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Null Poison Ch75

Report Meeting

 After getting out of the shower and calming down a bit, we began a meeting to report on each other’s current status and condition.

“fuu, I really feel refreshed. Having a personal bath really is the best.”

“I know right! I never could have guessed how much of difference having it would make to our day-to-day mood.”

“When we were in Realzard, maybe we should have switched out from [Shangri-la hotel] after all? I did occasionally go along with Chris to a nearby public bathhouse, but man that cost a pretty penny too.”

“Hm……..I’m don’t know about that. It would have been impossible to get here without the life we had back then. I don’t think we would have appreciated our current condition as much either to be honest.”

“There’s certainly truth to that. When we were still living in the back streets, or when we were barely managing our day to day while hunting goblins; it’s because of the struggle we had experienced back then that made us constantly try and aim even further and get to this point.”

“That’s true……..well, enough talk about baths. Let’s talk about how our weeks went.”


Having enjoyed my bath after a long week, I unconsciously ended up talking about it in appreciation.

Returning back to the real topic, we began talking about our weeks.

“As for our accomplishments for the week, we have report to make to Chris.”


“Yeah, actually——“

“I got promoted to Silver rank!”

Ralf sunk back as Esta announced so with a loud voice.

I see, so Esta has finally risen to Silver as well.

She hasn’t failed a request yet, and had been constantly completing Designated requests so I did wonder if it was about time she made it.

“To be honest, I thought you might get there while we still in Realzard but still, congratulations on finally getting promoted.”

“Thank you very much, all of this thanks to Chris-san——“

“No need to thank me. This is a result of your own hardwork……….And what of Ralf?”

“Hmm, it’ll take a bit longer. A pretty big gap still exists between me and Esta because of the time I took during my rehab.”

“that makes sense. Well, don’t be hasty and continue finishing requests as always and you’ll get there soon. Anything else to report?”

When I asked, both of them put their fingers on their chin and began pondering.


……..Well, what we’re doing here is not so different from how we were back in Realzard.

“That Greath didn’t pick any more fights with us……..yeah, I don’t think we have anything else to report outside Esta’s promotion, do we?”

“it’s fine if you don’t. Until Ralf gets promoted as well, Esta you will continue helping Ralf as always.”

“Yes, understood!”

“Then, it’s your turn now Chris. What all did you accomplish in the past week?”

Well, Where do I even start.

Well, I should perhaps stick with chronological order otherwise it might be hard to keep up with everything so I began talking about my visit to Shantell first.

“Before I went to the forest, I made friends with the Alchemist here.”

“By that you mean, the store you showed interest in back then?”

“that’s the one. It’s run by a young alchemist woman, about the same age as ourselves. And I got some good potions from there as well.”

I took out the potions I bought from [Travelling Cat Store] and handed one each to both of them.

“Huh, is it different from the usual ones? Looks exactly the same though?”

“It has a cooling effect mixed into it as well which helps in reducing irritation and inflammation by cooling the wound, or so I was told.”

“Amazing! Someone as young as us made a potion like this?”

“She seemed pretty knowledgeable about areas surrounding Oxter as well, so I’ll introduce you two later on. Her personality is a bit annoying to be honest, but she’s not a bad person at heart.”

“Can’t wait to meet her! Maybe she’ll sell us things cheaper if we become good friends with her eh?”

“I don’t know about that. She seemed to struggling with money these days so that might not happen.”

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After taking about Shantell, I began talking about the Carlisle forest next.

“So how did your trip to the forest go? Was it better than the one you used to go to?”

“I don’t know if I could give a simple conclusion like that. The forest I used to go to was definitely a lot more peaceful which was nicer. It had a decent variety of poisonous plants and it was pretty easy to just devote yourself to gathering and harvesting them there.”

“And in comparison, how’s the one near Oxter then?”


“Well for one, the number of monster is crazy huge. But on the other hand, the variety of poisonous plants was much bigger here as well. I was able to find the ones I was looking for as well, and if everything goes well, I should be able to get pretty damn strong in this forest.”

Not just physical abilities, I could find one that could provide me a Skill as well.

There was a lot still unknown about the ‘The apple of death’ Ongneer but on the contrary, its potential seems incredible as well.

And so I explained all these things to both of them.

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