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Null Poison Ch81

First Activity as a Party

About a week had passed since the day I had worked on classifying and recording info on the plants.

During this one week, I continued taking on bronze rank designated requests, but since the day that person named Suzanna gave that warning, Greath hadn’t tried picking a fight with me again.

Just like Ralf and Esta, gossips and sneering continued towards me from the background but I couldn’t care less about it if it was just that.

……..But, my only concern was that since that day, I never saw the persona named Suzanna again since then.

As long as she has simply been moved to working behind-the scenes in the backyard, that’s fine but the idea that there could be an innocent victim due to my quarrels just stuck with me.

Well, it doesn’t change the fact that the main problem behind all of this was Greath and him alone.


Finally yesterday, Ralf also rose to silver rank.

And so today would be the first day we act together as a party, and also the day we all take our first ever silver rank quest.

“Oh man I really can’t help but be super excited! I barely slept yesterday!!”

“Yeah I saw you swinging your sword around outside all day. I’m not gonna help if you suddenly collapse from exhaustion okay?”

“I’ll be fine. I have so much adrenalin pumping through me, I don’t think my eyes are even blinking.”

“Just ignore him. So anyway what kind of quest are we planning on taking?”

“hey, what’s that supposed to mean!? Esta, you’re also equally excited. Same as me!”

“Ralf, shush!”


Even after getting warned by Esta, Ralf’s overflowing excitement showed no sign of stopping, while I pondered over what kind of request we’ll take on today.

By the way, over the last week I had been paying attention to the available quests on bulletin board so I have more or less picked out a couple of quest we should take.

I had narrowed it down to, Snow panther subjugation, Forest Doll subjugation and Dokudoku Dog; these three. (T/N; doku =poison. Poisonpoison dog sounded stupid so I’m keeping it as Dokudoku)

Snow panther was a monster that could use wind and ice type magic, and used the compound magic of Ice element to attack its enemies.

If you don’t take precautions, the deep cold would accumulate damage on you over time freezing you and you’ll get killed unable to do anything about it, making the monster quite the dangerous one.

It was agile and quick on its feet, had sharp fangs and claws that could do severe damage, and even without the ice magic was pretty tough monster to fight.


Forest Doll was monster that looked like a tree, and was a designated request based inside the Carlisle forest.

The fact that I didn’t see a single one during my week-long stay in there should give it away that the monster excelled in mimicking as a normal tree and hiding itself which made the very act of locating it a difficult task.

On top of that, it could also use Earth type magic making it another decently tough opponent.

Normally you’d just avoid it, but considering the reward for it was pretty high and the fact that it was based inside the Carlisle forest, it quickly became a decent choice for me.

And lastly, Dokudoku Dog

Just as the name implies, it’s a poisonous monster that looks like a wolf.

It was technically an undead type monster and was an agile one, similar to Snow panther.

It was monster that only appeared on the plains during the night, a condition I hadn’t dealt with yet, and considering the lack of visibility because of it makes it a pretty challenging subjugation quest but………

I mean I did possess [Null poison], my compatibility against Dokudoku Dog was the best it could be.

That alone, made it a decent choice.

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In any case, I intend to take on all of these request sooner or later anyway in the end, but which one should we go for as our first one was the question.

These two seem to be in high spirits but if possible I want to go with the easiest one as our first pick……..

“So I’m thinking of picking one between Snow panther, Forest Doll and Dokudoku Dog. Which one do you two think would be the best?”

“All of them sound challenging going by the name. but if I had to pick, I really want to try and fight a Snow Panther!”

“It’d be the forest doll for me personally. Chris-san, which one do you think would be a good one?”

“Well from my perspective, Dokudoku dog seems pretty easy to deal with considering my [Null Poison] to be honest.”

“Hmm, I would normally go with the leader’s, Chris’ suggestion here but……..Dokudoku dog sounds like one you’d just take care of it by yourself so I’m against it!”

“I too maintain that Forest Doll is the best choice!”

While we were chatting about it, we already reached the guild.

All three of us had different picks and it didn’t seem like talking would result in a solution so we just decided to go with whichever request we see first.

Entering the guild, even though it was morning, things sure seemed busy here——

The receptionist who I hadn’t seen in a week, Suzanna-san was standing with her head bowed down in front of the bulletin board.

Looking around, I couldn’t find Greath and neither were his lackeys here.

Well, I couldn’t tell what was happening from here so I decided to head up and ask directly.

“You’re the receptionist that helped mediate our quarrel right? What’s going on here?”


“Ah, the adventurer from before………U,ummm—–n-no, it’s nothing.”

“Now you’ve made me even more curious. Talk, what are you doing.”

“…….Actually last night, we got information that a herd of Orcs had come down from the mountains in the north. And judging by their movement, they are almost certainly going to go through this town, making it an emergency request, and so I was looking for someone who would take such a request on.”

“And that’s why you were bowing……..i’m guessing, you haven’t gathered enough people?”

“………yes. Because of my interference that day, Greath-san and all those who are friendly with him refused to take this job on. It’s a gold rank difficulty quest but I can’t find even a single person to take it.”

Looks like the Guild’s worries have come true.

But still, that Greath, he really is pure scum isn’t he.


While emergency request aren’t compulsory, it’s an urgent situation with danger fast approaching.

Yet, just because of petty resentment, this guy even told his lackeys to not accept it.

“Can you take this quest on even if you were silver rank?”

“Gold rank is recommended but since it’s an emergency request, it is possible……..but it is very dangerous. I must remind you that.”

“I do feel a little responsible for the situation, even if I don’t think I was wrong or anything. Consider this a way to tone for it. Let me take that request.”

“Re-really!? Bu-but…….it’s really dangerous you know?”

“Of course I am aware. Ralf, Esta, a change of plans, do you mind?”

“Of course! An Orc herd sounds like the right kind of challenge no? Perfect way to test our strength!”

“I have no objections either! If it’s a herd, even Chris won’t be able to finish the job by himself after all!”

“——-and there you have it. Chris, Ralf, Esta. We 3 will take on this emergency request so please handle the paperwork.”

“U-Understood! Really, thank you so so much! The guild chief has gone to plead to Gretah-san so it’s fine even if you simply buy some time, Just stay safe please!”

I waved with one hand as a response to the receptionist, and left the guild after only just arriving.

To think our first ever quest as a Party would turn out to be a emergency request…….but it’s perfect for us 3 and our abilities right now.

She said that only buying time was enough but if I’m taking a job, I’m gonna see it through all the way.

Revitalizing our spirits, we left Oxter and headed towards the Orc herd to the north.

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2 responses to “Null Poison Ch81”

  1. Exfernal Avatar

    “Consider this a way to tone for it.”
    tone –> atone
    Atone like in an atonement.


  2. Uhl Avatar

    Ooh. Greath (Grease) is going to look like a chump, getting smoked by the guy he looked down on and started fights with. Going to be fun watching his head explode with rage.


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