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Null Poison Ch74

A Great Harvest

A week has passed since I entered Carlisle forest.

Perhaps because I am deep into the forest as well as living inside a former goblin nest, I obviously didn’t run into any other humans and was never attacked by monsters either. And had safely reached the last day of my stay.

In regards to Ongneer, I have yet to show any weird symptoms and have been pretty healthy since then.

That said, after that first day I found Ongneer, I never ran into another different one again for the entire week.

So for my haul, other than the first one, I only had two more that I picked later on from the same place but the mere fact that Ongneer could be found in Carlisle forest was a reward in and of itself.

Other than that, my general gathering of poisonous plants continued normally as well and I was able to gather Lizaf fruits in almost three time bigger quantity than what I’d usually get in Peixa forest. On the other hand, my harvest of Reizen grass and genpei mushroom was half to the usual quantity……


As for new types of poisonous plants, I had gathered around 20 different types.

Inside those 20 new plants, there was also that spiky one that Shantell had told me about, the jinpi leaf, but I had yet to decide on how to make this work.

Among three Shantell had warned me about, two of them were Lizaf fruit and Ongneer, so I suspect that this Jinpi leaves should also have some great ability increasing effect hidden within and I ended up gathering it as well, almost unconsciously.

Just like she said, the leaf had a number of spikes attached to it and no matter how you look at it, it was impossible to eat directly.

I did try and sun-dry it but it was still spiky enough to cut into your skin……if it was going to get in the way, should I just throw them in the end?

Until I left the base, I kept considering what to do but…….in the end I decided to bring it with me anyway.

Who knows maybe Esta could come with some great idea to overcome this problem, and maybe Shantell could find a way as well.

And so, I put them all in inside a big bag, and finally, after a week-long stay, I left Carlisle forest.

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It was another bountiful harvest on this side but I wonder how Esta and Ralf managed in the meantime.

They were to get some requests on the first day without any issue, and they didn’t come inside the forest afterwards either.

……….I mean there was a chance that they simply didn’t manage to find me but I want to believe that they were able to get by without any issues.

While thinking of those two, I returned to Oxter and made my way straight to [Tree Top Tower].

The Carlisle forest had a lot of little streams, and ponds and water holes, and there was even a pond quite close to my base so I did clean my body everyday but…….I still want to enjoy a good old shower.

With that deep desire, I opened the door to Room 201 to see Ralf and Esta relaxing about as always.


“I’m back. Was everything okay you two?”

“Chris, you’re back safe! Yeah, after the first day, they didn’t pick a fight again. They did keep snickering and laughing at us from far away though!”

“If laughing is all they can do then let them do as they please. We all have faced enough of that  up to this point in our lives anyway.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Neither me or Esta let it get to us!”

“So, how did things go for you Chris-san? Did you get a good harvest?”

“Yeah……..Well let’s go with that for now. Let’s talk after I’ve taken a shower first though. I did properly clean myself before coming back but I have been handling and brought some pretty dangerous stuff so I don’t want to accidently cause either of you any harm.”

“Oi Oi! It’s not like you need our permission so hurry up and go in! Or rather, don’t bring these things back to our room if they are that dangerous!”

“Can’t help it can I? I don’t have any other place to store them. It’s mostly fruits, and I have sealed them properly inside my bag so it should be fine.”

That said, considering Shantell said that normal people don’t even approach them, and recalling that scene of Goblin’s corpse being used a host……..

There’s no doubt that these things are extremely dangerous.

Just what kind of effects does this Ongneer fruit possess?

While getting egged on by my own curiosity to quickly find it out, I first headed to the shower to properly clean my body first and foremost.

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