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Null Poison Ch80

The Effects of Ongneer Fruit

After returning to the inn, I quickly took out the Ongneer fruit from inside my bag.

First I looked at the one that I had not sundried, and observed it.

It was pretty small but it looked like an unripe apple.

It even had that bittersweet smell, and you could barely tell that it was filled with poison.

The only strange part was the fact that it grew out of the heart of a goblin, but outside that it looked like any other normal fruit.

Judging by just the looks, I wondered if it even had any poison at all…….but I don’t think I could ever forget that scene.

I possessed [Null poison] and had already devoured various different kinds of poisonous plants yet here I was, afraid of eating this one fruit.

Even if I was alive, it could potentially still aim straight for my heart, suck up all nutrients and………kill me instantly.

——I took a deep breath, and then put the Ongneer fruit inside my mouth.

It’s texture was certainly similar to an apple, but its taste was horribly dull……, only slightly but I did taste something similar to iron.

Once I realized that, all I could sense was the taste of iron in my mouth and it left an indescribable aftertaste inside my mouth.


I was able to swallow it somehow but it’s far from delicious.

When I considered how the taste of iron was probably coming from the blood and flesh of that goblin that was absorbed by the plant, it made me feel further sick, and I came to the conclusion that this tasted worse than even the usually horribly bitter normal poisonous plants.

………There is also the dried up Ongneer fruit, the one I harvested on the first day as well but, what should I do?

For the time being, I’ll keep it aside and depending on what amount of stats get raised I’ll decide whether to eat it or not.

If I forced myself to eat them both only to find that it didn’t raise anything, the shock would be too much for me.

I put the sundried fruit back inside the bag and completely sealed it and left for my last ability assessment of the day.


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When I entered the church, I saw the priest, shoulders drooped, sitting on one of the benches and slowly sipping on mana potions.

Judging by his looks and personality, this priest really might be a simple and friendly to talk to person, kinda like the church he worked in itself.

“I’m back again, but are you really alright?”

“Ah, yes. Hello again. I was simply taking a little break. I’m completely fine!”

“…… sure don’t look fine but, if you say so I’ll take your word for it and ask for another assessment.”

His face was pale and he looked exhausted.

But still, the priest looked very eager so I decided to go ahead with it after all.

“Come come, sit down.”

“here, the gold coin and my card.”

Perhaps because he was too exhausted to even think, the priest never even question why I was doing all this strange stuff.


After all, it’s been years since someone last came for an assessment ……..I should come off as a truly strange person.

“Fu! HAAAAAAA!——haah, haaah, it-it’s over!”

After his loudest shout of the day, the priest completed the assessment.

He looked tired enough to fall asleep anytime now but he still properly gave me my card back.

“Once again, thank you for everything today. It was a great help.”

“fuuu haaa……..n-no, I should be the one saying that. I’ll be sure to use your offerings with utmost care.”

Saying that, while swaying about, the priest left the room.

I remained alone in the room and checked what affect that fruit had had on me.



Suitable Job: Farmer

Endurance: 14(+49)

Strength: 9(+36)

Stamina: 9(+44)

Magic: 2(+2)

Agility: 7(+2)

Unique Skill : [Null Poison]

Common Skills: [Increased Breeding Ability]



Ooh! My agility rose by 2 and I also got some weird [increased breeding ability] skill or whatnot.

I don’t really know what the skill meant, but just as Otto theorized, it can in fact impart new skills on to a person!

………I really have stumbled on to a truly incredible type of fruit.

It’s a plant that could instantly increase my strength potentially speaking.

Even after a week’s search, considering I was only able to find just 1 such tree, it was an incredibly rare plant no doubt.

Although I feel like it could finds ways to propagate quite easily, judging by how nothing happened to my body, the requirements for it to work must be very strict otherwise it must not be able to grow.

Also, this [Increased breeding Ability] skill, on what kind of logic did I get this skill out of everything?


Was it because the Ongneer fruit itself possessed strong reproductive ability considering how it could attach itself to a goblin to grow?

Or was it because goblins are known to have strong breeding ability themselves?

Since the Ongneer fruit grew out of a goblin’s body, did it absorb this ability as well from it?

Or perhaps it was all just a coincidence and I just randomly happened to get this [Increased breeding Ability] for no specific reason.

I’ll need to do much more research and find the answer without a doubt.

Having found the incredible potential of the Ongneer fruit, I left the church feeling extremely satisfied and returned to the inn and began eating more of the ability increasing poisonous plants that I had gathered in my bag.

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  1. Dcrangerange Avatar

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    It is the mandate of a farmer to sow seed.


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    So he can now plow the “fields” and plant his “seed” very effectively….


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