a fight I’ll just quickly deal with them and be on my way.

With such readiness, I boldly walked through the entrance and made my way inside the forest proper.

Looks like there weren’t any of those kind of adventurers among the ones near the entrance but looks like the rumours about me have already spread as they quickly moved back as if running away at the sight of me.

What a horrible reputation I have already but I guess it’s better than them constantly picking a fight with me.

I was mostly avoided by people in Realzard as well so I’m used to it at this point.

While looking for Lizaf fruits that supposedly grow near the entrance, I walked around the forest.



About 30 minutes since I entered the forest, I have yet to find any fruit similar to Lizaf fruit.

I got a bit suspicious if Shantell gave me false information but it’s too early to come to conclusions.

……..all that said, the number of monsters here is not normal.

It was still pretty okay near the entrance but in this area, the number of monsters seems to be a whole lot more.

Just like Shantell said, it’s only just goblins and kobolds and the occasional Loud Frog so far from anything dangerous but it’s a far cry from Peixa forest.

…….or perhaps, its this forest that has the normal amount of monsters? And the odd one was the Peixa forest which was probably because of the existence of that bear like monster.

While making such considerations, I continued walking to the inner depths of the forest while hunting monsters.

Another thirty minutes passed just like that and I finally found my first Lizaf fruit in this forest.

Purple fruit with white spots. There’s no doubt it’s the same poisonous one.

I gathered all of them inside my bag, and continued searching the area and making my further and further deeper into the forest.



Approximately 3 hours had passed since I got here.

I had been attacked by many monster up to this point and had also gathered a decent amount of Lizaf fruits as well.

I wonder if the Lizaf trees near the entrance had been intentionally cut down because they were so dangerous.

Also, Shantell said that she didn’t know but I have also found some Reizen grass here and there as well.

As expected, taking notes about their little details like habitat was greatly helpful as I had a better idea of where to find such plants and where they are more likely to grow.

Anyway, I continued a bit more further inside and began looking for a nice place to turn into my base.

I hoped I could find a place between two rocks with a good airflow and sunlight like the one I had in Peixa forest, but that seems like it’d be impossible considering the geography of this area.

While considering having to make a base from complete scratch, I went even deeper into the forest.

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Soon after I began my search for a base.

After coming here I had been wondering that there were way too many goblins here but as it turns out, they had a nest here.

It was small grotto like place, and I could see goblins crawling around and going in an dout of the grotto.

I was about to move away deciding not to get anywhere close to it—–but only for second, because that cave……

Was exactly the kind of place I was looking for to turn into a base.

“………Guess I’ll destroy them.”

I suddenly muttered.

If I didn’t, they’ll be an obstacle to my plant gathering anyway then I might as well get rid of them before hand.

I hid myself I a tree to scout and see if it was doable alone, and checked the goblins going in and out.

Most of them were normal goblins though there were a couple goblin warriors and a goblin archer mixed in the group.

And inside, there were 2 hobgoblins eh………

Well, its not like I could see all the way inside the grotto but if its just about this level of force, I should be able to handle it.

Having made my decision to crush their base, I put down the bag I was carrying and drew my steel sword as I slowly crept closer.

The moment I didn’t have any more place to hide, I jumped out and started my ambush.

First, I began with annihilating the Goblins roaming around the nest.

Making sure that I kill them with a single strike, I took two more down who couldn’t react to my sudden appearance.

Next, I set my sights on the goblin archer who could hit me from afar, and while ignoring everyone else, I rushed straight into the grotto.

They were definitely a class above normal goblins as they didn’t panic from my ambush and calmly knocked their bow to aim at me.

It was aimed was directly at my heart.


But if I know where its aiming, I could dodge it if I pay attention to the timing its fired.

I focused my sights only on the part of its hand that was pulling on the bow.

So as to not miss the timing, the moment the arm released the string—–

I took a step inside and avoided the arrow and then sliced the goblin in two before it could even draw a second arrow.

Fuu, taking a small breath I quickly confirmed if there were any other goblin archers inside the grotto.

……..looks like it was the only one.

There were also only the 2 hobgoblins that I saw before and as for goblin warriors, there were 2 more hidden inside the cave making them 5 total after including the ones I saw before.

“Ngaaah! Guagggaa! Gugagah!!”

The 2 hobgoblins made some sort of cry, probably ordering the goblins to kill me but no matter how many goblins you bring in, they had no chance against me in close quarters.

Cleanly slicing apart the 3 goblins that attacked me, I rushed towards the hobgoblins who were the boss of this nest.

Hobgoblins were a monster of size somewhere between an Orc and a normal goblin.

And outside of their pale green skin, they basically looked the same as goblins.


They carried a club as their weapon and took pride in their strength but that was only in comparison to other goblins.

Their movements were dull so, I calmly dodge the club’s swing and stabbed directly at its heart with my steel sword.

The thin sword made it harder to complete cut through but instead, was exceptional at thrust attacks.

As for the second hobgoblin, I stabbed at its legs various times to stop its movement and once its body crumbled, I stabbed straight into its skull.

All that’s left are normal ones and a couple goblin warriors but……

Seeing their boss killed, the other goblins began escaping simultaneously.

Well with this, I guess I can just consider wiping them out as part of my base cleaning work.

After annihilating the rest, I succeeded in completely destroying the goblin nest.

“Humanoid monsters really are easy to fight……..Now then, let’s clean up the goblin corpses and then begin making the base properly.”

While muttering to myself, I moved to creating my base.

Since it was goblin nest in the first place, I could use it as is and it would be fine but since I planned to use it for many more times in the future, I suppose it won’t hurt to put in a bit more effort right now.

The goblins that were roaming around while I destroyed the nest are also likely to come back later when I go to sleep so I need to create some kind of defensive fence as well.

I gave up on anymore plant gathering for the day, and focused solely on creating the base.

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2 responses to “Null Poison Ch72”

  1. Dcrangerange Avatar

    Thanks for the chapter. I wonder what rank cleaning up the goblins would have been.


  2. Exfernal Avatar

    “They were definitely a class above normal goblins as they didn’t panic from my ambush and calmly knocked their bow to aim at me.”
    knocked –> drew
    “To nock” is actually a word, but it’s used with an arrow as in “to nock an arrow”, meaning “to place an arrow across a drawn bow”. Knocking is completely unrelated to shooting with bows.


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