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Null Poison Ch71

Information on the Plant life around Oxter

“Tell me everything you know about the Carlisle forest.”

“Carlisle forest you say? Dear customer, you sure are curious about a strange thing! Very well. I just so happen to be an expert as far as the Carlisle forest is concerned!”

“Then……tell me about what kind of monsters show up, and plants that you should never eat. —–Also, tell me if these plants, the ones described and shown on this paper, can be found in any place nearby.”

I brought my own self written notes and records, of Reizen grass, Genpei mushroom, and Lizaf fruit and handed over the page to the alchemist as I questioned her.

“Allow me to check! Uumm…….these have small purple flowers and posses poison? There’s no real differentiator and there’s a lot of similar looking flowers so I can’t tell for sure in regards to this one. Next is…….white grass and mushroom with red specks on the stem? I have never seen these either—-umm lastly…….a purple fruit with white spots on it! I know this one!!”

“Really!? Tell me all about it.”

“These fruits grow everywhere in Carlisle forest! You can find them near the entrance to the forest as well but, these are incredibly poisonous so you must never eat them or so I have been taught many many times over the years!”

Nice! I did a little fist pump.


If there’s Lizaf fruits to be found here, that alone gives this area a passing mark at the very least.

Also, if they are native to the Carlisle forest then it’ll make things much simpler.

“Thanks for the info. So, can you tell me about the forest itself?”

“Umm, you wanted to know about plants and vegetation that you definitely shouldn’t eat in the forest, right? Well, the first one would be the fruit that you just asked about. Then there’s two other specific ones I can think of. First one is a type of leaf, that’s in the shape of heart called Jinpi! It has multiple poisonous spikes and they say that even a little stab from those could kill you.”

A plant with spikes eh……..

Poisonous plants come in various types but that was one that even I had been intentionally avoiding.

I may be fine with poison but spikes are a whole different kind of problem.

If its messed up and hurt my insides, it won’t be a joke so I refuse to eat those.

“Next, there’s a plant called Ongneer. It’s a fruit that looks like a green apple and apparently has so much poison that I was told to not even go close to it.”

“Ongneer…….!? The ‘apple of death’ you mean?”

“Ah, yes! That’s the one! It’s famous even among common people, and is commonly known as the ‘apple of death’ as you just said.”

This is—–I just suddenly landed on some incredible information,


In the book from Botanist Otto, there were mentions of this apple of death.

Outside of the Fruit of Skill, this was another fruit that Otto really wanted to research about and felt that it hid incredible natural potential inside because of the strength of the poison inside it.

I don’t the exact details but apparently the affects of the fruit can vary from person to person including greatly increasing one’s natural abilities, making it quite similar to the Fruit of Skill or so was hypothesized in the book from Otto.

In his records, in the Carlisle forest segment, its existence in the forest was not mentioned so this is a lucky break for me.

“Oi! Tell me more details, anything you know about Ongneer. Like where can it be found in the forest, what sorts of environment does it grow in etc.”

“I’m sorry! But I don’t know such details. I mean, it’s said to not even go close to it so there’s hardly any people who have even seen it even.”

………Well I suppose that’s only natural.

I doubt there’s anyone outside myself or Otto who would go out of their way to look for such a deadly poisonous fruit.

I guess I was being too greedy for information.

“No, you’re right…….But you’re info was very helpful. Thank you.”

“no no! Also, in regards to what kind of monsters show up. And this kjust information I have heard from others but apparently in the depths of the forest, a strange bird has been seen!”

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“A strange bird? What kind of monster is it?”

“Sorry but this nothing more than hearsay and rumours so there are no further details. I haven’t heard of any other dangerous monster living in that forest outside of that strange bird, and is generally a pretty peaceful place in my opinion! Well, its only natural considering adventurers do go to exterminate monsters in that area from time to time after all!”

“………I see. I got to hear a lot of good stuff. Almost more than what those potions were worth.”

I did come here hoping that an Alchemist would be knowledgeable, and turns out I was absolutely right.

“I’m glad if you really feel that way! I do take pride in my knowledge about plants and monsters so please by all means come whenever you have any questions!!…..Ah, right! I hadn’t even introduced myself had I? I am the Alchemist, Shantell! Dear customer, may I ask yours as well?”

“……..My name’s Chris.”

“Chris-san then! I’ll remember it! Please drop by again!”

“Sure, If I feel like it I will.”


Saying that, I left the store.

The shopkeeper Shantell was, frankly speaking, the type I was the worst with in terms of personality but regardless of that, I was able to get some great info as well as some useful looking potions.

Her annoying personality aside, she seems pretty talkative so I’m probably going to end up becoming a regular customer of hers.

While thinking of such things, I bought some Oblatt and preserved food items from the stalls, and began walking towards the Carlisle forests.

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    “But you’re info was very helpful.”
    It’s “your info” in that sentence, like my info, his info, our info, etc. “You’re” is a contraction of “you are”. If it were the other way around, there wouldn’t be any similar examples like “we’re” meaning “we are”.


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